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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 119: Henceforth, Farewell

“He?” Muyan stares blankly, then her mouth stretches into an even more enticing and secretive smile, “Oh, do you mean my darling son’s biological father? What about him?”

Di Ming Jue has been repressing his anger all along, but he’s completely stimulated by the phrase ‘my darling son’s biological father’.

He suddenly steps forward and closes in on Muyan: “Tell me where that man is!”

Ben Jun will go and slaughter him at once!

Muyan… Muyan… Jun Muyan… this woman is mine and mine alone!!

But why, why didn’t he come down to Yanwu Continent earlier? Why didn’t he meet her earlier?

Di Ming Jue’s heart seems to have submerged into a boiling pan, but is freezing solid at the same time.

The corners of his eyes redden, his hands reach towards Muyan’s face.

Hu – ! A palm strike is launched.

Yan Haotian fears that Muyan might be in danger, so he doesn’t hesitate and attacks.

However, the palm that contains all of his power condensed wasn’t able to get within one meter of the man, before the whole person is forcibly jolted and sent flying.

At this very moment, the pressure and killing intent coming out of Di Ming Jue can simply terrify anyone in the world.

Being stared at by those eyes, even Muyan can’t suppress the trembling of her body.

Just as when everyone thought that Di Ming Jue is going to erupt, the man’s eyes clear up and he abruptly turns around.

In the blink of an eye, the figure is already a dozen yards away from the pharmacy.

Yet for some reason, that back looks so lonely and desolate.

“Jun Shang!” Han Ye distractedly calls out. He looks at the retreating back, then sends a quick glance at Muyan and Xiao Bao. He clenches his teeth and quickly follows.

Muyan is in fact somewhat flabbergasted. She and Xiao Bao exchange a look, momentarily unable to form a reaction.

Xiao Bao looks out the door and suddenly hugs Muyan. There’s a puzzled look on his cold, handsome little face.

When Di Ming Jue just flashed towards them, he really thought that the man would hurt his mother!

Although such a dreadful breath was definitely coming out of that man, but in the end, he didn’t touch his mother at all.

Moreover, when he was about to turn around, Xiao Bao saw that the man’s eyes were red. That wasn’t a terrifying expression, rather it was more pained and grieving.

He looked a bit pitiful.

Xiao Bao scrunches his little nose, he feels too strange!

That shameless man was coveting his mother, why would he think that the other is pitiful?

“Niangqin~” Xiao Bao clings to Muyan’s neck. He asks softly, “Niangqin, will that person show up again?”

Muyan is a little hesitant, only replying with: “Probably… not.”

That man called Di Ming Jue, one look and you can tell that he is someone who is set up on high, cannot violate, cannot disobey.

He should have his ego and his pride. Knowing that she’s a married woman, also one with child…

He probably won’t appear before them after this, right?

Henceforth, farewell.


The Outskirts of Xia’an

“Jun Shang, w-what are your plans?” Han Ye looks at the somber back of the man, cautiously asking, “Should we return to the Xiuxian Continent ahead of schedule?”


Just when Han Ye is thinking that Di Ming Jue won’t reply, he hears the man’s hoarse and downcast voice say, “Find out who that man is for Ben Jun.”

Di Ming Jue’s tone is very flat and calm, but listening to it makes Han Ye quiver from head to toe.

Jun Shang, Jun Shang shouldn’t be plotting to kill the husband and steal the wife, right?

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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      • But how? That’s the question, especially given the difference in realms. But I’m really surprised that Han Ye doesn’t notice the similarities between father and son.

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        • Well given that they can’t recognize each other, and Di Ming Xue can’t seem to remember the event at all, I’m forced to chalk this one up to ancient Chinese super aphrodisiacs. Which wouldn’t be surprising since that’s usually the reason behind these sorts of things.

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  1. Why not, if she doesn’t get to know it? (That’s what he’s thinking.)
    Thank you!


  2. Waah.. Did the father just declared that he will go kill himself?? 😂😂😂
    Sorry I found this funny..
    This ML really much better rather than other ML that always hurt MC physically or mentally..
    Thanks for the chapter

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