EMHS – ch116

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 116: A Mental Illness?

The noise around the shop goes deathly silent in a split second.

Everyone’s eyes are directed towards the doorway.

They see a tall and straight figure wearing an ink-colored, narrow-sleeved robe, handsome and majestic.

Especially that face. Long eyebrows that reaches the temples, deep blue eyes, and exquisite features- as if heaven itself had sculpted them with the utmost care.

When he slowly walks into the store’s entrance, everyone, both men and women can’t help but hold their breaths.

Shock and reverence, obsession and dread, yearning and fear – emotions as contradictory as black and white rage through the bottom of each individual’s heart.

This man, he has that kind of power.

He is the monarch that reigns over everything under the heavens, he is the supreme existence looking down upon all the mortals from up high.

Making everyone who beholds him wish to kneel and crawl before him.

But the moment Muyan sees this person, she can’t help but rant some profanities in her mind.

This mental case, here he comes again.

That’s right, the one that arrived is the stranger that Muyan had encountered twice.

One that had already eaten her tofu twice, Di Ming Jue.

  • taking liberties with her

Since Muyan had been reborn, she had always been carefree, comfortable and unrestrained, no one can force her to do anything that she doesn’t want to.

Only in this man’s hands had she already tumbled down twice.

It’s actually this twice philanderer, forceful lecher!

She originally thought that this man wouldn’t return after disappearing last time, she never expected he would appear before her again.

Moreover, Muyan could observe that unlike the illusory figure from the previous times, he doesn’t seem like a mere reflection.

This time, the pressure from Di Ming Jue’s form seems to have weakened considerably, but his stature has solidified and dangerous breath from his body seems to have intensified.

The nearer he gets, the more Muyan loses control over her breathing, feeling it become disordered.


The one that arrived is naturally Jun Shang, who wasn’t able to buy a satisfactory gift after scanning around Xia’an for a second time.

After he growls those words, only Muyan is left in his eyes.

Everyone else are just like mole crickets and ants for him, he doesn’t pay them any attention at all.

Once again seeing the girl’s bright and beautiful countenance, Di Ming Jue realizes just how much he missed this woman.

For the thousands of years of his cultivation, his status has been supreme, he could get whatever he wants. However, this is the first time he has the taste of a bone-deep passion.

Not seeing the other for a day, and he’s unable to sit or stand still.

In order to complete the transmission matrix this time, he wasn’t able to see this little woman for ten days, and he was practically going insane.

At first, Elder Chang and the others had advised him to think again and again before acting, that he mustn’t rashly descend to the Yanwu Continent.

After they were ruthlessly tormented by the pining and resentful Di Ming Jue, these people couldn’t wait to immediately pack up and deliver their Jun Shang.

In the meantime, they pray that his destined woman would be benevolent and immediately respond to their Jun Shang. Otherwise, they would definitely all be tortured by their Jun Shang to a life worse than death.

Di Ming Jue advances towards Muyan with each step, there seems to be a raging flame burning in his eyes.

Before he could reach Muyan however, Steward Sun has already returned to himself.

He ignores his instinctive fear of this man as he scrunches his brows and glares hatefully. He shouts in anger: “Audacious brute, you dare hinder Jin Wangfu’s matters, you must be tired of living. Someone come, catch this person for me first!”

As he says that, he looks towards Muyan disdainfully, “Shameless slut, no wonder you dare to defy the orders of my Jin Wangfu. You wouldn’t agree to be Wangye’s side consort, because it turns out that you actually have a lover. Today, I will skin this pretty boy, your lover, in front of you. I would like to see if you would still have the backbone to resist!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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