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Chapter 549: Made a fool of
    As soon as they’re spouted out, these small black bugs seem like they could smell something tasty – as they shoot towards everyone at lightning speed.
    “Ah! What is this?!”
    Everyone in the Great Hall goes into panic, shrieking voice up here and down there.
    Seeing the little bugs about to reach the doctors-
    Muyan’s reaction is very fast, immediately summoning the Tian Mo Qin, the sound of the zither playing.
    In a flash, the [Divine Hands that Weave the Heaven] Skill is activated.
    Those black bugs are immediately blocked outside the invisible barrier.
    As it’s happening, the Ghost Lord also makes his move.
    He takes a deep breath, suddenly blowing out Internal Force from his mouth.
    As that Internal Force touches the air, it unexpectedly turns into a ball of flame, bursting into a blaze.
    A short while later, all the little bugs in the room are completely burned away.
    But this turn of events happened too fast, catching them off guard. In the end, several Ghost Envoys and one doctor were still gnawed on by the bugs. Their faces are drained of color, and it doesn’t take too long for them to fall to the ground, producing pained groans.
    Muyan quickly gives some draughts to those people attacked by the bugs, making sure that the bugs in their bodies doesn’t spread.
    But in these few short breaths, the bugs within those people has gone from one or two, turning into hundreds.
    For the time being, Muyan is also somewhat helpless about getting rid of them.
    “This… what the hell is this thing?”
    Looking at the bug corpses burnt into black ash, the faces of Dr. Song and the other’s are extremely unsightly, their mouths gagging to vomit.
    Gu Yue looks even more unsightly than them, “It’s Liu Se, damn her! Before dying, that slut actually still made fools of us all.”
    Seeing everyone’s dumbstruck look on him,
    Gu Yue explains with a calm face: “Liu Se’s body should’ve been harboring a Mother Gu of the [Gold Silkworm Gu].”
     The [Gold Silkworm Gu] is a type of Gu poison exclusive to the Tian Yi Men on Xiuxian Continent.
    Among Tian Yi Men’s Ten Great Gu Poisons, it could only be placed at the lowest rank.
    But in the Yanwu Continent, it’s already a heaven-defying existence.
    Liu Se, because she made a mistake back then, had been implanted with the mother Gu of the Gold Silkworm and kicked into the Yanwu Continent.
    Due to the lack of Spiritual Power in the Yanwu Continent, the Gold Silkworm Gu couldn’t get nourishment, and could only start eating Liu Se’s body, making her have an appearance that’s neither person nor ghost.
    In order to preserve herself, Liu Se conversely began to absorb the qi of rotting corpses into her body, transforming it into Devil Qi for the Gold Silkworm Gu to ingest.
    In the course of a hundred years of nourishment, the Gold Silkworm in Liu Se had now become its darkest, most evil form.
    Originally, when Liu Se’s host body died, it would be reasonable to assume that the Gold Silkworm Gu should have also died.
    He didn’t expect that Liu Se would go as far as to take out the Mother Gu even before she entered the stone room.
    Without a host body, the Mother Gu wouldn’t have enough food, and would die right away.
    In order to survive, the Gold Silkworm Gu will start splitting up and releasing countless [Gu Children] to collect the needed nutrients.
    If it’s not stopped immediately, it probably wouldn’t take too long before the entire Ghost Wind Valley would be swallowed up by the Gold Silkworm Gu.
    Without a host, the Gold Silkworm Gu still wouldn’t survive in the end. But even so, the people in the entire Ghost Wind Valley would also be buried with the bugs.
    Thinking of this possibility, Gu Yue really wishes he could chop Liu Se up into countless pieces, making mincemeat of that slut.
    Everyone’s pleasant expressions have also gone missing.
    Gu Yue’s account swept past the parts pertaining to the Xiuxian Continent and the Tian Yi Men.
    However, merely looking at the frightening rate at which those Ghost Silkworm Gu Children ate and multiplied earlier, they could understand just how awful that thing is.
    “Just what are we going to do now? Is there a way to get rid of this disgusting thing?”

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EMHS – CH548

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Chapter 548: Such a beast
    In the Great Hall, Dr. Song and the others have been waiting anxiously.
    Seeing her come out, each and every one of them are immediately overjoyed at the unexpected good outcome.
    “Little girl, are you all right?” Dr. Song hurries over, examining Muyan up and down.
    It’s only after making certain that she doesn’t have any serious injuries that he lets out a long sigh of relief.
    Muyan obediently lets them pull her along, lovable like a typical young girl, without a trace of impatience.
    These Elders may be a little vain and selfish, but at the most critical moment, they had dashed on bravely with no thought of personal safety, all in order to defend her. That’s something that Muyan will never forget in this life.
    “Niangqin.” holding the fat rabbit, Xiao Bao comes up from behind and grabs Muyan’s hand.
    After getting out of the Ghost Hall, Muyan released Xiao Bao and the fat rabbit from the Space.
    But who knows what the fat rabbit found, as it suddenly ran off with Xiao Bao. They just caught up now.
    Seeing a pink, jade-carved little boy suddenly appear and call Muyan ‘Niangqin’-
    Dr. Song and the others are all stunned.
    “Little girl, y-y-you-you, you actually have a son already!”
    “This is my son, Xiao Bao.” Muyan has a slight smile as she pushes Xiao Bao to move forward, “Xiao Bao, say ‘grandpa’.”
    Xiao Bao’s small face is calm and cool, but his voice is childish and crisp, “Hello, grandpas.”
    A group of old doctors, most of them over a hundred years old, suddenly feel like an arrow has struck them in their hearts.
    A change comes over their hearts.
    Under the sun, how could there be such an adorable baby!
    “Come, Xiao Bao. This is a draught that Grandpa Song refined, I’ll give it to you.”
    “Xiao Bao, look at the treasures Grandpa Du has over here. If you want anything as a meeting gift, just take it.”
    And so, a crowd of old men, brimming with warmth and enthusiasm, surrounds an icy and indifferent little child.
    This scene is really odd and funny beyond words.
    With great difficulty, Xiao Bao manages to escape from the middle of the enthusiastic grandpas. In the end, he hides behind Muyan.
    There’s an expression of lingering fear on his taut little face, and he secretly lets out a sigh.
    Muyan is tickled by this adorable little look of his, so she bends down to pick him up, smooching his soft little face.
    Just as she’s about to ask her baby what he and the fat rabbit were doing earlier-
    She hears Dr. Song: “Little girl, your son is so big. You’re married already? The child’s father is…”
    While he’s saying this as a question, Dr. Song is a little hesitant and also somewhat angry.
    That’s because, no matter how you look at it, Muyan’s age can’t be older than twenty.
    But Xiao Bao is already four or five years old.
    That means, when Muyan was pregnant with Xiao Bao, she was only fourteen or fifteen years old.
    Which man had been such a beast? To have actually laid a hand on such a young little girl, and even letting that little girl carry a child.
    On the side, Han Ye promptly nods along in indignation: I don’t know who to kill with a thousand knives, actually stepping in before their Jun Shang, laying a hand on such a young Miss Jun. Simply a degenerate, shameless, absolutely disgraceful! If he ever comes across that shameless man, he must chop him up into ten thousand pieces.
    Muyan just smiles, kissing Xiao Bao’s face again.
    That faraway memory is indeed humiliating for her, she couldn’t stand remembering it.
    But it gave her the most precious gift in the world.
    Just as she’s about to reply, a lone figure suddenly staggers in from outside the door, bursting in with a flustered and alarmed expression.
    “He… help… help! Ghost Lord, help…”
    Before he could finish his words, this man in Ghost Envoy uniform is already tumbling to the floor. He suddenly coughs up a mouthful of blood.
    What shocks everyone, is that the blood that this man had coughed up is black-red. More than that, it’s covered by a dense swarm of tiny black bugs.

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EMHS – CH547

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Chapter 547: You guys know fart
    Of course, Han Ye knows what Muyan thinks of this gift, and he smiles like he’s receiving praise by proxy: “Miss Jun, if you feel like ‘Ghost Wind Valley’ isn’t pleasant to the ears, why not change its name? Something like [Ming Yan Valley]* for instance?”
    *Dark Flame Valley
    The homonym ‘Ming’ from Di Ming Jue, and Yan from Jun Muyan.
    The [Ming Yan Valley] could be a special place for Di Ming Jue and Jun Muyan.
    Even if she only uses her knees to think, Muyan knows what this guy’s – Han Ye’s – intention is.
    She sends a cold glance to the guy who wishes for the whole world to be in chaos, then she turns to give a slight nod towards Gu Yue, “If that’s the case, then it would be impolite of me to refuse. Still, the Ghost Wind Valley is really too much for a gift, and I have some reluctance in accepting it. So, to make it up, I’ll supply a large batch of draughts and Elixirs for the Ghost City to auction off this once. Ghost City can collect thirty percent handling fee from the market value.”
    Gu Yue stares blankly, and before he has the time to say anything-
    Magistrate Liu is already crying out “My goodness!”, suddenly leaping towards them, “Shenshu-daren, is that true? Not just draughts, you would also supply those Elixirs that you refine, and also allow our Ghost City to sell them?  Aaah… that’s great! From now on and in the future, you are the one who this little old man would depend upon for my livelihood, allow little old me to work like a cow or horse for you…”
    Gu Yue and his Black and White Protectors watch this scene dumbstruck.
    The White Reaper finally couldn’t take it, opening his mouth to say: “Isn’t it just some draughts and Elixirs? It’s not like nobody consigns their products for sale in our Ghost City, many Elixirs from Heavenly Road Sect’s Master Jian Feng even passes through our Ghost City’s hands to be auctioned. Magistrate Liu, why do you have to make such a big fuss about nothing?”
    “You guys know fart!” at that point, Magistrate Liu even forgets their seniority, shouting and arguing, “How could those commoners’ ordinary goods be mentioned on equal terms with our Shenshu-daren’s godly draughts and Elixirs? Hehe, since the two Protectors aren’t convinced, when Shenshu-daren’s products have arrived, you guys must never fight with this little old man over them, yea!”
    The Black and White Protectors are all the more surprised and confused, but they still quickly reply without much concern: “Rest assured, isn’t it just some Elixirs? We don’t even care about Jian Feng’s fourth-level Pills, how could we fight you over those?”
    However, some time later, the pair will regret their remarks today until their intestines are all green.
    Gu Yue originally also wanted to say “I don’t need Elixirs”, as he really doesn’t care about any Pill on the Yanwu Continent.
    However, he suddenly hears Han Ye sourly say: “You’re really one lucky guy. I follow Miss Jun and endlessly ask for them, but I can only get a few. You didn’t need to do anything, but you could actually get a huge pile.”
    Gu Yue: “……” this time, he’s truly curious.
    There’s no Spiritual Power in this Yanwu Continent, and Elixirs that are refined here are only as good as half-finished Pills.
    What’s more, they’ve never even attached any importance to the Elixirs refined by famous Master Alchemists of the Xiuzhen Continent.
    Are Jun Muyan’s Pills really that miraculous?
    “Shenshu-daren can only supply one batch, yes?” Magistrate Liu excitedly says and, since he won an inch and now wants a mile, he pounces to hug Muyan’s thigh, “Since you’re sending them anyway, what about adding a little more? Especially that Elixir that you refined, can you give me one now, please! One just like the Pill that I took! This little old man is really very curious how an Elixir could help me resist an attack from a high Precelestial Practitioner…”
    Muyan expressionlessly kicks his face, quickly making her way to the Great Hall.

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EMHS – CH546

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Chapter 546: Keep my body safe

If someone from Tian Yi Men were to know that Muyan is the Shen Musician heir, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

Di Ming Jue’s complexion is ashen. He doesn’t respond to Han Ye, but he suddenly turns to look at Muyan.

Muyan stares at him in astonishment, her mind is inexplicably a little panicked, “What happened? Liu Se, she…”

Before she could finish her words, the hold on her waist tightens, and she’s firmly pulled into the man’s arms.

Then a passionate, overbearing kiss descends on her.

The biting kiss is short, but it’s endlessly consuming and possessive.

When he lets her go, for a few short breaths, Muyan feels her legs are unsteady where she stands, and her red lips have gone numb.

He bit her!

Muyan raises her head to complain, but the man’s low, husky voice enters her ears, “Muyan, keep my body safe and wait for me to come back!”

Saying that, his figure flashes before her eyes, instantly disappearing.

In a split second, Muyan only feels like there’s a piece of her heart missing, an absence.

All of a sudden, she seems to remember something, and her consciousness enters the Space.

Sure enough, she finds Di Ming Jue’s body inside, lying dormant like it doesn’t have life.

This scoundrel, why can he enter her Space without her permission?

And what the hell does he mean by “keep my body safe”?

Cursing inwardly, Muyan looks calm on the outside.


With the Ghost Lord’s lead, several people quickly leave the room.

As it turns out, when the stone room sank underground, it went straight into the Ghost Hall’s underground labyrinth.

If no one was there to guide, even a Precelestial expert could be trapped alive and die there.

But similarly, if they run into danger, this is also the best place for people to hide within the Ghost Wind Valley.

Also, this Ghost Wind Valley’s terrain is easily guarded, hard to attack – in addition to the Poison Smog acting as a protective screen.

It’s really a great place to set up camp.

“Miss Jun!” as Muyan is thinking about the advantages of the Ghost Wind Valley, she suddenly hears Gu Yue’s grateful voice, “Your grace of saving my life, this subordinate is unable to return the favor. But if Miss Jun wouldn’t despise it, I would like to give you this Ghost Wind Valley, as well as all the Valley’s Ghost Envoys. What do you think?”

Muyan stares blankly, almost suspecting that she had misheard it, “Give me the Ghost Wind Valley? If I remember it correctly, the Ghost Wind Valley has always been the main stronghold of the Ghost City. For you guys, it’s said that it’s value is greater than any single Ghost City.”

Gu Yue chuckles: “Ghost City is the property of our Polar Domain, and this humble one has only been managing it for the past hundred years. Moreover, Miss Jun, you are the future Mistress of our Polar Domain. To say nothing of merely giving you an insignificant Ghost Wind Valley, even the status of the Ghost City is currently uncertain. To have created difficulties for you, Miss Jun, we might as well give you the entire Ghost City.”

“That’s right, that’s right!” Han Ye doesn’t wait for Muyan to respond, already going along with it, “Miss Jun, I’ve already told you, just tell Jun Shang if you want anything. Even if it’s a star in the sky, he would pluck it down for you, let alone a small Ghost Wind Valley, yeah? Everyone would be your people sooner or later, just forego the formalities.”

Muyan: Haha, nobody wants to be your people ‘sooner or later’, thank you very much!

However, thinking of this Valley, which is easy to defend and difficult to attack, unexpectedly turning into her very own stronghold – even with her calm, Muyan couldn’t suppress a smile from her face.

Her Ink Camp and Tianji Unit are growing, and the Void Camp is also being formed.

Be it in Tianyuan City or Wangjiang City, a small courtyard could no longer accommodate that staff.

Now, with the Ghost Wind Valley, it’s really like a sleepy person getting handed a pillow.

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EMHS – CH545

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Chapter 545: To Stake All on One Throw
    “Lying dormant under my hands for so many years, I didn’t even notice that you were actually from the Xiuxian Continent as well.”
    “I thought of you as a loyal subordinate, I trusted you, and gave you power. I never expected that in return, you would actually place the Three Corpses Gu in my body. The people of your Tian Yi Men are really so good, so proficient!”
    Liu Se firmly grits her teeth, but she doesn’t focus on Gu Yue’s goading.
    Instead, she suddenly turns towards Di Ming Jue, “Di Jun, you should know, Jun Muyan, this woman is a Shen-”
    Before she could finish her words, Di Ming Jue is already brandishing a raised hand.
    There’s a loud explosion, like gunpowder has been set off on Liu Se’s face. Her bumpy, pockmarked face immediately becomes terribly mangled on one side.
    Nobody knew what she was going to say, only that she seems to be on her final struggle.
    But Muyan suddenly turns her head to look at the man beside her, her expression bewildered and suspicious.
    Of course, she knows what Liu Se was just about to say — that she is a Shen Musician.
    Then why did Di Ming Jue interrupt Liu Se?
    Does Di Ming Jue already know of her identity as a Shen Musician?
    It… it can’t be! Wasn’t she told that the people of the Three Realms all want the Shen Musicians’ demise?
    If Di Ming Jue knows, how come he hasn’t captured her, and is helping her instead?
    “Liu Se, it’s already come to this point, but you still want to throw dirty water to Miss Jun!”
    Gu Yue clearly doesn’t know what Liu Se was about to say. He merely sneers and makes his way forward, “Since you’re a Ghost King under my jurisdiction, I shall personally deal with you today.”
    At this moment, even as Liu Se has her lips and tongue all mutilated, no longer capable of speech, her eyes still seem like they’re glued on Muyan.
    Her gaze is overflowing with resentment and disbelief.
    Suddenly, she opens up her bloody mouth like a sacrificial bowl and bursts out laughing.
    This laughter is rough and unpleasant.
    Listening to that laugh, an ominous premonition immediately wells up in the depths of Muyan’s heart.
    As if to confirm this hunch-
    Di Ming Jue’s complexion suddenly changes as well. Waving his hand in the air, a terrible pressure and intensity surges and sweeps through within the entire stone room.
    The table, chairs, and the stone bed inside the room – they all make creaking noises, and one after another, they shatter into small pieces.
    Gu Yue’s sword strikes out like lightning.
    However, their actions, all of them, are still a step too late in the end.
    Between that fraction of an instant, Liu Se’s body unexpectedly burns into a glaring flame.
    In but a short period of time, her body is thoroughly and completely burned.
    Almost at the same moment, a dark red glow soars up into the air, disappearing from the stone room.
     This sudden development catches everyone off guard.
    Han Ye’s face drains of all color, his voice trembling as he mutters, “Overturn the ancestral temple, put out the incense, destroy the lineage. It’s Tian Yi Men’s unique sect technique, [Temple Destruction].”
    He abruptly turns to Di Ming Jue, his face overwhelmed with shock, “Jun Shang, what should we do – she’s definitely going back to the Tian Yi Men!”
    [Temple Destruction] is a skill exclusive to Tian Yi Men. Burning one’s spirit when death is near, they’ll be able to return to the altar of Tian Yi Men’s main headquarters.
    But with this method, even if they return to the altar, they could only live for one to two hours at most.
    More than that, after using [Temple Destruction], the person’s soul will never reincarnate, suffering the pain and torture of being ripped apart by space and time.
    This is the reason why neither Di Ming Jue nor Han Ye had anticipated that Liu Se would actually stake everything on one throw, and use [Temple Destruction].
    But this way, Liu Se will absolutely die, but Muyan’s secret of being a Shen Musician would also be revealed before Tian Yi Men.
    Within the Three Realms, no one hates the Shen Musicians more than the Tian Yi Men.

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EMHS – CH544

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Chapter 544: Who’s your Madam?
    She has always been aware that the Ghost City was previously established by the Polar Domain.
    She also knows that Han Ye and Ying Mei came from the Xiuxian Continent, from the Polar Domain.
    Liu Se was even guessing who this man beside Jun Muyan is, that he’s powerful enough to be able to make her tremble?
    She thought that he was an Elder in the Polar Domain, or someone very high up the ranks.
    But she never thought that he would be that man, Di Ming Jue!
    He is a towering existence even on the Xiuxian Continent, the Monarch whom nobody could hope to reach.
    He is a man whom the Sect Master of Tian Yi Men is only barely qualified to be on equal footing with.
    How could it possibly be Polar Domain’s Di Jun, Di Ming Jue?
    How could the Supreme Overlord of the Polar Domain possibly appear at such a barren place as the Yanwu Continent?
    But except for the Polar Domain’s Di Jun, who else would Gu Yue address as ‘Jun Shang’?
    It’s only at this moment that genuine panic and despair rise within Liu Se’s heart.
    Her body, which is no longer frozen, seems to have fallen into an ice cellar. She couldn’t stop shivering.
    Setting herself against Polar Domain’s Di Jun, what kind of end would befall her?
    On the other side, after Gu Yue receives the permission to rise, he couldn’t help but glance towards Muyan.
    Then it seems as if he thought of something, as his eyes suddenly go wide, “Could it that you-you’re our Polar Domain’s future Mistress, Jun Muyan, Miss Jun?”
    The corner of Muyan’s mouth spasms: who’s your Polar Domain’s future Mistress? Aren’t you claiming associations so casually?
    But, without waiting for Muyan to refute-
    Han Ye is already shamelessly boasting with a smile: “You don’t say! Aside from our Madam, who else would possess such consummate medical skills that could bring you back from the gates of hell!”
    “I was still worried. Gu Yue, if you really died, how could I explain it to that Feng Sha guy when I return! Didn’t expect that you’d turn into a corpse, but in that crazy way, still be brought back by our Madam’s miraculous skills in healing.”
    Saying that, he slaps Gu Yue’s back, “Stupid, what’re you doing by just staring? Why don’t you hurry and pay your respects to Miss Jun?”
    Gu Yue abruptly comes back to his senses. Promptly bowing and kneeling, “Greetings, Miss Jun. No, no – greetings, Madam…”
    Soon after, he looks towards Di Ming Jue in adoration.
    Back then, when he heard Han Ye say that Jun Shang fancies a Yanwu Continent mortal woman, Gu Yue felt baffled about it. So much so, that he thought there was no way that a mortal woman could be worthy of their brilliant and mighty Jun Shang.
    It’s only now that he understands just how good their Jun Shang’s eyes are!
    He sincerely gives thanks: “Were it not for Jun Shang, your insight like a torch in choosing the Madam, this subordinate’s life could only be forfeited here in this Yanwu Continent…”
    “Silence, you!” Muyan couldn’t bear it any longer, “Who’s your Madam! Di Ming Jue, aren’t you going to manage your men?”
    Di Ming Jue steps forward and hugs her waist. His voice is cool and clear, heedlessly saying: “You can wait until after Muyan and I are married to call her ‘Madam’, no hurry.”
    “Yes, Jun Shang!”
    Muyan: “……” what ‘no hurry’!! Di Ming Jue, can you be any more shameless?!
    Seeing Muyan embarrassed into anger, Han Ye promptly speaks: “Gu Yue, enough with the superfluous words. Why don’t you hurry up and properly handle Ghost City’s matters.”
    “Really, the more you live, the more you deteriorate – you’ve actually been played and roughed up into your current state by a mere Ghost King.”
    Hearing that, Gu Yue’s expression immediately grows cold. He slowly turns around to look at Liu Se, a fierce and vicious gleam in his eyes.
    “Liu Se, you really did well!” he makes his way to Liu Se, who’s surrounded by the Ghost Envoys, the corners of his mouth pulling up into a cold smile.

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EMHS – CH543

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Chapter 543: J-J-Ju-Jun Shang!
    As Liu Se and Jun Muyan both claim that they are in the right, for a time, they couldn’t tell who exactly is the real murderer of the slain Ghost Lord.
    “Tsk, tsk. Ghost King Liu, I really can’t help but admire you. You truly wouldn’t shed a tear until you see the coffin!”
    Muyan smiles while gently shaking her head, looking unhurried and charming, “Then let’s do it like this – how about we let the Ghost Lord himself tell you all, exactly who was it that harmed him?”
    As soon as her voice falls, she brings out another bottle of draught on her hand. With quick and nimble movements, she pours it over that still-struggling Three Corpses Gu.
    Making contact with the draught, the Three Corpses Gu seems like it’s getting burned by something, suddenly producing a strange, ear-piercing cry.
    Following that, it’s originally sizable round body quickly loses mass, turning into a drooping and viscous red liquid. It drips down into the Ghost Lord’s wounds.
    This series of actions is just like moving clouds and flowing water.
    Everyone looking at it is mesmerized.
    Nevertheless, Liu Se’s complexion suddenly turns white, the Qi and blood in her body churn, her eyes filling up with dread and bitter resentment.
    The Three Corpse Gu has been burned down, how could the mother Gu within her body be unaffected?
    But in the end, she still bears with it, hissing out: “Jun Muyan, stop babbling more nonsense, it’s a futile deathbed struggle. The Ghost Lord is already dead, murdered by you, how could he possibly come alive…”
    “Kuh, kuh, kuh, kuh… kuh, kuh….” Liu Se still hasn’t finished what she’s saying.
    The corpse lying on the floor suddenly makes a lung-tearing sort of cough, abruptly sitting up from the ground.
     Within the entire stone room, it’s as if someone has pressed the pause button.
    Everyone, including Han Ye, is dumbfounded.
    That’s because the dead body which is sitting up is precisely the Ghost Lord.
    The Ghost Lord actually came back to life?!
    Under the light from the candle flame, the corpse-like, dark, and ashy complexion slowly changes into a weak paleness.
    The lifeless eyes slowly regain focus, eventually falling on everybody within the stone room.
    In the silence of the room, they could even hear his rough, heavy gasps for breath; as well as the muffled groans following the changes on his wounds.
    “Ghost… G-Ghost… Ghost Lord, you… you’re still alive?!”
    After a long silence, the Black and White Protectors suddenly rush over, kneeling down next to the Ghost Lord.
     It’s as if all the Ghost Envoys too could only react at that moment, simultaneously kneeling down, “Greetings to the Ghost Lord!”
     “This cannot be! This is absolutely impossible!” there’s a sudden frightened screech in the room, “Aren’t you already dead? You should be dead by the time the Three Corpses Gu has consumed you! Why are you still alive? How could you possibly survive?!”
    The hand-less Liu Se has panic across her whole face as she desperately shakes her head, completely like she’s gone insane.
    Hearing what she said, the Black and White Protectors turn their heads at the same time, fiercely glaring at her.
    The Ghost Envoys in the room suddenly change their positions as well, trapping Liu Se in the middle of them.
    Liu Se’s words might as well be completely admitting that she’s the one who harmed the Ghost Lord.
    Gu Yue gets up from the floor, but he doesn’t pay attention to Liu Se.
    Opting instead to turn towards Muyan, “Young miss, thank you so much for saving me…”
    Before he could finish what he’s saying, Gu Yue’s line of sight inadvertently stumbles on Di Ming Jue’s face. His body immediately goes rigid.
    “J-J-Ju-Jun Shang!!” he produces and incredulous shriek.
    Soon after, his brain still doesn’t have the time to react, but both of his knees have already gone soft, kneeling down with a thump, “Under General Feng Sha, [Sky Division] Gu Yue. Greetings to Jun Shang!”
    Caught up in the heavy encirclement, Liu Se’s mind was originally still whirling, thinking how she could break herself out of her current predicament.
    Hearing Gu Yue words then, her pupils immediately contract.

EMHS – CH542

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Chapter 542: Fool

Muyan slightly narrows her eyes. Her expression unreadable, but her sweet-sounding voice is clearly conveyed into everyone’s ears, “The time you’ve been acquainted with Ghost King Liu isn’t short, you can’t tell me that you people don’t know that Ghost King Liu’s specialty lies in Gu Poisons?”

Hearing that, the Black and White Protectors jump in fright, their gazes simultaneously turning to look at the Ghost Lord’s corpse.

Because the Ghost Lord was knocked down while he was attacking Muyan, his extended black nails still haven’t retracted.

Like this, it really quite reminiscent of a Gu poisoning.

A flustered look flashes through Liu Se’s face, but she quickly shouts: “Jun Muyan, your methods are so malicious. You’re obviously the one who poisoned the Ghost Lord, rendering him helpless, and still mercilessly killing him. Now, you actually want to plant this on my head?”

“Would you dare to say that the bloody holes on the Ghost Lord’s body did not come about because you stabbed him?”

Muyan nods without the slightest hesitation, “Correct, the injuries on the Ghost Lord were caused by me. Under your control, he attacked me. Should I not have fought back?”

“You guys hear that?!” Liu Se immediately turns towards the Black and White Protectors, shouting, “Regardless of what the Ghost Lord went through beforehand, she’s the one who killed him, and presently, it’s also this slut who had harmed me to this extent. What are you guys still staring about for? Why don’t you hurry up and cut them into pieces!”

The Black and White Protectors both frown, until finally, they coldly look at Muyan, “Since you admit that you’re the one who inflicted the mortal wound on the Ghost Lord, that means you’re the one who killed him. You must die!”

“Ah… fools!” Muyan scoffs, “If you idiots were all the Ghost Lord had on hand, then it’s no wonder that he had been so easily misled.”

Turning over a wrist, a knife appears in her hand. Before everyone could come to themselves and react-

The hand rises, then the blade falls. There’s the sound of a stab, as the sharp blade suddenly pierces the Ghost Lord’s body.

The whole audience falls into a deathly stillness.

Soon after, the Black and White Protectors have their eyes practically bulging out. Looking like they’ve completely gone mad, they rush straight to Muyan, “Slut, you dare?!!!”

But, without waiting for their attacks to reach Muyan-

There’s a sudden flash of silvery light.

A silver needle goes into the Ghost Lord’s heart, then pulls out through the wound that was just recently cut open by the knife.

Soon after, everyone could see a terrifying red bug struggling incessantly at the tip of the silver needle.

A pair of machine-like, compound eyes keeps on shifting towards everyone around.

The mouth opens and closes, and it’s like you could see the sticky flesh inside.

“Urgh–!” some low-cultivation Ghost Envoy already cannot help but feel their stomach churn from disgust.

And the pair’s attack comes to a grinding halt, stopping at a distance less than a meter away from Muyan.

“What… what is that?!” the pair asks in alarm.

Why would such a terrible bug come out from the Ghost Lord’s heart?

Muyan shoots them a contemptuous glance, “This is the Three Corpses Gu, which has fed on the Ghost Lord’s blood essence. Only a little bit away from turning into a King of thousands of Gu.”

“Ghost King Liu, don’t tell me you don’t recognize this thing?”

Liu Se sneers: “Jun Muyan, you don’t have to frame me again and again. Even if there’s the Three Corpses Gu in the Ghost Lord, you’re still the one who placed it there – what does it have to do with me? If I can administer the Three Corpses Gu to the Ghost Lord, how could I have fallen to this state? Protectors, you mustn’t be fooled by this treacherous, murderous woman!”

Sure enough, the Black Reaper and the White Reaper have their face show hesitation once again.

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EMHS – CH541

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Chapter 541: Why is your face so red?

Muyan stands unsteadily, her body swaying to the side. However, she suddenly crashes into Di Ming Jue’s arms.

The man’s warm, taut skin is closely pressed against her, separated only by a thin cloth.

A steamy breath puffs by her ears, bringing with it an ambiguous and lingering sensation.

The candle flame has gone out due to this sudden development of events.

In the pitch-black where you hold out a hand and couldn’t see your five fingers, this usually induces panic and nervousness in people.

But Muyan couldn’t care about any of that.

That’s because this shameless man beside her is actually taking advantage of the moment the light has disappeared, straight up kissing her on the lips.

With a boom, the stone room finally stops it’s descent.

“Jun Shang, are you and Miss Jun all right?” they hear Han Ye’s concerned voice.

“Since you people killed the Ghost Lord, all of you will just be buried together with him in this Ghost Hall underground tomb!”

The Black an White Protectors are hysterical, hate-filled voices reverberating in entire stone room.

Then the light goes up, illuminating everyone’s faces.

Liu Se’s smug madness, the Black and White Protectors’ resentment, the Ghost Lord’s lifeless and ashy complexion, as well as Han Ye’s anxiousness – they all appear in fine detail.

Seeing that Muyan and Di Ming Jue are safe and unharmed, Han Ye sighs in relief.

But suddenly, he says with some confusion: “Miss Jun, why is your face so red?”

Muyan doesn’t respond, but she ruthlessly hits Di Ming Jue with her elbow.

Only then does she purses her lips, which are still somewhat sore, and raises a hand. Strings shoot out.

Before Liu Se and the Black and White Protectors could react-

Those strings have already taken hold of the Ghost Lord, covering him up lightning-fast, and dragging him before Muyan.

“Ghost Lord–!!” the Black and White Protectors bellow, wanting to rush over.

Han Ye snorts and steps forward, brandishing his longsword.

He immediately forces the pair to retreat again and again.

Almost at the same time, the entrance of the stone room opens, and countless Ghost Envoys swarm in, surrounding Muyan and the others.

“All of you can see it, yes? These people deliberately infiltrated the Ghost Wind Valley to assassinate the Ghost Lord.” Liu Se gnashes her teeth and shrieks, her eyes gleaming with a sinister light, “The one who killed the Ghost Lord is this Jun Muyan, posing as a doctor. But nobody expected that I would actually see through this vicious woman’s deception.”

“This woman used the guise of treating his illness to kill the Ghost Lord, even wanting to kill and silence me. Now, she won’t even spare the Ghost Lord’s dead body. Protectors, you must absolutely not let her get away with this!”

The Black Reaper and the White Reaper stare coldly at Muyan, harshly speaking in unison, “You people best return the Ghost Lord’s corpse at once, then I might consider leaving your corpses intact!”

But Muyan doesn’t pay attention to their threats. She crouches down to examine the Ghost Lord’s heavily damaged body. Sighing, she says: “Tsk, tsk. His Highness, the great Ghost Lord, ending up as another person’s puppet, that really is quite sad.”

“But Ghost King Liu, shouldn’t you know better than anyone, just how exactly did the Ghost Lord die?”

Something flashes on Liu Se’s face, but she immediately raves with her rough, unpleasant voice: “What nonsense are you talking about? You clearly killed the Ghost Lord, the many wounds on his body is the best evidence of this!”

“Heh…” Muyan’s smiling expression is filled with ridicule, “I wouldn’t dare attest about Ghost King Liu’s other qualities, but her ability to speak blindly with open eyes – that is really unparalleled.”

Saying that, she turns to look at the Black and White Protectors, “You two have always been guarding next to the Ghost Lord, don’t tell me neither of you noticed that there’s something really weird with his illness?”

“What’s so weird?” the Black Protector subconsciously asks.

“The Ghost Lord didn’t get sick at all, but someone gave him the [Three Corpses Gu].”

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EMHS – CH540

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Chapter 540: They killed the Ghost Lord

Xiao Bao had been so tiny back then, she didn’t expect that he would actually remember it all this time.

In this incarnation, that she could have such a treasure as Xiao Bao, she doesn’t have any regrets about being reborn into this life.

Just as she thinks about that, Xiao Bao little head is suddenly pushed away by a large hand.

Following that, a tender kiss falls on her slowly closing wound. A man’s deep, husky voice enters her ears, “Yanyan, don’t feel pain… your husband’s kiss will make it all better.”

Muyan: “……”

If she has some peeve in this life, it would be unexpectedly running into this shameless guy.

Xiao Bao indignantly shoves Di Ming Jue off, hugging Muyan’s neck, “Niangqin is mine! You’re not allowed to grab her!”

Di Ming Jue laughs grimly: “Jun Mochen, do you want Ben Jun to use force in order to inform you who exactly Muyan belongs to?”

One big, one small; big eyes glare at smaller ones. Just as they’re about to make trouble, the stone room’s entrance suddenly opens with a loud rumble.

Han Ye burst inside in a rush, shouting out, “Miss Jun, what happened just now? Are you all right… J-Ju-Jun- Jun Shang, why are you here?!”

Muyan has sharp eyes and agile hands, as she quickly stuffs Xiao Bao and the rabbit back into the Space.

The Black and White Protectors also dash in together.

Seeing the scene before their eyes, they are struck dumb.

“Who are you people? How are you able to go into my Ghost Sanctum?”

“Ghost King Liu? How come you’re in here as well?!”

While they talk, their gazes shift around and finally fall on the blood-covered, hole-riddled body of the Ghost Lord on the floor.

The pair rushes towards the Ghost Lord in a sort of flurry, anxiousness painted across their faces, “Ghost Lord? Ghost Lord!! What happened to you?”

But as their hands make contact with the tip of Gu Yue’s nose, they discover that he’s not breathing at all. Then they’re simultaneously frightened and angry, “Who?! Who killed the Ghost Lord?!”

The pair’s eyes are red, ferociously glaring at the people on the scene, like they want to commit murder with their gazes.


All of a sudden, the ice binding up Liu Se shatters with a loud rumble.

She immediately tumbles to the floor, heavily taking in rough gasps.

Muyan and Di Ming Jue’s eyes gather over towards her.

Di Ming Jue raises his brows a bit, apparently not expecting that Liu Se would be able to break free from the ice.

But despite escaping her constraints, she still paid a painful price for it.

Both of her hands actually break from the shoulders, directly falling down to the ground and shattering.

But because she’s frozen all over, there’s not a lot of blood flowing out.

The pain and despair from losing her arms is making her eyes burn red. She viciously glares at Muyan and Di Ming Jue.

“It was them… gu gu… they killed the Ghost Lord… gu gu gu… I… I felt worried for the Ghost Lord, so… so I came in to take a look… gu gu gu… only to see them raise their hands against the Ghost Lord, they… they won’t even let me get away… gu gu gu…”

As she’s shaking uncontrollably, Liu Se is yelling with gritted teeth: “Black… Black and White Protectors, quick-quickly gather everyone of the Ghost Wind Valley, to these… these murderers, kill… kill without amnesty… gu gu gu…”

Hearing that, the Black and White Protectors have their eyes widen so much that the corners are about to split.

They don’t even spare some time to carefully ponder on how Liu Se could appear inside this stone room, snarling as they pounce over to Muyan.

However, Di Ming Jue is standing beside Muyan, and there’s no way he would allow anyone to hurt her.

The Black Reaper and the White Reaper gather their whole bodies’ Internal Force in a single attack, but it seems like they’ve hit an invisible barrier.

With a bang, they are directly bounced back.

The two of them share a glance, bitterness bursting forth on their faces.

Suddenly, the Black Reaper places his fingers at the corners of his mouth, issuing a piercing whistle.

In a split second, the entire stone room echoes with a thunderous rolling, and it unexpectedly begins to rapidly sink down.

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