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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 80: First Slap

A brief quarter of an hour later, condensed Internal Force turn into mist, rising in spirals from the top of Ru Yan’s head.

A raw and powerful force exudes out of her whole body, creating a mighty pressure.

“This… this is the pressure of an mid-rank Earth Stage expert!”, an old man of peak Earth Stage couldn’t help but exclaim.

A higher level practitioner is able to see through the level of lower level practitioners.

When this statement comes out, everyone at the Beast Fighting Colosseum is stunned.

“I remember that miss Ru Yan is an early Earth Stage, right?”

“Absolutely right, miss Ru Yan has been stuck in the Earth Stage for more than a year already.”

“It’s…it’s really genuine! Oh my God, there really is a draught that can make people break through bottlenecks? This is incredible!”

Some people’s eyes reflexively look towards Gong Qianxue’s direction, lowly whispering to themselves.

“Compared to it, the Restoration Dan brought out by the Princess of Jing Cheng Country may sound daunting, but it’s real value is completely inferior to the draught that the guest from Room one had brought out!”

“That’s right! That’s a draught that can make you break through a bottleneck, I’ve never even heard of it before!”

“Hehe, it’s fortunate that just a while ago, her Royal Highness the Princess did not agree to take the bet. Otherwise, won’t she be crawling around the Beast Fighting Colosseum now?”

Although Gong Qianxue can’t hear all of their words clearly, the gist of it can still enter her ears.

Those gazes that are discreetly looking at her with pity and ridicule are making her feel even more like she’s sitting on pins and needles.

From childhood till now, she is a revered Princess, a favored disciple of Heavenly Road Sect. She’s always had propitious wind throughout the journey*, and is the object of envy and admiration of others.

  • Smooth-sailing life

When has she ever lost face so greatly like this?

And all this is brought upon her by the woman inside that room!

Gong Qianxue furiously glares at Private Room One as she clenches her teeth.

Yan Lie turns to see the goddess of his heart with tears gathering in her eyes, looking like she’s about to cry.

He immediately feels distressed.

Right at this moment, Ru Yan opens her eyes after a regulated breath*, and looks at Private Room One with a grateful expression. She directly says , “I declare that the draught that can make someone break through a bottleneck, brought out by Room One, has a value higher than a Restoration Dan. Pardon, will the noble guest from Room Seven still want to increase the bid? If you don’t increase your bid, I will determine that the ownership of the beast-slave will go to the noble guest of Room One.”

  • Part of meditation

On the arena, Yan Haotian tightly grips the metal bars as he holds his breath.

His eyes stare unblinkingly at Room One, waiting as the moment of judgement approaches.

Ru Yan waits for a while and observes no reaction from Gong Qianxue. She smiles as she says, “Since the noble guest from Room Seven will not bid higher, I now declare that beast-slave number three belongs to the noble guest of Room One. Asking noble guest to please come for the handover!”

As soon as this is said, the Beast Fighting Colosseum flares up again.

There’s someone exclaiming that the value of this beast-slave is too high, even exchanging a bottle of draught to Ghost City, one that can break through a bottleneck.

Some people are also anxiously asking Ru Yan when this bottle of draught will be auctioned.

Others are stretching their necks to take a peep inside Private Room One, hoping to see just which great person is able to come up with such a heaven-defying draught.

Everyone’s attention is gathered on Muyan.

On the other side, no one cares about Gong Qianxue anymore, nobody pays attention.

One could say that this is better for Gong Qianxue, instead of losing her face as they watch, but she still feels that it is intolerable.

Seeing Yan Lie looking over, Gong Qianxue’s tears immediately fall, whispering very sadly: “I just want to save the beast-slave, let him become my left and right arm. I don’t know why the woman from Room One wants to oppose me in every possible way, and then embarrass me?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. “I just want to save the beast-slave, let him become my left and right arm. I don’t know why the woman from Room One wants to oppose me in every possible way, and then embarrass me?”

    Wow okay rolled my eyes so hard they almost fell out

    Praying for the fools that fall for that

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  2. thank you for the update.

    I wonder who will get the draught. Now everyone at the auction will want it.


  3. ε- ( ̄、 ̄ ) The White Lotus Byotch is still going to hang on to the white lotus act until the end.

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  4. Thank you for the chapter!
    Aiii….that GQX…not letting go and trying another trick…
    Reality is certainly different for these white lotus princess types, eh?


  5. Wait, you can’t use a white lotus act on Yan Lie! He’s your accomplice! He knows what you’ve had done to Yan Haotian! He was the one who did it!
    Thanks for the chapter.


  6. And there will be many slaps in the future! Prepare yourself gong qian xue! You white lotus! You deserve it!!!😡😡


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  8. The heck? Is she stupid? If you think that’s a good excuse for bidding on this beast-slave, then why would you be offended that someone else wants him? If you want to keep up this act of a white lotus, you should instead be glad that the “poor beast-slave” can finally escape the colosseum! Smh, just how stupid is she…? Thanks for the chapter!

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