EMHS – ch246

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Chapter 246: Whole Body Examination?
    Muyan is calm and unruffled during that chaos, as she waits for an hour before someone finally comes over and tells her to come into a spacious and empty room.
    The moment she enters, Muyan could feel an intensely nauseating gaze.
    Turning her head to look, she meets a pair of sleazy hawk-like eyes.
    Those eyes look her up and down. There’s greed, amazement and vulgarity within them, like he wishes he could use his gaze to strip her of all her clothes.
    That gaze is simply so disgusting, it could make people want to throw up.
    Deng Hongfeng had originally intended to deliberately make things difficult for the talented doctor who’s better than him. 
    But the moment he sees Muyan’s appearance, his eyes immediately stare fixedly, his drool falls down, only leaving him stunned.
    He really didn’t expect that the so-called genius girl doctor would actually be such a bright and moving beauty.
    Deng Hongfeng hurriedly walks forward, his mouth saying, “You must be the Miss Jun who wants to take the Senior Doctor’s Assessment. Let me see your muscles and bones first, to check whether or not you’re qualified to become a good doctor.”
    Saying that, those withered hands that are rather like chicken feet, go to grab towards Muyan’s chest.
    There are also some examiners like Zhang Mingkun waiting in the room.
    Seeing this scene, each and every one of them have a bit of an unsightly complexion.
    But they simply don’t open their eyes, nobody dares to step forward to help Muyan out.
    That’s because, in Tianyuan City, offending Deng Hongfeng would be tantamount to offending the entire Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    These people will never want to get involved with this doctor’s ways.
    Zhang Mingkun clenches his hands, his eyes are bursting with flames. He suddenly tries to stand up.
    But he gets pulled down by the person beside him, “Are you tired of living? Have you gone mad? This isn’t the first time that you’ve come to know that Deng Hongfeng likes to defile women.”
    “Did you forget? At that time when he had taken a fancy on Dr. Liu’s newly wedded wife, the latter resisted and wouldn’t obey, so he got his hands directly crippled, and from then on, Dr. Liu could no longer practice medicine.”
    “Those adopted sons of his, and those grandsons, which one of them aren’t sending their own wives and daughters for him to play with? In Tianyuan, who would dare offend him?”
    The fiery anger in Zhang Mingkun’s eyes slowly withdraws under the persuasions of his peer. Nevertheless, he clenches his teeth and directs his sight towards the them.
    He just spoke rudely towards Muyan, then later, he was impressed by her answers. Zhang Mingkun’s heart was filled with guilt.
    He was originally eager to promote the Senior Doctor’s Assessment with the hope that he could make it up to this girl.
    But he didn’t expect that he would only push her into the abyss of hell.
    How could Zhang Mingkun be comfortable about this?
    One by one, the examiners turn their heads away, covering their ears, covering their eyes.
    Pretending that they could not see this scene happening before them, they couldn’t hear it.
    They already know Muyan’s fate, they’re already well aware but they can’t do anything about it.
    On the other side, Muyan sees the perverted hand stretching towards her bosom and she takes a step back.
    She lets out an innocent laugh as she says: “I really don’t remember any provision for assessing senior doctors that requires examining the muscles and bones.”
    As she speaks, there a voice that’s clear and euphonious, like the sounds of nature curling up in one’s ears.
    It makes Deng Hongfeng even more excited, his eyes seem to be spurting out fire.
    The young lady before his eyes is like the most perfect snow-jade carving, ice flesh and jade bones, flawless and luminous.
    The more it’s like so, the more he wants to ravage, the more he wants to torment.
    If he could make red, blue and purple bruises on such a perfect and flawlessly white body, what a wonderful scene would it be!
    “Haha, this girl may not know that I have the final say in the Xuan Medical Pavilion. If I say I’ll examine the muscles and bones, then I’ll naturally do so.”
    With that, he has an urgent look as he throws himself to Muyan.

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EMHS – ch245

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Chapter 245: It’s possible that a miracle would happen
    Muyan puts her pen down, shaking the paper as the ink hasn’t completely dried yet. She then hands it over to the examiner.
    The light pink petal lips move, saying lazily, “I’ve finished the exam.”
    Fi… finished the exam?!!
    The examiner opens his eyes wide, incredulously receiving the paper.
    The wide paper is spread out, and under every question, a meticulous and tidy answer is written in graceful handwriting.
    And all these answers–
    For each one that the he knows the answer to, they… they’re all correct.
    And those that he doesn’t know, he just feels as if he gets a sudden flash of insight and all is clear as he goes through some explanations to the answers.
    The long-bearded examiner snaps his head up, the way he looks at Muyan is like he’s watching a freak: “These… you answered all of these by yourself?”
    Muyan leisurely smiles, “Of course, I came to take the examination for senior doctors. If I can’t even answer these these problems, why would I be here?”
    The long-bearded examiner sluggishly looks over the exam paper, then looks over to Muyan.
    After looking back and forth for several times, he abruptly comes back to his senses, “You… wait a moment, I will now notify the Council of Elders to conduct a formal Senior Doctor Assessment!”
    Saying that, he turns to leave.
    Before he could take two steps however, he strides back again and gives Muyan a deep bow.
    “This humble one is Zhang Mingkun, and Intermediate Doctor at Xuan Medical Pavilion. Previously, I didn’t think that this young lady would have such ability. I’ve made many a faux pas, still I hope that miss wouldn’t take offense.”
    It could be said that Zhang Mingkun’s report is shaking the the entire sky of Tianyuan City’s Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    In the Council of Elders that had been quiet for a long time, one by one, doctors are gathering together.
    Each one has an astonished face while reading through Muyan’s exam paper.
    “You all said, someone answered all the questions from Master?” a sly voice could be heard coming from the doorway.
    At the same time, they could see a beardless middle-aged man walking in. He has a horse-like face, hawk-eyes, and smooth skin. However, his neck and the back of his hand are all wrinkled.
    Upon seeing this man, everyone inside the room immediately stand up and give their respectful salutations.
    “Greetings to Doctor Deng.”
    Deng Hongfeng, the only Senior Doctor in Tianyuan’s Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    He is also an apprentice of it’s founder, Qian Qing.
    In there, it could be said that he has the power to say one word and mean just that.
    Deng Hongfeng’s eyes shift, falling on Zhang Mingkun, “How could someone possibly answer all of the questions that Master had made? Aren’t you talking rubbish?”
    “It’s absolutely true!” Zhang Mingkun quickly replies, “I personally watched that little girl take the exam, she answered every question, and it had only taken her less than an hour.”
    As soon as he says this, Deng Hongfeng’s complexion immediately becomes very unsightly.
    Deng Hongfeng didn’t get his title as a Senior Doctor through an examination, but it was directly given to him by his Master.
    Yet he is very confident about his own medical skills.
    But in the face of those questions from his Master, he could only answer about 70%, and it took him four whole hours.
    How could a little girl do better than him? Even doing it in a shorter time?
    Deng Hongfeng steadies his face, and he pulls that examination paper over. His eyes scan it up and down several times.
    But he simply can’t see any problem with it at all.
    There are even some answers that are more incisive than the ones that his Master had told him at that time, drawing blood on the first prick.
    But Zhang Mingkun doesn’t see his meaningful look at all.
    He still excitedly talks: “Dr. Deng, our Tianyuan City hasn’t produced a Senior Doctor for many years. Maybe it’s really possible that a miracle would happen today… a Senior Doctor who is less than twenty years old!”
    Deng Hongfeng fiercely furrows his brows, saying with a sneer: “Well, I’ll have a look, just how gifted is this woman in the end. I will personally preside over this Senior Doctor’s Assessment!”

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EMHS – ch244

Chapter 244: Randomly Scribbling?
    As it turns out, Yanyan is doing this for him.
    Not only to acquire the Dragon Bone Grass and the Smelted Marrow Flower for him,
    But also to give him faith.
    Yanyan is telling him: she can easily pass the Xuan Medical Pavilion’s senior doctor examination, so naturally, it’s not a problem to treat his leg injury.
    Shen Jinglin slightly lowers his eyes. He takes a deep breath, letting the warm wetness in his eyes retreat.
    In this life, the most fortunate thing about him is that he has Yanyan as a sister.
   The second floor of the Xuan Medical Pavilion is a place dedicated for written exams.
    It’s divided into three areas: Primary, Intermediate, and Senior.
    In the Primary and Intermediate areas, there are doctors going in and out to take the exam every now and then.
    But there isn’t a single shadow on the Senior’s area.
    The examiner who’s in charge of proctoring the exam is sprawled on the desk, sleeping soundly.
    Muyan walks over to that examiner and lightly taps on the table.
    “Who’s being so noisy?” the examiner wipes the drool off his beard, impatiently saying, “If you want to take the exam, go left, walk till you reach it.”
    “I’m sorry to bother, I want to take the examination for senior doctors.”
    The crisp and sweet-sound voice finally pulls back some of the the examiner’s consciousness.
    He skeptically looks up. As soon as he sees that young, poetic and picturesque appearance of Muyan, he can’t help but snicker, “Where did this little miss come from, do you know what a senior doctor is? Go, go, go, quickly go to the side and cool off, don’t disturb this uncle’s sleep.”
    Muyan doesn’t have a faint smile as she hands over her application form, “I’m here to take the Senior Doctors’ examination.”
    The long-bearded examiner takes the paper and takes a look at its seal. He furrows his brows, “Do you have the seal of an Intermediate Doctor?”
    The examiner’s complexion turns darker, “Primary Doctor?”
    “Also no.”
    He gets furious, “You still dare…”
    “What? Does the Xuan Medical Pavilion have a provision that one cannot directly apply for the senior doctors’ assessment?” Muyan lifts her brows, “That being the case, in accordance to the provision during application, repay me ten times the gold coins for registration.”
    The examiner’s face immediately goes stiff.
    The Xuan Medical Pavilion receives gold coins to preside over the doctors’ assessment, and it’s doctor’s seal is also acknowledge by everyone in the Yanwu Continent.
    But if they approve of the profile after a review, and then refuse to let the doctor take the examination,
    They have to give a refund that’s ten times the registration fee.
    It must be known that the registration fee to take the senior doctors’ exam is not a small amount.
    “Very well, I would like to see what kind of result you, a little girl who hasn’t completely grown her hair, would have after checking the test!”
    The Senior Doctor’s examination room, which had been quiet for many years, becomes brightly lit.
    The questionnaire is already prepared and ready.
    The one who made it is Yanwu Continent’s famous Godly Doctor, Qian Qing.
    All the examiners of Tianyuan City’s Xuan Medical Pavilion had taken a look at the questions inside, but no one could answer it completely.
    No, there are only a few who could answer even half of it.
    The long-bearded examiner who had been drowsy just a moment ago, is now glaring with bright eyes at Muyan, who is sitting not far away.
    Humph, he’d like to take a look!
    How could an 18 or 19-year-old little girl answer the questions that these examiners couldn’t. 
    Half an hour has gone by, and Muyan has a natural expression as she’s wielding the pen like it’s flying. There is no trace of hesitation or nervousness on her face.
    The long-bearded examiner’s heart begins to beat like a drum.
    Could it be that she can really come up with the answers to those questions?
    Or maybe she is simply pretending to be calm and collected, and just randomly scribbling?
    No! How could she possibly come up with the answers, it’s definitely just random scribbles!
    Although he’s thinking like this, he still couldn’t help but approach with every step, wanting to take a look at what Muyan had written.
    Just when the examiner’s head is stretched forward for a peek, 
    There’s suddenly a thud.

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EMHS – ch243

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Chapter 243: Senior Doctor? Wrote it wrong!
    Shen Jinglin takes two steps, wanting to catch up them. However, he ultimately stops in his stride.
    The hands hanging by his side clench firmly into fists.
    After Shen Jinglin came back, Muyan finds that he looks low-spirited and unhappy.
    She asks him what happened, but he refuses to say.
    The strangest thing would be that Shen Jinglin brought some red bean cakes for her, but they’ve been squished and crumbled.
    This really looks like an outcome that’s caused by getting attacked by someone.
    “Brother, did someone bully you?” Muyan slightly lowers her gaze.
    Shen Jinglin stares blankly for a moment, then he shakes his head and responds with a non sequitur.
    “Yanyan, can big brother’s leg really be cured?”
    Muyan has a faint smile as she gets up, saying: “Brother, I’ll go take you somewhere.”
    Shen Jingling: “???”
    Muyan brings Xiao Bao, with Feng Haitang and Shen Jinglin following behind them, and goes straight to the Tianyuan City’s Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    “Yanyan, what do you want to do here?” She Jinglin is confused, “Are you going to enter yourself for examination as a doctor in Xuan Medical Pavilion?”
    Muyan nods with a smile.
    Feng Haitang has already made her way to the registration desk, “Excuse me, taking the doctor’s examination.”
    The person at the registration desk raises his head to look at Feng Haitang. Seeing her cool and elegant features, as well as her noble temperament, he couldn’t help but look some more.
    But it’s also just two looks, as he casually sends her some papers, “Fill out the information, pay the gold, and proceed inside to take the written examination first.”
    Feng Haitang takes the papers and fills out Muyan’s information one by one.
    She makes a duplicate.
    The man takes those two pieces of paper and gives it a skim, indifferently saying: “Who’s taking the exam?”
    “Me.” Muyan slowly steps forward, and Feng Haitang quickly steps back until she’s behind Muyan.
    The man looks up, and is met by an absolutely beautiful countenance. It’s as if those eyes could pull out your spirit and capture your soul. His mind is suddenly unsteady, and even his words have become stuttered, “Plea… please pay the required gold coins.”
    Muyan casually tosses a pouch of gold coins, a tiny lift on the corners of her mouth, “Can I go in now?”
    The young woman in front of him is wearing plain and simple clothes, no makeup or ornaments, but within her smile, there seems to be the freedom of a spring day in the mountains, and a peach blossom face of a beauty.
    The man goes muddle-headed, and he doesn’t even get a clear look at what he’s holding. He just picks up the seal, and directly stamps the paper with it.
    He also hands it back to Muyan, “Ple-please come in!”
    It’s only after Muyan’s figure has completely disappeared through the door, does he look down and read words “Senior Doctor” written on the remaining copy. His eyes widen.
    “Ah, no, wrote it wrong! How could be an examination for senior doctors!”
    This is just an 18 or 19 year old girl.
    How would it be possible for her to pass the examination for Senior Doctors?
    However, looking up, Muyan’s shadow is nowhere to be seen.
    Staying in place, Shen Jinglin is even more disoriented that the man in charge of the registration.
    “Yanyan wants to take the examination for senior doctors? How could this be possible?”
    There hasn’t been a single senior doctor in the entire Tianyuan city for many years!
    Xiao Bao raises his face and looks at him with a wooden expression. Chopping the nails and slicing the iron, he says: “There’s nothing that niangqin couldn’t do in this world.”
    Shen Jinglin is stumped for words.
    “Also, only if niangqin becomes a senior doctor in Xuan Medical Pavilion, can she buy Dragon Bone Grass and Smelted Marrow Flower from here.”
    “Why does Yanyan want to buy these two kinds of draught ingredients?”
     Xiao Bao sends a ‘this mortal is really stupid’ expression towards Shen Jinglin, “Of course, it’s because with these two herbs, niangqin would be able to concoct a cure for uncle’s illness!”
    Shen Jinglin’s breathing suddenly becomes sluggish, and he looks towards the direction where Muyan had disappeared. There’s a small trembling on his lips, and he couldn’t speak for a long time.

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EMHS – ch242

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Chapter 242: Inhumane
    Shen Jinglin simply doesn’t dare believe it, that the younger brother who once seemed honest and gentle, would actually have such a vicious and unkind aspect.
    He charges over, knocking against Zhao Chunming first, then he stumbles down to help Fang Jingya to get up from the ground.
    “Jingya, let’s go, I’ll take you to treat your injuries!”
    At this time, Fang Jingya has blood all across her face, her appearance is unspeakably miserable and wretched.
    As Shen Jinglin helps her up, he accidentally lifts her sleeves.
    He sees that her there are green and purple bruises all over her fair skin.
    This is simply… simply too horrible to look at!
    “These… these are all from that beast’s beatings?!!” Shen Jinglin bellows in disbelief.
    But Fang Jingya just cries, crying while shaking her head. She struggles out from the arm that he’s using to support her, “Shen-brother, I’m fine, don’t worry about me and quickly go, hurry up and go!”
    Shen Jinglin’s chest is heaving up and down from anger.
    He and Fang Jingya could also be considered as childhood sweethearts, and once had ambiguous sentiments in their hearts. After Fang Jingya married Zhao Chunming however, it has already faded away and disappeared without a trace.
    There’s no ambiguous friendship, but that doesn’t mean that he can just look on unfeelingly, as the little girl that he had watched growing up falls to such a fate.
    It’s at this moment that they hear Zhao Chunming’s cold and resentful voice from behind them.
    “You pair of adulterers, still dare to say that there isn’t anything illicit!”
    Shen Jinglin is caught off guard as he feels a sharp pain from behind him. He is already getting kicked down to the ground.
    Fang Jingya sees that Zhao Chunming wants to start on Shen Jinglin, so she immediately cries and throws herself over, holding him back by his thigh, “Don’t fight, please don’t fight. I’ll go back with you, I wouldn’t wander around anymore, please?”
    Zhao Chunming grabs her hair, pulling up to force her to lift her face as she cries out in pain.
    He raises his hand and ruthlessly slaps her face several times.
    Fang Jingya’s pale features immediately swell up.
    Tears of despair mix along with the blood from her mouth and flows down. It’s incredibly tragic.
    Shen Jinglin struggles to stand up, “Zhao Chunming, don’t you have any humanity?!”
    His whole body is trembling from anger, “In the first place, weren’t you the one who was so desperately asking Fang Jingya to marry you? Why is it that after you’ve taken her back as your wife, this is how you treat her?”
    “She is my woman, I believe that however I treat her is my freedom!”
    Zhao Chunming snorts, “Why, you want her? Hahaha, why don’t you ask this bitch if she wants to go with you?”
    Saying that, he tightens his hand on Fang Jingya’s hair, “Why don’t you hurry up and tell your old sweetheart whether or not you want to go with him? As long as you say that you want to, how about I let you go?”
    Shen Jinglin frowns: “Jingya, don’t be afraid of him. As long as you want to break away from this beast, no matter what or who you want to leave, Shen-brother will stand by you!”
    Fang Jingya’s body is like a weak willow in the wind, unable to stop herself from shaking.
    But in the end, she slowly closes her eyes. Tears roll down her red and swollen cheeks.
    “Shen-brother, don’t worry about me. Marry a chicken, follow the chicken; marry a dog, follow the dog*. Since I’ve already married this man, this is just my fate. You… just quickly leave!”
  • The idiom is still less insulting to the man, as it’s directed to ‘teach’ the woman, instead of berating the man for being a chicken or a dog.
    Her trembling voice is choking with sobs, boundless sorrow and despair within it.
    Hearing what she said, Zhao Chunming bursts out laughing, “Shen Jinglin, didn’t you hear, even your old sweetheart is also turning her back on you. Now that you’re a useless person, she doesn’t want you, hahaha!”
    Afterwards, he cruelly drags Fang Jingya by her hair and directly leaves.
    He’s still being foul-mouthed as he walks, “You fickle bitch, next time, if I see you fool around and consort with another man again, see if I won’t skin you alive!” 

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EMHS – ch241

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Chapter 241: The one who forgets favors and violates justice*
  • ingrate
    Nevertheless, Shen Jinglin looks calm as he speaks: “Jingya, it’s been a while. How are you and… Chunming these days?”
    The woman in front of him is called Fang Jingya.
    Before, she would often form a small team with Shen Jinglin, travelling for experience in various places, and improving their cultivation.
    There’s also another one who had a close relationship with Shen Jinglin, the one that he had taken care of like a younger brother – Zhao Chunming.
    The three of them could be considered as childhood friends, their relationship wasn’t shallow.
    A year ago however, Shen Jinglin had an accident and was completely crippled.
    These two, who were supposedly like blood siblings to him, suddenly cut off contact with him.
    It’s just that, Zhao Chunming personally delivered a wedding invitation to him half a year ago, with a high and mighty face, he said–
    He and Jingya are getting married, but looking at Shen Jinglin’s appearance as a waste, he’s afraid that the latter couldn’t participate in the pair’s wedding ceremony.
    It’s then that Shen Jinglin knew.
    This man who called him “Jinglin-brother” on the outside, had all along envied and resented him behind his back, and couldn’t wait for him to die.
    To his question, Fang Jingya’s tears fall more freely, but she immediately turns away. She wipes of her tears and forces herself to show a smiling expression, “Shen-brother, I… I’m doing very well… but you…”
    “Jingya, how could you run around by yourself?”
    As she’s speaking, a man’s voice could suddenly be heard from a distance.
   Upon hearing this voice, Fang Jingya immediately trembles from head to foot, her wan and sallow face showing a frightened expression.
    While talking, the owner of that voice is already striding forward.
    His sight sweeps over from Fang Jingya until it eventually settles on Shen Jinglin’s face. Showing a suggestive smile: “Ah, I say, why would Jingya suddenly stop here instead of moving? Turns out she came across an acquaintance. Jinglin-brother, really, long time no see!”
    Shen Jinglin’s complexion turns gloomy all of a sudden.
    He doesn’t want to get involved with this guy who ‘follows the red, pushes the white’*, who forgets favors and violates justice, so he turns around to walk away.
  • cling to someone who’s strong, but when the person loses that power, snob her/him.
    Before he could move however, Zhao Chunming’s gaze, harboring malicious intentions, unexpectedly falls on his crippled leg.
    “Jinglin-brother, seeing that you can walk around outside, I thought that your… disability has already been cured! It turns out that you’re still in this miserable state! Really pitiful, don’t you have money for treatment? Since we’re brothers, say, Jinglin-brother, how about I give you some money for medical expenses?”
    “Chunming, don’t say that.” Fang Jingya pulls on Zhao Chunming, her voice trembling as she speaks, “Let’s go back, okay?”
    Zhao Chunming turns his head towards Fang Jingya, sending her a smile that isn’t a smile, with taunting expression in his eyes.
    All of a sudden, without any warning, he raises his hand and ruthlessly throws a slap to her face.
    Fang Jingya reels from this slap, blood leaks out from the corner of her mouth.
    “Slut, did you forget that you are my woman? Actually daring to be concerned about another man in front of my face, I could see that you’re tired of living, aren’t you?”
    Shen Jinglin abruptly comes back to his senses.
    He couldn’t believe that Zhao Chunming, who had once been eager and attentive as he follows around Fang Jingya, could actually be like this towards his wife.
    He sees Zhao Chunming lifting his foot to ruthlessly kick Fang Jingya.
    He quickly steps forward to stop it, “Zhao Chunming, what are you doing? Beating a woman, what are you thinking?”
    Zhen Chunming sneers: “Do I need you to come and manage me on beating my own woman? Or maybe, the two of you have already fooled around and committed adultery, so seeing your lover suffer hardship is making you feel bad?”
    “No! Not true!” Fang Jingya shakes her head, cheeks streaming with tears, “Jinglin-brother and I, we are clean an unstained, we’ve never been improper, you mustn’t talk rubbish and slander us!”
    “Whore!” Zhao Chunming raises his foot and mercilessly stomps down on Fang Jingya’s face, “Do you have any qualifications to speak here?”

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EMHS – ch240

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Chapter 240: Go and take the examination
    While it’s fast asleep, who knows what the fat rabbit is dreaming of, as it seems to shiver from the the cold.
    So it turns it’s body over to lie on it’s own soft fluffy belly, and continues to sleep soundly.
    Muyan studies the formula for Replacing the Marrow and Washing the Tendons, and discovers that of the three main ingredients in it – Dragon Bone Grass, Smelted Marrow Flower, and Harmony Grass – only the Harmony Grass is readily available.
    For the other two, even the Fog Forest and the Ghost City’s draught Warehouse didn’t have it.
    These two medicinal ingredients by themselves are very uncommon in the Yanwu Continent, they don’t even have a market price.
    Muyan had Old Tao use the ghost doctor’s channel, and go to various areas to inquire about those ingredients.
    “Miss, from this subordinate’s inquiries, in the whole Yanwu Continent, I’m afraid that there are only two places that have these rare draught ingredients.”
    “Which places?”
    “One would be in the Huang Yao Country’s Heavenly Road Sect, in the hands of the alchemy master Jian Feng; and the other is from the Xuan Medical Pavilion, which was founded by the Godly doctor from Jing Cheng Country. However, if you want to purchase draught ingredients from the Xuan Medical Pavilion, you must first pass it’s examination and become their affiliated senior doctor.”
    Hearing about the Godly doctor of the Xuan Medical Pavilion, Muyan’s pupils slightly contract, and a chilling glint flashes through her eyes.
    Old Tao continues: “However, this subordinate has already made Ghost City’s people help to coordinate with them. Considering Ghost City’s face, I believe that Xuan Medical Pavilion would be willing to sell when it’s simply buying a few draught ingredients from them.”
    “No need.” Muyan carelessly interrupts him and raises her teacup to slowly take a sip, “I’ll go and take Xuan Medical Pavilion’s doctor qualification exam.”
    Old Tao originally wanted to say more, but he suddenly chokes, and becomes flabbergasted.
    Wait, wait!
    Miss, can you not make it like the Xuan Medical Pavilion’s doctor examination is just as simple as eating and drinking?
    Every year, there are very few people who can pass the exam for primary doctors, not to mention senior doctors.
    Many doctors would practice medicine for decades, and would still fail before the intermediate doctor’s examination.
    You… who would take the senior doctor examination so casually like you would?
    As if she could hear Old Tao’s tactful comments, Muyan’s lips curl up, revealing a lazy and evil smile.
    “Since it’s an old friend’s territory, how can I not personally go there for a bit?”
    Coming out from the Tianxiang lane, Shen Jinglin looks at the red bean cakes on his hands. His weathered face shows a rare soft expression.
    When they were kids, Yanyan’s favorite food was the red bean cakes from Tianxiang lane.
    No matter how sad or angry she was, she would show a sweet smile as soon as she eats a red bean cake.
    These past five years, Shen Jinglin had bought these cakes countless of times, but he had no one to give them to.
    Now, his little sister has finally returned home.
    Just as he’s lost in thought, a figure suddenly rushes out from the side, bumping directly into him.
    With Muyan’s treatments, Shen Jinglin’s body is much better and he doesn’t need to use a cane at this time.
    However, his leg is still lame and his cultivation still hasn’t returned.
    So with that collision, he staggers and directly tumbles to the ground.
    He hears a pained groan by his side.
    Shen Jinglin thinks that this voice sounds familiar, and when he raises his head to look, he sees a dainty but haggard face. He can’t help but stare blankly, “Jingya? Jingya, is that you?”
    The woman who has fallen on her chest is slightly wrinkling her brows because of the pain.
    Hearing his voice, her head snaps up, “Shen… brother?”
    Just calling out those words seems to make the rims of the woman’s eyes turn red, her voice also becomes emotional.
    But she quickly hides it and hurriedly gets up, “Shen-brother, are you alright? Did I hurt you from the collision?”
    Shen Jinglin shakes his head and gets up from the ground.
    Seeing the way he limps, the woman’s eyes couldn’t help but well up with tears.

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EMHS – ch239

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Chapter 239: What kind of Breed

    “Who was the one that took my mother?”
    “Yi-brother didn’t say.” Shen father shakes his head again, “I only know that it’s a force in Xiuzhen Continent that can hide the sky with one hand.”
    “Before he left, Yi-brother said that he hopes I would properly raise you up, without telling you the truth, only that your birth parents are already dead. He… he doesn’t wish for you to avenge them.”
    “Yanyan, I’m sorry, I didn’t comply with my agreement with Yi-brother, I didn’t properly take care you.” Shen father chokes with emotion, “I also didn’t fulfill my promise to him, that I would conceal this matter from you forever. I’ve always held this gleam of hope that maybe Yi-brother, he… he is still alive…”
    “Father.” Muyan reaches out her hand to hold his, which are aged like a dry twig. Softly saying, “Father, you’ve already done enough, you don’t need to blame yourself. And though I’m not your own child, you’ve treated me better than your own daughter all these years…”
    “Su Yuexiang’s matter has nothing to do with you. Even if you indeed made a mistake back then, you’ve also already paid enough for it, with all the suffering and torment that you’ve received in these years.”
    “In the future, we – you, brother, Xiao Bao, and I… our large family will get better and better.”
    These words from Muyan seem to have touched a certain knot in the Shen patriarch, that he can’t help it anymore, and tears fall trickling down.
    “Can Jinglin really be cured still?”
    “He can! Father, I promise you that I’ll definitely be able to cure big brother!”
    “Yanyan, can you really forgive me? I’ve let you suffer that kind of harm…”
    “Yes, father, I forgive you.”
    Shen father is like a child as he weeps, but the depression that he had accumulated over this period of time, his guilt and remorse, he has given vent to all of them to come out.
    Muyan lets out a sigh of relief once she could feel the breath of vitality slowly spread through his body.
    Like this, Shen father can truly gradually recover.
    “Yanyan, you think, is Yi-brother… is he still alive?”
    Hearing Shen father finally ask that as he sobs, Muyan goes silent for a good moment, only to look out the window and murmur,
    “I will definitely go to that world, and I’ll confirm the fate of my father and mother.”
    “Baby, you found this in the Space?”
    Muyan is simply amazed as she flips through the thin book of draughts in her hand.
    These draught formulas here, each one of them had never been seen or heard of before, and their value simply couldn’t be measured with common objects.
    To give an example-
    The Philter of Barrier Breaking that Muyan refines is from a prescription that Baili Liuyin had left behind.
    Just one bottle could be easily sold for 10 million gold coins.
    Though, this [Book of Supreme Draughts] only contain less than ten prescriptions,
    The value of any one of them is still much higher than ten prescriptions that are like the Philter of Barrier Breaking.
    Muyan is especially pleasantly surprised with the first prescription in particular — Philter for Replacing the Marrow and Washing the Tendons.
    This seems to be tailored for Shen Jinglin.
    Seeing Xiao Bao nod, Muyan couldn’t help but pick her son up and mercilessly pepper him with kisses.
    Xiao Bao little cheeks are red, but his big eyes are filled with a resplendent radiance.
    “Niangqin, this is all thanks to the bunny.”
    Xiao Bao describes the course of events, when the rabbit turned big, flying high up in the sky, and throwing a book down.
    Muyan tilts her head down to look at the fat rabbit as it lies on the ground, sleeping sweetly. Her expression becomes pensive.
    Although she had known beforehand that this rabbit is powerful, she didn’t expect that it would be to this extent.
    What kind of breed is this fat rabbit in the end?
    Oh, whatever, good thing they didn’t stir-fry the rabbit and eat it at that time.
    While it’s fast asleep, who knows what the fat rabbit is dreaming of, as it seems to shiver from the the cold.

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EMHS – ch238

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Chapter 238: Blood Relative

    Suddenly, a statement spills out from his mouth, “You and your biological father really look alike, especially those eyes. Back then, Xiyuan had always been teased – boys and girls alike were extremely enchanted, precisely because of those soul-stirringly beautiful pair of eyes.”

    Muyan’s heart slightly tenses up, mumbling as she repeats that name, “Xiyuan?”

    “That’s right.” Shen father slowly says, “Your father is called Jun Xiyuan. He was my sworn brother, as well as my Shen family’s savior.”

    Muyan stares blankly for a moment before she could come to react on what the words “your father” mean.

    Her biological father?

    Her blood relative?

    But she just doesn’t have any impression of him at all.

    Shen father’s eyes are directed at Muyan, but the pupils aren’t focused. It’s as if through her, he’s looking at a distant past, “Yanyan, your current cultivation is quite high, isn’t it? High enough that I can’t see it?”

    Muyan goes silent for a moment, only to say, “I’ve already reached the Precelestial stage.”

    Even though he has already prepared himself mentally, Shen father’s eyes still go wide after hearing Muyan’s reply.

    In the way he looks at her, there is surprise, astonishment, as well as a relief that seems to say that ‘it’s to be expected’.

    “Precelestial… Precelestial! Haha, a Precelestial who’s less than twenty years of age – if this were to go out, who knows how many people’s eyes would pop out from fright. Yanyan, you really are his daughter.”

    He mutters: “In those days, Yi-brother’s talents had also shocked the world. He was only 25 years old, younger than the Dustless-gongzi Bai Yichen who the younger people revere now – but he has already reached Precelestial peak, and even succeeded to pass the thunder tribulations.”

    Muyan’s eyes snap open, showing an astonished expression on her usually calm face.

    A 25-year-old Precelestial peak, passed the tribulations?

    What kind of gift and talent is this?

    That’s her biological father?

    “After that?” Muyan asks softly.

    “After that, he went to a wider world.” Shen father reveals a shallow smile, “Yi-brother had never been contented like an ordinary person. He longed for adventure, he longed to pursue the pinnacle of the martial path. When he broke into the peak of the Precelestial stage, he said that above the Yanwu Continent, there is a wider and more colorful world, and he must go and take a look.”    

    “Xiuzhen Continent!” Muyan slowly says those words.

    The Shen patriarch shows a trace surprise, then he seems relieved, “Sure enough, you also know.”

    “After he succeeded the tribulations, he disappeared from the Yanwu Continent, and I don’t know where he went from there. For the next ten years, there were no longer any news from him, and the people of Yanwu Continent slowly forgot about his existence.”

    “But on a certain day, seventeen years later, he suddenly appeared. He was carrying you while you were still in your swaddling clothes.”

    The expression of concern on the Shen father’s face rise and fall, all because of these memories. His brows tightly knit together.

    “At that time, Yi-brother’s situation was very wrong. His eyes were filled with a desperate madness and the decisiveness of impending mortality. The way he spoke when he was entrusting you to me, was like he was entrusting an orphan.”

    Muyan unconsciously clenches her hands.

    “I asked him what he was going to do, and when he was coming back.”

    “He said that he’ll go get his wife, that is, he’ll fight to get your mother back – to be born in the same quilt*, to die in the same hole. Anyhow, they will not part.”

  • marriage

    The corners of Shen father’s eyes become slightly red, “Back then, I was able to see that he already had a mark of death, perhaps he himself knew that he will be going to certain demise, but he could not be stopped.”

    Muyan hears herself ask with a bitter voice, “Did he say anything else?”

    The other shakes his head, “Yi-brother was rushing when he came, and he was in a hurry when he left. He said that he cannot stay for long. Otherwise, your existence and whereabouts would be exposed.”

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EMHS – ch237

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Chapter 237: Magical Rabbit

    The silly rabbit, which was originally sleeping soundly at the side, seems to have sensed its little master’s worry.

    It suddenly turns its body over with a grunt, and uses its claws to flip through those books. Its mung-bean eyes blink.

    It gets on its hind legs and suddenly leaps up.

    This time, it’s not like the usual jumps that goes up for three or four meters, but it directly shoots up.

    Xiao Bao makes a puzzled ‘ah’, raising his head up.

    He sees the rabbit fly up in the air for dozens of meters.

    Then, like fireworks launched in the sky, it unexpectedly blooms.

    The small body, which was only about as big as two palms, could suddenly hide the sky and cover the earth, filling up and encompassing the entire library.

    Then it’s followed by a low, lingering ancient roar.

    That sound is not like a rabbit, not a lion, not a tiger, not like any kind of creature of this world.

    But it seems to be a convergence of some sort of energy that could heavily ram into a person’s soul.

    Xiao Bao blankly raises his head to stare, only coming back to his senses after quite a long time.

    He doesn’t have a clear view of what the rabbit has turned into, because it’s too far.

    He only feels that there’s a boundless, far-reaching, and stiflingly powerful breath that has spread through the air.


    There’s a loud sound, and the rabbit’s claws lands on one of the shelves.

    That originally bare, old-fashioned, and banal bookshelf unexpectedly shines with a dazzling golden light.

    Immediately after, a book flies out from the empty shelf, falling down with a flutter to land in front of Xiao Bao.

    Xiao Bao instinctively catches the book and takes a look at its title.

    Written there in large characters, with bold and flamboyant cursive calligraphy — [Book of Supreme Draughts]

    Opening the book, a line is written there in small print: The mysterious, spiritual, and immortal – all three energies, the essence of the heaven and the earth, refined to the extreme, that even a draught could regenerate dead flesh and bones.

    Turning another page, there’s a formula that reads, astonishingly, [Philter for Replacing the Marrow and Washing the Tendons].

    Then it clearly states how this kind of draught could not only reactivate withered muscles and bones in the body, it can also reconstruct the Qi Sea and improve aptitudes.

    Xiao Bao suddenly lifts his head, and there’s a rare trace of excitement in his normally cold voice, “Bunny!”

    Way up in the sky, the gigantic white figure hears his voice.

    Then, like it’s leaking air, the rabbit begins to shrink rapidly.

    As it gets smaller, the rabbit falls down spinning until it lands in Xiao Bao’s arms.

    It has already turned back into that fat, fluffy, silly rabbit.

    Xiao Bao’s blue eyes are sparkling as he looks at the rabbit.

    The rabbit’s small mung-bean eyes also reveal a rare smugness. It licks Xiao Bao’s hand.

    Then it turns its legs over, going unconscious.

    Xiao Bao jumps in fright at first, then he finds that the rabbit has only fallen asleep.

    During that time, the rabbit shifts its body in Xiao Bao’s arms, showing its soft belly up for a rub. He lets out a relieved sigh.

    Small hands pick up the [Book of Supreme Draughts], and the taut little face shows a small, almost imperceptible, smiling expression.

    If Niangqin sees this, she will definitely like it.


    “Father, do feel any discomfort on your body?”

    As soon as Muyan enters the room, she sees the Shen patriarch sitting by the window. His pair of turbid eyes are staring blankly at the distant sky, deep sorrow and grief flooding out from within them.

    Hearing Muyan’s voice, Shen father immediately comes back to himself and shows her a smile.

    “Yanyan, you’ve arrived?”

    Muyan walks forward and grabs his hand, taking his pulse. After that, she slightly knits her brows, “Father, the damage on your body has already recovered, the poison has already been removed, however… if you have a knot in your heart, I’m afraid that in this life, your cultivation wouldn’t be able to advance even by an inch.”

    Shen father doesn’t respond to Muyan’s words, but he blankly stares at the absolutely beautiful young woman before his eyes.

    As if he’s trying to see that familiar shadow from her features.

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EMHS – ch236

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Chapter 236: Doesn’t Want Niangqin Sad

    “No no no! No need to comply with it!” Lu Yongli says, fearful that she might demand something detrimental.

    Muyan smiles, the expression indolent and evil, “I’ve always been a stickler for the rules. Since the rules have been determined, it’s only natural to abide by it. Isn’t that right, Shen Xiaoru?”

    Lying half-dead on the ground, the one-legged Shen Xiaoru opens her eyes wide in horror. She glares unwaveringly at Muyan, her eyes filled with resentment and dread.

    “How about it? Master Lu, would you be satisfied with this daughter-in-law?”

    Shen Xiaoru shrieks, “I don’t want to marry a fool! I don’t want to marry that dunce! Jun Muyan, you can’t do this to me. You slut, I want to kill you! I’ll kill you!”

    Lu Yongli hears that Muyan genuinely wants to fulfill the marriage contract, and he immediately feels that he’s gotten a new lease of life.

    Although Shen Xiaoru has become a waste, it’s also only because she’s become such a waste that he could control her now, right?

    What’s more, Shen Xiaoru still has a young and pretty face, maybe she can carry the Lu family’s ancestral line for him.

    Even if she can’t, selling her to a brothel could also allow him to earn a large sum of money.

    “Yes, yes. Many thanks to Miss Jun!”

    “I don’t want to marry! I don’t want to marry a fool! Aaaah–!!”

    Shen Xiaoru’s sad and shrill screams slowly drifts away into the distance, Su Yuexiang has been thrown out of the Shen family, and the Lu family has scattered and is now in shambles.

    It’s also shows that the matter of the Shen family has truly come to an end.

    It’s just that Muyan still has a lot of things to worry about.

    For example, the Shen family’s current servants.

    These people are all Su Yuexiang’s trusted aides. When Shen Jinglin and his father fell into dire straits, not only were they not loyal to protect the master, they also threw stones to those who have fallen down the well.

    Muyan directly drove all those people away, having Ru Yan get a group of gentle people from the Ghost City’s Wan Ren Ku to come in.

    There’s also the matter of the drugstore.

    Yan Haotian and Feng Haitang have already purchased a courtyard for her. Be it the location or layout, Muyan is very satisfied.

    Cheng Qingfeng, Old Tao and the others have also caught up.

    It’s reasonable to say that they can very easily open shop right away.

    The discovery that rendered Muyan speechless however, is that Tianyuan City has a unique regulation.

    To open a drugstore and sell medicines here, one needs to pass layers upon layers of reviews, it would take at least half a year.

    Of course, this isn’t what Muyan is really concerned about.

    What she really cares about is Shen Jinglin’s and Shen Yicheng’s conditions.

    Shen Yicheng’s case is still manageable. Although the poison had reached his lungs, internal organs, heart, and veins – he can still completely recover eventually – as long as he recuperates with medicinal baths, coupled with expelling the poison out of his acupuncture points, which could be opened with needles.

    What’s troublesome is Shen Jinglin’s injury.

    The bones on his leg have been broken many times, the tendons were severed, and the muscles atrophied.

    His Qi Sea has been pierced and has shriveled, causing his meridians to stagnate and dry up.

    If he’s to make a complete recovery, she must revive dead bones and muscles, as well as regenerate flesh.

    These kinds of injuries, let alone treating it, she’s never even heard of anyone trying.

    Muyan and Xiao Bao flip through the books inside the space for half a day, not finding any method of treatment.

    As she’s thinking on whether or not she wants try alchemy again, she hears Feng Haitang from outside the room, telling her that Shen father is looking for her.

     After Muyan has left, Xiao Bao still remains inside the space, wrinkling his tiny brows to earnestly search for a Pill or draught recipe.

    There’s an unbelievably gigantic bookshelf inside the space, but there aren’t a lot of books on it.

    It doesn’t take long for him to finish flipping through everything that could be flipped through.

    But there still aren’t any leads.

    Xiao Bao’s cheeks slightly bulge out, tender face is like a little steamed bun as he shows a hint of worry.

    He knows that niangqin really wants to cure uncle.

    If uncle doesn’t get well, niangqin will definitely feel very sad.

    Will she cry like she did the other day?

    As soon as he recalls his mother’s crying appearance that day, he feels unwell and he finds it difficult to breath.

    No, he doesn’t want niangqin to be sad.

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EMHS – ch235

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Chapter 235: Comply with the Marriage Contract

        Xiao Bao releases her hand and he pushes a palm towards Su Yuexiang’s chest.

    Powerful Internal Force suddenly bursts out.

    With a bang, Su Yuexiang is blasted straight out and lands on the open space outside the door. She immediately spurts out a mouthful of blood and passes out.

    Shen father still has his hands outstretched to save his grandson. As he sees the scene unfold, he becomes completely and thoroughly stupefied.

    Struck dumb.

    This… this is a palm strike that a four-year-old child can produce?

    And this four-year-old child is his grandson?!

    Is he really not dreaming?

    Xiao Bao withdraws his hand, his little face is as cold as before, but everyone who knows him well could see that there’s some unease within his eyes.

    “Grandfather, Xiao Bao just shattered all her ribs, didn’t kill her.”

    Therefore, it can’t considered to be going against niangqin’s words, can it? — that this annoying woman would be left for grandfather to handle.

    Saying that, Xiao Bao even turns to look at Muyan.

    Only to see Muyan smiling towards him, and his taut little form immediately relaxes.

    The Shen patriarch abruptly comes back to his senses as well. He immediately shakes his head like a rattle-drum, “Xiao Bao didn’t do anything wrong, Xiao Bao has done very well! That bad woman wanted to hurt you so it wouldn’t matter even if you did kill her. Grandfather is just amazed, didn’t expect that our Xiao Bao would be so incredible.”

    Xiao Bao blinks, and there’s a surge of ripples on his big blue eyes, their resplendence is like sparkling and translucent gems.

    Twinkling within them is pride, happiness and the warmth he’s never had before – one from a grandfather to a grandson.

    Muyan withdraws her gentle gaze as she turns to look at the only one there who’s still well and intact where he stands, the Lu family Master.

    As he meets her line of sight, a shiver runs through Lu Yongli. He kneels down with a thud, “Miss Jun, this humble one had been demented, mind muddled by dog excrement, only then could I move against you. I’m begging you to be magnanimous, and let me and my son keep our small lives.”

    “I can spare both of your little lives.” Muyan chuckles and tosses him a porcelain bottle.

    The bottle rolls before Lu Yongli.

    Muyan goes on to say, “This is a draught that can destroy ninety percent of your cultivation. If you obediently drink it down yourself, leave Tianyuan City and never come back, then I will spare your and your son’s lives.”

    Lu Yongli once again uncontrollably shakes from head to foot, there’s obvious fear and struggle showing up in his eyes.

    “You can also choose to not drink it.” Muyan chuckles, “Then I’ll go ahead and have you settle the account of the Lu family injuring my older brother.”

    “I’ll drink! I’ll drink!” Lu Yongli doesn’t dare to hesitate any longer, picking up the draught and pouring it into his mouth.

    A burning, melting pain wells up from his Qi Sea, and he lets out a mournful and anguished howl from the pain.

    Lu Yongli almost feels like he’s been fooled, that this can’t be a draught that would cripple nine-tenths of his cultivation, when it’s clearly a draught that will put him to death.

    This kind of pain continues for another quarter of an hour, until it slowly disappears from his Qi Sea, his limbs, his bones.

    But at the same time, he feels that his body has become completely empty inside.

    As he casually operates his Internal Force, he finds that his meridians are clogged up, Qi Sea dry, and the Internal Force that remain is only a tenth of what it was.

    He has already changed from an Earth Stage master into a Primary Stage waste.

    Lu Yongli is trembling, his eyes show grief, and there’s a delirious resentment in his mind.

    But as he raises his head and makes contact with Muyan’s pair of limpid and luminous eyes, all of that resentment is like a punctured balloon, and gets thoroughly replaced by fear and sorrow.

    He seems to have aged by ten years in that short while. He pulls his son to leave.

    Yet Lu Chengcai is still drooling for Muyan, “Pretty wife… go to sleep… want fairy-sister…”

    Lu Yongli’s terrified soul almost jumps out. This idiot, still daring to provoke that comet of disaster in spite of everything.

    At this moment however, Muyan opens her mouth to talk, “Since there’s a marriage contract between the Shen family and the Lu family, that naturally must be complied with.”

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