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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 139: I Want Your Life

“This is still the first time that I heard it explained like it’s so clean, so free from vulgarity… by the one who wants to seize by force.” Muyan sneers, “And, if I’m not willing?”

Cao Wendao’s eyes flash and he suddenly strikes out with an empty palm.

With a loud bang, about a dozen medicine cabinets under Muyan are blasted into dust, the wood shavings flutter, its motes are everywhere.

The Ghost Envoys that are following behind to hunt for Muyan see this scene. One after another, their faces turn pale and they take a step back.

They look at Cao Wendao with worship and awe in their eyes.

“This Jun Muyan is definitely screwed today.”

“Hehe, this is five Magistrates, we’re talking about five Precelestial powerhouses you know? So what if Jun Muyan is also a Precelestial? Do we still have to guess the conclusion when it’s one against five?”

“In addition, isn’t this because Jun Muyan is so bafflingly stupid? Since she escaped, she should’ve just gone into hiding. She’s actually stupid enough to stay inside this warehouse. How could she still survive now that she’s surrounded by Magistrate Xu and the others?”

Within the crowd, Ru Yan is deathly pale and she sends a glance towards Old Tao by the side.

Her voice is already trembling the moment she opens her mouth to talk: “It’s my fault, I brought harm upon Miss Jun. It’s all because Miss Jun had accepted my invitation… what should I do? How can I save Miss Jun?”

Old Tao says through gritted teeth: “Miss Jun had given me the grace to have another chance in life, this Old Tao can’t just look on helplessly and watch her die. Ru Yan girl, you stay here. I will go out of the Ghost City to ask for help. Don’t let Miss Jun die before I come back!”

Ru Yan’s face is still deathly pale, but there’s a stubborn glint in her eyes, “Okay, even if I throw away this life, even if I have to kneel and beg on the ground, I will surely watch over Miss Jun. I can’t let anything happen to her.”

Old Tao nods his head and his figure shuttles through the crowd, quickly disappearing.

Ru Yan fixes her attention on the warehouse’s direction.


When the dust and wood shavings clear up, a cyan silhouette from above nimbly lands on the ground, like a slowly blooming blue-green lotus.

Cao Wendao looks at the young woman’s poetic and picturesque countenance, saying in a low voice: “Jun Muyan, I will give you one last chance. If you obediently bundle your hands and await capture, then I guarantee that your conduct and deeds towards Ghost City today will absolutely be forgotten and not bear recriminations.”

“Magistrate Cao, why are you still being so wordy with her!?” Magistrate Xu can’t bear it any longer, he angrily shouts, “This slut murdered my apprentice Lou Fei! In any case, I cannot let her get away today!”

Saying so, his eyes reveal a savage and malicious expression, “I’m afraid that there’s still something that Magistrate Cao doesn’t know about. This slut has a son that she treasures very much. When we catch her son and torture it, even if her bones are hard, how can she not be good and offer herself to be captured?”

Muyan gently starts to strum on the Tian Mo Qin, her voice is gentle and her smile is lovely, “Magistrate Xu, I could have easily escaped from under your eyes and yet I’ve opted to wait here, I didn’t leave. Do you know why?”


She plays with the strings of the zither, creating a random but sweet-sounding tune.

Muyan’s words accompany the sound of the qin, “That’s because, before I leave, I still want your life!”

In this world, everyone who insults Xiao Bao, everyone who hurts Xiao Bao-

She will not let even one of them off!!

Just as her voice falls, slender white fingers suddenly dance.

The gentle tone morphs into an explosion like a tidal wave.

Crack — ! Crack — ! Crack —! Crack —!!

In the empty warehouse, the base of the sturdy pillars are breaking.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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