EMHS – ch104

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 104: One day, Different Price

Who knew, what he’s afraid of is precisely what’s coming!

Just after midday, he sees a group of people rushing over to Junji Drugstore like a gust of wind.

The group is led by Tian Yongjin, the one who bought the Mysterious Energy Philter from yesterday.

The other has an agitated expression, and his eyes are red. He has a the appearance of someone going into a rage.

Upon entering the shop, he slams his hand over the counter, and his voice is slightly trembling with extreme excitement, “Mysterious Energy Philter, the Mysterious Energy Philter from yesterday…”

Chen Qingfeng cries to himself ‘it’s over!’

Tian-dashao has really come to settle the accounts!

His face is grey like the dead, and his body is shivering from fear. But still, he clenches his teeth and says: “Tian-dashao, yesterday… I made a mistake yesterday. I made a mistake in pricing the Mysterious Energy Philter, it has nothing to do with the owner…”

“Talk less nonesense, damn it!” Tian Yongjin bellows, breathing with great difficulty. He can only press on, “That special Mysterious Energy Philter from yesterday, all of it for this young master… wrap it all up. This young master will take it all!!”

“Tian-dashao, I’m willing to compensate you with double the price of that Mysterious Energy Philter. Asking Daren to be magnanimous… eh, wait wait!” Chen Qingfeng’s voice grinds to a halt. His eyes go wide, “Tian-dashao, you, what did you just say? You don’t want to reject the special Philter? You didn’t come to settle accounts with our Junji Drugstore?”

“What reject? This young master, I am going to buy all of the special Mysterious Energy Philters in your shop, still not hurrying to get it for me!”

Chen Qingfeng is in a state of confusion, no longer certain what day is today*.

So much so that a brief thought passes through his mind, the idea that maybe Tian Yongjin is stupid.

If he’s not stupid, then why would he buy a Mysterious Energy Philter for ten thousand gold, and also come back to purchase a second bottle?

With a sluggish expression on his face, he goes over to the cabinet to take the second Mysterious Energy Philter, the one that Muyan gave him yesterday. He places it in front of Tian Yongjin: “Tian-dashao,

thank you for your patronage, 40,000 gold coins.”

“What? 40,000 gold ?” Tian Yongjin furrows his brows and glares furiously, “Wasn’t it just 10,000 gold coins yesterday? Why did the price increase today? Brat, you’re not trying to swindle me, are you?”

Until this moment, Chen Qingfeng has only somewhat returned to his senses. He shakes his head like a rattle-drum, “Tian-dashao, this special Philter is made by our boss, and the price is also set by the boss. The daily price may… may fluctuate. If you ask this small one, this small one also can’t do anything about it!”

“Fine, fine, forty thousand gold, so forty thousand gold it is. It’s not like this young master can’t afford it.” Tian Yongjin waves his hands impatiently, “But how many bottles do you have? Go and take out all that you have on stock, hand them over to me.”

Chen Qingfeng gulps, “But the boss only gave me a bottle! In total, we have only this one Mysterious Energy Philter in our entire pharmacy.”

“Stop fooling around!” Tian Yongjin is mad, “Just who is this boss of yours, actually not giving my Tian Family any face, you go and call her out here…”

Chen Qingfeng has an awkward expression on his face, hesitating for a while.

Just at this time, another man’s voice could be heard from the doorway, “If Tian-dashao doesn’t want this special Mysterious Energy Philter, I do!”

Hearing this voice, Tian Yongjin’s already unsightly features immediately fully darken.

He turns his head towards this person. Saying through gritted teeth: “Wang Jia Qin, why are you here?”

He sees the arrival of a man in dark blue clothing, waving a fan on his hands. He has the appearance of confidence and ease.

Chen Qingfeng actually knows this person. He immediately reveals astonishment after seeing the other.

It turns out that the one that just arrived is from the largest pharmacy in Xia’an State, Hongsheng Medicine Hall’s young master – Wang Jia Qin.

  • An expression: ‘What day is today that I can be so lucky!’, ‘Everyone’s sad, what day is it?’

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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    Price Fluctuations for the shop’s special meds aren’t due to the demand or supplynof the product, but because of a single dice

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