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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 132: He Who Comes is Ill-intentioned

Even higher than the Ghost King is the one who governs all the Ghost Cities in Yanwu Continent — the Ghost Emperor.

But it’s rumored that a long, long time ago, there’s someone with an even higher position than the Ghost Emperor, a supreme existence.

The Dark Lord.

But except for the ones who pioneered the Ghost City, no one has ever seen the Dark Lord again.

Moreover, the Ghost City Magistrates are already on a very high position.

The Magistrate of the Xia’an Ghost City for example, is an existence that can call the wind and summon the rain.

And now, such an existence wants to summon her?

What could his purpose possibly be?

The corners of Muyan’s mouth hooks up into a lazy curve. She calmly follows the little Ghost Envoy into a lavish room.

There’s not a soul inside the room, but Muyan isn’t the least bit uncomfortable.

She sits down by her own volition and pours herself a cup of tea, slowly sipping it.

“Miss Jun is truly young and promising, with outstanding courage and insight!” a deep and resounding voice could be heard from outside.

Immediately after, the door is pushed open and several people walk in, in a line.

The one leading them is an elderly man with a pure snowy white hair and beard. His skin however, is smooth and firm. He appears to be around his forties if one doesn’t look at this hair.

He has a pair of chatoyant eyes looking towards Muyan. He gives a low but insipid laugh and says: “Miss Jun is so at ease in eating this old one’s food and drinks, are you not afraid that this old bones will put poison in your tea?”

Muyan looks at him with her eyebrows raised, her posture sitting on the chair is still as lazy and relaxed as before – without the slightest bit of intention to get up and greet him.

A leisurely and euphonious voice replies, “Ghost City’s Magistrate Xu, would you use such a scum-like method as poisoning to sneak an attack?”

“You… what’s with your attitude?!” behind Magistrate Xu, Lou Fei suddenly flies into rage and shouts, “Do you know who’s standing in front of you? This is our Ghost City’s Magistrate Xu!”

In Xia’an, even if it’s the city master or the patriarch of a large and influential family, who wouldn’t be fawning and extremely deferential whenever they meet Magistrate Xu?

As Magistrate Xu’s apprentice, Lou Fei has always received reverence from others. When was the last time that he had felt an annoyance such as when he’s in the presence of Muyan?

Muyan casts him a sidelong glance and smirks: “This Ghost Envoy Lou Fei, do you have a problem with your head? Haven’t I already greeted Magistrate Xu just a moment ago? Why would you still need to repeat it one more time? If your brain is not working, you should just leave, so as not to be a disgrace and lose face for the whole Ghost City!”

“You- you slut, I’ll kill you –!!”

Lou Fei is finally infuriated. He lifts his fist and operates his Internal Force, then he fiercely charges at her.

“Lou Fei, come back! Don’t be rude to Miss Jun!”

Magistrate Xu shouts, the pressure of a powerful Precelestial expert spreads out.

The charging Lou Fei immediately stumbles and falls to the floor.

The other Ghost Envoys behind, each and every one of them also shiver, their complexions turning deathly pale.

Only the sitting Muyan is still smiling, leisurely sipping her tea.

Shock and astonishment flashes through Magistrate Xu’s eyes. He then strides forward and takes a seat in front of her: “This old man has lived for so long, but I’ve never seen such a young Precelestial expert as Miss Jun. Aside from the Precelestial strength, you’re a Draught Master that can refine miraculous drugs. Miss Jun’s talent can really make this old man marvel. Even in the thousand years of history of my Ghost City, there’s never been a record of an absolutely splendid person like Miss Jun.”

Muyan chuckles: “This old sir overpraises. Even if you flatter me however, you will still need to line up at the Junji Drugstore if you want to buy a draught. After all, since there are set regulations, I should naturally set an example by complying with them.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  2. So it is because of of the draught. I knew that girl wouldn’t be so kind just to invite Muyan for the auction.


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