EMHS – ch115

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 115: You Dare -!!

Steward Sun’s eyes flicker, and he humbly cups his hands in salute, “Miss Jun, if that Matchmaker Huang had just offended you, asking the young lady to please don’t take it to heart.”

“Today, I have come to genuinely and sincerely represent Wangye to escort Miss to the wedding ceremony, to make you a Side Consort in Jin Wangfu. A few days ago, our Wangye had a fated encounter with the Miss in town, and our Wangye fell in love with you at first sight since then. This subordinate has specially prepared some generous gifts to come and receive Miss. Please take it as an illustration of Wangye’s intention to Miss!”

As he says that, Steward Sun gives a signal.

The guards stationed outside immediately lift up chests of betrothal gifts, and carries them inside.

Opening these chests, they are revealed to be packed with silk clothes, gold and silver jewelry.

The residents of Xia’an gather around after getting attracted by the commotion here. Seeing these chests filled with treasures, they simultaneously suck in some cold air.

“Even just marrying a Side Consort, this Jin Wangye’s handwriting is too big! Just how many tens of millions of gold coins are these betrothal gifts worth?”

“Since he’s the most favored Wangye in the highest-order Huang Yao Country, isn’t this just to be expected?”

“I have to say, this girl really walked into unexpected luck, to have someone like Jin Wangye actually take a fancy to her.”

Hearing the comments and discussion from the chattering voices outside, Steward Sun’s complexion turns a lot better.

That old face once again perks up with a trace of arrogance and complacency.

He brandishes his hands towards the direction of the gifts, asking: “Never before has Wangye been unable to obtain a woman that he fancies, accept the betrothal gifts and become a person of higher status henceforth; otherwise, if you’re still obstinate, you will have our Jin Wangfu pursuing and taking you. Miss Jun is so smart, surely you must know how to choose?”

Steward Sun is brimming with confidence as he says this.

He feels that Jun Muyan should certainly agree.

The corner of Muyan’s mouth curls up into a languid smile, she slowly walks to the betrothal gifts. Fingers pick up a jewel from there, and gently caresses it. She carelessly speaks her mind: “The quality is really good. Since you’ve sent it to my door, then I shall reluctantly accept it.”

“In that case, is Miss Jun willing to become our Wangye’s side consort?” Steward Sun shows a smile like everything is going as he expects it, “Then please, asking Miss to quickly get on the sedan.”

Muyan ignores him and turns to Yan Haotian instead, saying: “Take all of these to the back, place them in my wing.”

Yan Haotian is silent. He immediately steps forward and single-handedly moves the chests to the back.

After a few trips, the chests have been completely relocated from the pharmacy.

Steward Sun and all the guards of Jing Wangfu’s have barely returned to their senses. For a moment, nobody was able to stop it.

Only when all the gifts had been moved, Steward Sun is finally able to react, his expression turning somewhat ugly and contemptuous.

He didn’t expect that this Miss Jun, with a refined and ethereal appearance, as well as a peerless elegance… is unexpectedly this small-minded, simply cannot be shown to the public.

“Miss Jun, now would you get on the sedan?”

Muyan smiles sweetly, incomparably bright and beautiful, “Whoever said that I want to become this bullshit Jin Wang side consort?”

Steward Sun stares blankly, then his expression turns gloomy, “Miss Jun, what do you mean by this? You’ve already accepted the betrothal gifts, do you still think that you can renege?”

Muyan unhurriedly replies: “What I just accepted is your compensation for disturbing my business, who said it was a betrothal gift? Now then, everything should be settled, so I’ll have to ask all of you to leave!”

Steward Sun’s complexion bursts into blue and white, his eyes are almost spitting fire, “You even dare to swindle people of Jin Wangfu, you have great guts! Someone come, tie up this slut for me, throw her into the sedan. Today, you will have to be married off, whether you like it or not!! Just an insignificant tramp actually thinks that she can overturn the sky!”

““You dare -!!””

Just as Steward Sun finishes speaking, two voices speak at the same time.

One comes from Muyan’s side, young and crisp, but cold as ice.

The other comes from the doorway, deep and dignified, but containing a chill that seems like it could freeze the air for thousands of miles.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. I get that the other person speaking is Jun Shang or the servant, but the other one is Xiao Bao then? Ho boy… you dun goofed up, Steward Idiot. XD

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

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  2. Is Xiao Bao really Muyan’s kid. It’s an odd question, I know, but the more I read the more he seems like Di Ming Xue’s clone. Too cute.
    Thanks for the chapter.


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