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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 112: Receive as a Side Consort

Xiao Bao flattens his little mouth and hugs Muyan. The small head rubs itself in her embrace, “Niangqing, Xiao Bao must get stronger, must protect niangqin!”

A muffled childish voice proclaims, a hint of discontentment could be heard in that small sound.

He knows that the man he met today was very powerful, and he is completely unable to match against the other.

If that man had insisted on fighting him for niangqin’s gift, he could only return empty-handed today.

Today, it was only fighting over the white jade Phoenix Tail hairpin, but what if there would come a day when a bad egg, as strong as that man, would appear and fight him for his mother?

He will definitely not give niangqin to other people!

Furthermore, he wasn’t able to beat that man, definitely only because he is still small right now. As long as he quickly grows up, he will surely be more powerful than that man.

Muyan sees him sulking and acting spoiled, and yet angrily making a vow. It’s kinda funny so she strokes his tiny head: “Xiao Bao is already very strong. When Xiao Bao grows up, you will certainly be even more powerful. By then, Xiao Bao will protect niangqin!”

Xiao Bao solemnly nods. Soon after, he remembers something and straightens his small form.

A fair, tender hand covers Muyan’s eyes.

The little face is still as cold as before, but there’s a dazzling brightness within those deep blue eyes, “Niangqin, close your eyes first.”

When her baby boy does this, Muyan knows that he’s going to give her a present.

She readily and obediently closes her eyes.

After a moment, she hears a childish voice say, “You can open them now.”

Muyan opens her eyes, and sees her son’s tiny hands holding up a pair of earrings, with white jade drops. Although it’s just a pair of very small earrings, the Phoenix carving under it is extremely delicate and beautiful.

She picks one up and gently dangles it. At once, it’s as if the jade Phoenix could spread its wings and fly.

Xiao Bao looks at her with a pair of bright and intelligent eyes. His voice is still icy, but it has an expectant tone to it, “Niangqin, do you like it?”

“Mn, I like! Niangqin likes it very much!” Muyan hugs her son and kisses him repeatedly. She also carries him up.

She takes her son to the edge of pond and looks at their reflection in the water, their similar features and their cuddling figures. Within Xiao Bao’s cold countenance, one could catch hints of a tender smile.

Muyan is basking in this honey-sweet, happy moment between parent and child.

Suddenly, they could hear the loud, jolting sounds of gongs and drums from outside.

Muyan straightens herself in curiosity, only to see Aunt Chen rushing over with an anxious face: “Miss Jun, there is a group of people outside saying they came from Jin Wangfu.”

“Jin Wangfu?” Muyan raises her brows.

Aunt Chen looks at Xiao Bao, and repeats what she heard: “They said that Jin Wangye of Huang Yao Country has taken a fancy on you, and wants to receive you as a side consort.”

Before Muyan could make any sort of response,

Xiao Bao, standing beside her, already tenses his small body and straightens himself. On his face that seems like a snow-jade, a strong murderous intent is released.

Muyan recovers her senses and gently rubs her son’s head. With a smile that isn’t a smile, she says: “What’s up with this year? Just any cat or dog wants to make me their side consort, do they look at themselves with their own pee*?”

  • overconfident, terrible self-appraisal

At the side, Xiao Bao nods heavily and clenches his fists.

These group of stupid mortals, they’re not even worthy to carry niangqin’s shoes!!

If it wasn’t for Aunt Chen, he would have already unleashed his terrible pressure.

But Aunt Chen isn’t as assured as they are, she is deeply worried and anxious: “Miss Jun, you may not know, but this Jin Wangye is a famous tyrant in Huang Yao Country.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. Little Xiao Bao, regrettably someone exactly as strong as that man is coming for your niangqin and I’m afraid he’s not going to wait for you to get strong enough to oppose him.
    Thanks for the chapter.


  2. thank you for the update.

    Let’s see how long this Jin Wangye’s face can last.


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