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Chapter 328: Happily rolling about
    The fresh and clean fragrance that is filling the air is very mild, but it could erase the troubles in people’s hearts, pleasing their spirits.
    This legendary Spiritual Flower is very beautiful indeed.
    But in Ying Mei’s mind, she really thinks that Miss Jun is still better-looking than these flowers.
    Muyan gently touches the petals of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, the young and delicate little sprout sways softly, like it’s waving at her.
    She recalls what’s written in that ancient text inside the Space, that petals of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower will turn a lustrous blue color like the deep sea.
    It would mean that the flowers have really reached maturity.
    She probably doesn’t need to play for eight hours today.
    She would be able to harvest the flowers’ cores soon.
    Just as Muyan is about to summon the Tian Mo Qin, there’s a sudden flash of white, and a chubby rabbit appears by her foot.
    “Hm?” Muyan picks the fat rabbit up by its scruff, and there’s curiosity across her whole face, “Fat rabbit, I thought you’ve already slept yourself to death inside the space? So you were actually still alive?”
    The rabbit blinks at Muyan, its mung bean eyes looking particularly innocent.
    It moves its legs, hinting for Muyan to put it down.
    The rabbit’s eyes are eagerly looking at the direction of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers.
    Muyan lets it go, but she narrows her eyes, a dangerous expression inside of them, and says: “If you dare to eat these Spirit Flowers, I will eat stir-fried rabbit meat tonight.”
    The fat rabbit shudders. Raising it’s head up, the expression in it’s eyes becomes increasingly innocent and beseeching.
    It gives a rub, and moves its fat body towards the Spirit Flower’s side.
   Against expectations, it really doesn’t go to touch the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers. Instead, it lies down on its stomach, at a place that’s extremely close to the petals.
    The rabbit even takes a deep breath like a human would, mung bean eyes revealing a look of pleasure.
    Muyan suspiciously looks at the rabbit for a moment. Upon seeing that it really wouldn’t touch the flowers, she takes out the Tian Mo Qin and begins to play the instrument.
    Ying Mei’s line of sight can’t help but fall on the fat rabbit.
    She slightly wrinkles her brows, revealing a hint of curiosity.
    This rabbit’s outward appearance seems very ordinary, but Ying Mei feels like it has a strange breath in its body, which feels intractable and awe-inspiring.
    The zither starts to play, and the immortal sound rises up in spirals.
    The plants in the courtyard sway in intoxication.
    At the same time, the bewitched fat rabbit is also swaying its head.
    The song reaches its climax, and the fragrance of the Spirit Flowers becomes stronger.
    The fat rabbit excitedly rolls while lying down, almost crushing several herbs to death underneath it.
    No one notices how the originally snow white fur on its body has become shinier and smoother after this song, lustrous like jade.
    A pair of mung bean eyes look at Muyan, stirred up and brimming with excitement.
    It’s really correct in following after the Little Master and the Female Devil.
    Even in such a damnable area like the Yanwu Continent, it could still advance.
    The sound of the zither falls, and Muyan puts the Tian Mo Qin away. She looks at the four Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers, her eyes filled with fascinated surprise.
    The beautiful and exquisitely-detailed petals have now become purer, like blue ice crystals.
    Suffocatingly gorgeous.
    The flower at the center sways softly with the wind, there’s a touch of pale pink, which is the only color on the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower aside from the blue.
    Muyan holds her breath and takes out a jade box, preparing to gather the flowers into the small container.
     Before she could fully reach out her hand however, a shrill, angry shout could be heard from behind her.
    “What are you doing?!!”
    Muyan is stumped, and just as she’s about to get up, she feels a huge force knocking her away.
    The flustered and exasperated voice speaks once again, “Are you crazy? Knowing what this is, you actually dare to casually touch it without thinking!!”
    Ying Mei has swift eyes and quick hand as she helps Muyan, she has an extremely bad expression as she looks at the incoming person.
    Muyan also looks over.
    There’s a small young woman in green clothes, her hair in tied up in two loops.

EMHS – ch327

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Chapter 327: A living treasure*
  • hilarious person, like a clown.
    Looking at the man’s decisively leaving back, Muyan immediately feels stifled.
    What’s the big deal, if it comes to it, she could just go back and plant the two remaining seeds.
    However, she remembers that the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower requires Di Ming Jue’s help in order to bloom.
    She could only sigh in helplessness.
    Why is this man so stingy – she had to spit out her heart and spill her blood to raise these flowers!
    Sure enough, her dear Xiao Bao is still better.
    In the short span of six days, she thinks she’s quickly going insane from missing her baby.
    Maybe it’s because the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is about to completely bloom-
    Muyan tosses and turns for the entire evening and she’s unable to sleep properly, only wishing she could soon see Xiao Bao.
    At the crack of dawn, she gets up and makes her way to the medicine field.
    But as soon as she walks into the garden, she hears a faint sound of screaming from the western side of the house.
    “Ouch! Little Shadow, you’re going to kill me!”
    “Taking you to the brothel, wasn’t it for your own good? Have you open your mind, gain knowledge and experiences, and know that there are many women in the world… ow, ow, ouch… stop hitting, I was wrong, I was wrong, okay? I wouldn’t dare do it in the future!”
    “But I’m just urging you, Miss Jun is the Master’s woman, you must never let yourself be carried away by fanciful thoughts. That would naturally court disaster ah!
    Immediately following that is a ‘bang’ that resounds within the early morning’s silence.
    Then there’s the clear and cold juvenile timbre, “Idiot, do you have bean curds for brains?”
    Muyan chuckles and smiles.
    This Han Ye could really be a living treasure.
    And could also be quite silly.
    He interacts with Ying Mei all the time, when will he finally find out that the other is a woman?
    The corner of Muyan’s mouth quirks up, and she slowly walks towards the direction of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers.
    Not a lot of steps away, Ying Mei silently catches up with her, only to stand half a step at her rear left.
    Muyan casts her a sidelong glance, with a smile that isn’t a smile, “Beauty, I heard that you’re getting carried away by fanciful thoughts towards me, and it just so happens that I also yearn for you day and night, you should just run away with me!”
    Saying that, she even reaches out to hook Ying Mei’s chin up, wearing a face of a rich evil tyrant who’s taking liberties with a beautiful woman.
    Ying Mei’s face immediately bursts to deep red, at a loss on what to do. She can only speak helplessly after a long while: “Miss Jun, stop making jokes.”
    Miss Jun, this person is just like this, she’s especially fond of teasing Ying Mei.
    Muyan unrestrainedly laughs once again, only to release the other’s chin. However, she doesn’t take her hand back, but directly grasps Ying Mei’s wrist, pulling the other to stand right beside her.
    “Come, follow me to go and take a look at the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers.”
    Ying Mei sets about to move her hand, seemingly wanting to break away. But after Muyan grasps her firmly once more, she slightly blushes and allows Muyan to pull her along as they walk forwards.
    Miss Jun’s fingers around her wrist are very warm, with the kind of warmth that sinks into her heart.
    Her chest, which is usually in intolerable pain, is also comfortably warm at this moment.
    Since her whole family has been slaughtered, leading her to carry a hatred as deep as an ocean of blood, she has never felt as relaxed as she does at this moment – so tranquil.
    Ying Mei can’t help but glance at the girl beside her, and the light in her eyes becomes brighter and brighter.
    “What are you looking at me for?” Muyan suddenly turns her head, giggling as she looks at Ying Mei, “Do I look better than the Spirit Flowers?”
    Then Ying Mei meets Muyan’s mischievous eyes, and she flushes red in bashfulness, not knowing what to do with her hands and feet.
    Taking in a deep breath, she follows Muyan’s line of sight.
    Only to see the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers under the light of the sun, their blue branches and leaves are sparkling and translucent, pure and limpid, like she could almost see the plant sap flowing inside.
    And those light blue flowers that have blossomed yesterday, they have already changed into an icy-blue at this moment.

EMHS – ch326

Chapter 326: Ben Jun only lacks you
    Many of the herbs in this medicine field are rare draught ingredients that would require at least ten years to grow.
    But at this time, quite a few batches could already be harvested.
    That’s because every time Muyan plays the Tian Mo Qin, she utilizes the [Luxuriant Growth] skill.
    Then the entire courtyard would go through the four seasons, and all the vegetation would grow madly.
    And as Muyan’s skills get better, the number of seasonal cycles would also increase – at first it was one, then it became two, three, four…
    Di Ming Jue had already known that this woman that he loves isn’t ordinary.
    Neither are the Shen Musicians.
    He could see with his own eyes the turning and passing of spring, summer, autumn, and winter within the courtyard. His pupils slightly contract.
    It would appear that the legendary Shen Musician, his Muyan, is even more exceptional than he ever imagined.
    But also… more dangerous.
    “Not an iota of what’s happening in this courtyard could be known to outsiders.” Di Ming Jue lowers his voice and coldly instructs Han Ye.
    Hastening the growth of living things with only the sound of the zither, even making the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower bloom. If such news were to be released outside, he’s afraid that the sky and the earth of the entire Yanwu Continent would turn upside down.
    No! Not just the Yanwu Continent, even the Xiuzhen Continent would…
    And at that time, he probably wouldn’t be able to keep hiding Muyan’s identity as a Shen Musician.
    Han Ye quickly comes back to himself and gives a prompt bow, saying: “Rest assured, Master. The guards watching the perimeter are all reliable agents, and the rest are not allowed to come near the medicine field. There would absolutely be no one else that would know of Miss Muyan’s peculiarity.”
    The music slowly comes to an end, as Muyan opens her eyes to the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers’ frighteningly bright glow.
    Normally, she would take several hours a day to play [Luxuriant Growth] until she’s about to collapse, then she would need to use [Echo Recovery] to slowly recuperate.
    But today, as she was playing, the tip of her nose was filled with the fragrance of the Spirit Flower.
    This fragrance seems to have a spiritual nature, as it makes its way straight into her lungs, burrowing into her meridians and Qi Sea.
    All of her tiredness has been drained out and swept away by this fragrance, once again filling her dried-up Internal Force.
    Moreover, Muyan is certain that it’s not just her illusion.
    Her bottleneck really has loosened from being exposed to this scent.
    Although it’s only by a little bit.
    She can’t help but come nearer to the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers, reaching out to gently touch the pure, sparkling and translucent petals.
    The petals softly quiver under her fingertips, and the fragrance of the flowers becomes stronger and stronger, like they’re responding to her.
    Muyan’s fondness for this flower just grows.
    “Di Ming Jue…” she goes on to face the man that’s standing not far from her, “These Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers, can you give one to me?”
    She has cultivated a total of four flowers.
    Even if Di Ming Jue needs them, he also shouldn’t need as many as four, right?
    Di Ming Jue takes a step closer: “You want the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower?”
    Muyan nods again and again.
    “What would you give in exchange?”
    This point stumps Muyan – after all, she can’t even imagine what Di Ming Jue’s origin is, so he probably wouldn’t pay attention to ordinary draughts or treasures.
    She says with hesitation: “I… can pay with money?”
    “Ben Jun doesn’t lack money.”
    “What don’t you have?” Muyan wrinkles her nose, thinking to herself that no matter what he lacks, she would find a way to help this man go and get it.
    Di Ming Jue slowly bends down, and he whispers into her ear: “Ben Jun only lacks you.”
    Muyan: “…!!” he still can’t talk properly.
   Taking a deep breath, “Jun Shang-daren can really crack a joke.”
    “Ben Jun never jokes.” Di Ming Jue coldly replies.
    Then with a wave of his sleeves, “These flowers are very important to me, so don’t think about it. When it has completely bloomed tomorrow, don’t forget to collect the flowers for Ben Jun.”

EMHS – ch325

Chapter 325: Receive payment
    The melodious sound of the zither reverberates through the air, but the not-so-distant Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is still as unresponsive as before.
    Although Muyan has been mentally prepared, she still regretfully stops guiding Di Ming Jue’s movements on playing the instrument.
    Seeing the side of his face, Di Ming Jue looks like wants to continue, and Muyan speaks rare placating words, “Don’t mind it, this isn’t your fault. My qin is somewhat special. Except for me and Xiao Bao, it’s useless when other people play it. And maybe this isn’t the right method, so I’ll have to think of another…”
    Muyan still hasn’t finished saying her words.
    Di Ming Jue narrows his eyes in displeasure, and the fingers that were originally resting over the zither strings suddenly pluck on the strings.
    In a split second, air seems to take a more solid form around the Tian Mo Qin, and blast out.
    A gust of wind seems to rush over the medicine field like a gigantic tide.
    Countless herbs are thoroughly and violently shaking, some even breaking.
    And those four blue flowers buds that were originally incipient, after the sound of the zither, very small cracks gradually burst open at a speed visible to the naked eye.
    A rich, cool fragrance fills the air of the entire courtyard.
    Muyan instinctively takes in a deep breath.
    Her body and mind feel incredibly light and carefree.
    She even has the image of the shackles of her Qi Sea, her bottleneck, somewhat loosening a bit.
    This method really is effective!
    To urge its development, the flowering stage requires an energy of a higher rank than Mysterious Energy, and that’s Spiritual Energy.
    And like Xiao Bao, Di Ming Jue doesn’t need to be recognized as Lord to be able to play the Tian Mo Qin.
    Muyan suddenly comes back to herself, she has a bad expression as she looks at Di Ming Jue, “You didn’t need to play a song on the zither at all, and you can operate the qin sounds to make the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower bloom?”
    Di Ming Jue takes a step closer to her, lowering his voice as he says: “Yes!”
    “You were just toying with me?” Muyan grits her teeth.
    “No.” Di Ming Jue denies and he bends down, lightly pecking on her lips, “Collecting payment!”
    Muyan: “…”
    She is left speechless about this man who is becoming more and more shameless in his actions, becoming more and more thick-faced.
    At the sidelines, Han Ye and Ying Mei are stunned by just looking.
    Is this their Jun Shang – the one who’s cold, aloof, and unapproachable?
    And why do they feel like their hearts are clogged, really wanting to turn around and leave: after all, what remains unseen is deemed to be clean.
    If Han Ye had read Baili Liuyin’s notes, he would’ve known that there’s a phrase “feeding dog food”!
  •    (edited) single person forced to watch a couple being intimate.
    As long as Jun Shang is with Miss Muyan, he would keep feeding on dog food.
    Especially how life would be without meaning otherwise!
    However, thinking that Ying Mei, as he’s secretly in love with Miss Jun, is more broken-hearted than he is:
    Han Ye feels like his own gloominess is like a fleeting cloud, and he must pull Little Shadow away from the wrong road.
    That layer of barrier around each of the flower buds has been broken, and the flowers have completely bloomed, along with Muyan’s mood.
    The sounds of the zither starts to play, pleasant and much better-sounding than the one a few moments ago.
    Muyan is sitting cross-legged on the ground, her white clothes and black hair flutter softly in the the breeze.
    She has a very small smile, and her fingers are sparkling and translucent as they strum on the strings. Glimmering eyes seem to ripple under the sun, stirring people’s hearts.
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes are unblinkingly focused on the young woman, the blaze in his eyes are repressed, hidden – but it seems like it could start a prairie fire at any moment, no longer could it be controlled, nor endured.
    As the sound of the zither wanders out, formless energy spreads out and envelopes the entire courtyard.    
    And the herbs that have been struck down, broken and in chaos from Di Ming Jue’s zither sound attack – they all frantically grow with great vitality once more.

EMHS – ch324

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Chapter 324: Personal guidance
    But whenever they see this man’s handsome countenance, that imposing and aloof manner, it would still make their hearts pound, wanting to jump out of their mouths.
    Muyan sees that this pair of young girls look like they won’t keep talking anymore, and she can’t help but be somewhat disappointed.
    “I want to ask for your help.” she straightens her train of thought, and speaks out her purpose in coming.
    Di Ming Jue’s heart skips a beat.
    This is the first time that Muyan has taken the initiative to ask him for help.
    However, he still has an indifferent look on his face, and he only says a word, “Fine!”
    Muyan stares blankly, “You won’t even ask what I want you to help with?”
    Di Ming Jue ‘humph’s, sending a dissatisfied glare to the other, “Don’t tell me that in your eyes, Ben Jun isn’t capable of helping you with your little request?”
    Muyan: “…”
    Jun Shang-daren, aren’t you focusing on the wrong point?
    Watching as Di Ming Jue places his slender hands over the Tian Mo Qin, Muyan can’t help but feel anxious inside.
    Would the Tian Mo Qin really acknowledge someone apart from her and Xiao Bao?
    Not only that, would Di Ming Jue be able to discover the peculiarity of the Tian Mo Qin?
    On the Yanwu Continent, an ordinary musician’s zither could also be made out of special spiritual materials.
    Similar to the weapons in the other practitioners’ hands, they could generate and react to Internal Force.
    But how could those zithers be mentioned in the same breath as the Tian Mo Qin?
    She watches as Di Ming Jue curls his fingers like he’s about to play.
    All of a sudden, his movements stop, and he turns to look at Muyan, “Ben Jun knows nothing of Musicology. Come and teach me yourself.”
    Muyan stares, ‘knows nothing of Musicology’?
    But it’s just prodding the strings and operating Spiritual Power – it absolutely doesn’t require any knowledge on the study of music!
    But she makes contact with Di Ming Jue’s stubborn pair of eyes.
    Muyan ends up compromising.
    Who made her ask for Di Ming Jue’s help!
    Five, slender, fair-as-jade fingers press down on the back of Di Ming Jue’s hand.
    Muyan’s fingertips involuntarily tremble a bit.
    The man’s hands are very beautiful.
    Long and graceful, fair and clear, the joints are distinct – like carved jade, a piece of art.
    Muyan’s beautiful small hands seem to be covered by the luster of gems, and when they’re placed over his, she could clearly perceive the difference between a man and a woman.
    Muyan doesn’t blush when she teases Di Ming Jue on a normal day.
    But now, as she’s looking at these two pairs of hands overlapping, she only feels her pulse speed up, and her ears redden.
    Unfortunately, at this time, Di Ming Jue turns his head to the side, and slowly exhales by her ear, “Still not starting?”
    The man’s steamy breath assaults her senses.
    Muyan’s fingers tremble once again, sliding in the space between Di Ming Jue’s fingers. The pair’s hands are so closely intertwined, they almost seem to have become a ten-fingered one.
    She quickly gathers her thoughts, takes a deep breath, and gently plucks on the zither strings with Di Ming Jue’s fingers.
    The sound of the zither starts to play, quite messy, somewhat choked.
    You can’t say that it’s pleasant.
    Yet the man and the woman nestling against each other are so beautiful under the sunshine.
    Like they were born to be together.
    At the side, Ying Mei looks at this scene and feels somewhat shy, blushing as she turns her head away. There’s a joyful smile in her eyes.
    It’s truly very good that her Master, that has been alone for such a long time, could find his beloved.
    The person that her Master has been looking for is indeed Miss Jun, it’s truly great.
    Just coming in from outside the courtyard, Han Ye sees this scene but he doesn’t see Ying Mei’s expression.
    Thus, he automatically interprets that on the sight of Jun Shang and Miss Muyan being intimate, Ying Mei sadly turns his head away, not wanting to take another look.
    Han Ye clenches his fists tighter, getting more and more determined.
    Tonight, he will take Little Shadow to go and see the world!
    He absolutely cannot allow Little Shadow to fall deeper and deeper for Miss Jun.

EMHS – ch323

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Chapter 323: Ghost City’s Shi Xianzi
  • xianzi = Fairy title
    Muyan quickly pulls Ying Mei over, taking the other’s hand and teaching her how to strum the strings.
    She’s making the other’s hand move on the strings, as well as operate her Spiritual power.
    Then the sound of the zither starts playing, but the Tian Mo Qin doesn’t rouse from it, and the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower doesn’t even react in the slightest.
    Ying Mei lowers her head in shame, “Miss Jun, I’m sorry that I can’t help.”
    It’s not really because she can’t use Spiritual Power in Yanwu Continent – a little bit of it could still be utilized.
    But this Tian Mo Qin in front of her, it doesn’t seem like something that can be played by just anyone.
    When Muyan plays it, a unique energy would flow out of the Tian Mo Qin.
    But when Ying Mei strums it, it wouldn’t have any reaction, it would be just like a lifeless object.
    Muyan has also considered this point–
    Apart from her and Xiao Bao, it seems that this Tian Mo Qin would only be a mundane broken zither in the hands of others.
    It simply won’t exhibit any of its might.
    “But…” YIng Mei suddenly speaks with some hesitation, “Miss Jun, maybe you can try asking Jun Shang about this.”
    “At the Xiuxian Continent, Jun Shang can operate any and all Spiritual Devices, even if he isn’t the recognized Lord of the device.”
    “He seems to have some kind of natural affinity with them.”
    As Muyan proceeds to Di Ming Jue’s room to look for him, Ying Mei’s words still echoes in Muyan’s mind.
some kind of natural affinity with those Spiritual Devices
    This description reminds her of Xiao Bao.
    Her baby also has some kind of natural affinity with those Spiritual Devices, Magical Weapons, and Strange Beasts.
    That’s the reason why, no matter which deep mountains and forest they go into, no matter which secret area – he could immediately sense the location of the most precious herbs and go there.
    Di Ming Jue actually has this kind of gift as well.
    Uh… if that’s the case, he should be qualified to teach Xiao Bao.
    While Muyan is thinking of her baby’s awesomeness with immense pride, she suddenly hears the voices of two maids.
    There are maids in this courtyard, as well as guards.
    But normally, they only do some cleaning and guardwork.
    They can’t casually enter inside the house, not even Ying Mei or Han Ye’s rooms.
    Han Ye is the one who cleans Di Ming Jue’s room.
    And Ying Mei is responsible for Muyan’s chambers.
    “Did you hear? That Shi Xianzi is going to come here?”
    “Shi Xianzi? Which Shi Xianzi? Ah… it can’t be the Ghost City’s…”
    “Except for her, who else is qualified to be called Shi Xianzi? You know, our Master personally invited her to come.”
    “Ah! I thought the only person that Master personally invited over is that Enchantress Miss Jun.”
    “The Enchantress of Medicine is naturally very amazing as well, but if you want to mention her on equal terms with Shi Xianzi, I’m afraid she would still fall short…”
    “Ghost City’s Shi Xianzi? That Shi Xianzi?”
    Di Ming Jue invited her to come over?
    Muyan’s footsteps stop in front of Di Ming Jue’s door, and she unconsciously eavesdrops on the pair’s conversation.
    About this Shi Xianzi, a name comes up inside her brain, and she wants to confirm.
    But, before those two maids could say anything more-
    The door slams open.
    Di Ming Jue’s handsome face appears in front of her, eyes unblinkingly staring at her for a moment, “Why are you standing outside?”
    He was eagerly waiting inside, pacing back and forth, and waiting for Muyan to take the initiative to push the door and go into his room.
    But as it happened, this woman just stood outside, not coming in.
    Di Ming Jue really can’t wait, and he can only push the door open himself.
    When the pair of maids see Di Ming Jue come out, they immediately fall to their knees, their faces blushing.
    Even though they’re aware how mysterious this Master is, how eminent and unattainable-
    They are only sent here to clean, and they cannot have any improper thoughts-

EMHS – ch322

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Chapter 322: The most reliable method
    Han Ye is simply about to blow his top because of this kid, “Jun Shang is making you guard Miss Jun, but not for you to… to…”
    Steal what you’re supposed to protect!
    Say, you brat, you didn’t take a fancy on just any woman, you actually looked upon your master’s woman!
    That’s not simple stupidity, that’s practically stupidity that will court disaster!!
    Ying Mei waits for a while, just waiting when the other will get to the main point. She can’t help but frown.
    “What do you want to say in the end?” she brushes the creases on her clothes.
    The blush on her face has also been swept away by the cold early morning air, “If you have nothing else to say, can’t you hurry up and leave?”
    “You… you’re telling me to leave?”
    “Naturally.” Ying Mei shoots him an even more disdainful look, “So noisy, what’s to be done if you disturb Miss Jun’s sleep?”
    Han Ye feels like, after his little heart has been struck by lightning, it has even been ruthlessly pierced by an arrow.
    Ying Mei, you scoundrel, paying more attention to a lover than your friend!
    Han Ye turns to leave, but just as he has taken two steps away, he turns his head back around in suspicion, “Why aren’t you leaving?”
    “I must protect Miss Jun.” Ying Mei stares back with a calm face, “I’ll naturally stay.”
    The second arrow pierces straight into his heart.
    Han Ye’s footing is unstable and faltering as he leaves, his back is unspeakably desolate.
    After he comes back to his room, he tosses and turns restlessly on his bed.
    It’s only when the sky has brightened, does he abruptly sit up. His eyes are shining.
    “Yes! That’s right! That kid, Ying Mei, it must’ve been far too long that he hasn’t been with woman, that’s why he would be captivated by Miss Jun.”
    “But how can I get someone better than Miss Jun for Ying Mei, when she’s Jun Shang’s woman?”
    “So, the most reliable method is to take Little Shadow to see more women. As long as he gets to experience other women, he would know that Miss Jun isn’t… well-! Even if Miss Jun is the best, he still mustn’t have any ideas about her…”
     “There are plenty more fish in the sea… surely, as long as Little Shadow goes to that Xiao Hun Ku*, he would surely forget about Miss Jun… hehehe!”
  • brothel
    In the next few days, the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower grows more and more.
    Muyan is also getting more and more anxious with each passing day.
    It should be known that it has been five whole days that she hasn’t seen her baby.
    However, on the fifth day that the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is developing, a little problem arises.
    On this day, it’s estimated that the Spirit Flower should start blooming.
    However, the flower buds have come out, but they’re slow on opening.
    When Muyan plays the Tian Mo Qin, she could even feel the powerful strength bubbling within the buds.
    However, the outer layer of the flower buds seem to covered by a barrier.
    She can’t break through it by simply relying on playing the zither and the [Luxuriant Growth] skill.
    Muyan doesn’t know what that layer of obstruction is, and what she should do to overcome it. For a while, her heart is incomparably irritable.
    It must be known that the life cycle of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is only seven days.
    Every day, it has to grow another stage.
    Otherwise, if it stops today and the flowers don’t start blooming, these five Spirit Flowers will all wither.
    In the end, what can she do to break the barrier surrounding the buds?
    Ying Mei, who is standing beside Muyan, sees that the other has a worried frown. Though she has never been fond of talking, she can’t help but say: “Miss Jun, is there anything that I can do to help?”
    Muyan turns to look at her, thinking deeply for a moment. Suddenly, a flash of insight comes over Muyan.
    The Dark Clouds Spirit Flower didn’t really originate from the Yanwu Continent. It came from the Xiuzhen Continent.
    The Yanwu Continent only has Internal Force, and no Spiritual Energy.
    Maybe, the Spirit Flower’s inability to bloom has something to do with the fact that she’s using Mysterious Energy to play the Tian Mo Qin?
    “Ying Mei, help me out!”