EMHS – ch142

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 142: Take Me… Back Home

While Muyan is in midair, she is suddenly plunged into a broad embrace, holding her tightly.

“Muyan, how are you? Did you sustain heavy injuries? Does it hurt?”

A man’s hoarse and trembling voice asks impatiently.

The hands were holding her tight at first, but he seems to recall something and immediately loosens his hold. The embrace becomes gentler.

As if she’s a precious treasure, he seems terribly afraid that she would be hurt, faintly dreading that she might disappear.

Especially when he sees that Muyan’s clothes are soaked in blood, Di Ming Jue can’t help but shudder.

Damn them, damn those people thousands of ten thousands of times!

The one he holds within the palm of his hands, the person he places within the depths of his heart, one he couldn’t even bear to press in the slightest,

And this dregs actually dared to injure his Muyan!

Muyan had been playing to her heart’s content. Before she could fully vent herself however, Di Ming Jue had suddenly interrupted her like this. She just feels very depressed.

She turns her head, only to see that the insufferably arrogant man… now has a helpless and anxious appearance. She just stares blankly at first, but soon after, a trace of warmth flits across her eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’m all right. This isn’t my blood.”

Muyan hooks her lips up, giving a lazy and arrogant laugh, “For these wastes, killing me is nothing but a dream.”

When the she laughs, her eyes seems to have the glimmer of a boundless starry sky.

There is pride, arrogance, and the carelessness of a sidelong glance to the mundane world.

Only at this time does Muyan look like a 19-year-old girl. Mischievous, unruly, and cheerful.

Di Ming Jue really loves this different side of her.

Fingers gently caress the girl’s cold, tender cheeks; the pads rubbing the blood off of her face.

“Hiss—!” Muyan makes a sharp sound and frowns. She suddenly steps away, saying angrily: “Di Ming Jue, do you have something against me? Must you press so hard? I was not hurt by this group of trash, but I’ll get bruises from you.”

That charming and gentle feeling disappears in an instant.

Di Ming Jue grinds his teeth in anger, itching to grab this little woman and contain her in his arms; ruthlessly arrest her little mouth and ravage it as a punishment.

Doesn’t she know how anxious he was just a moment ago, thinking that she might’ve gotten into harm.

Before he detonates however, Muyan suddenly goes limp and falls into his arms.

The battle from earlier, although she was unrestrained against her four opponents, not falling into a disadvantageous position-

Her Internal Force consumption was simply too great.

Now that she’s coming down from the rush, she suddenly feels like the last thread of strength in her body finally leaves her.

For a moment, she can’t steady her footing.

Feeling the young woman’s soft body pressed up against his own, her sweet fragrance assaulting his senses, Di Ming Jue’s whole body stiffens up.

It takes him quite a while before he reaches out his hands to hold her closer.

In her dizziness, Muyan feels like there’s a buzzing noise in her ears, like the sound of a mosquito. “Di Ming Jue, take me… back home.”

Right after saying that, her eyes close and she falls asleep with a peace of mind.

They’re definitely just mere acquaintances.

But she doesn’t know why, that when this man appeared, she feels like she can be at ease. She feels like she can depend on someone.

As long as he’s around, whatever the predicament, he will definitely solve it for her.

She doesn’t need to be so tired anymore, nor does she need to bear everything by herself.

When Di Ming Jue sees the girl passed out in his arms, her complexion is deathly pale, his face suddenly turns frightening, like a demon from the underworld.

Cao Wendao and the others had just gotten up from the ground when gleaming, frosty eyes sweep over them. Then a husky voice that seems to have come from the abyss of hell,

“Dare to hurt Ben Jun’s woman, you should all die ten thousand times for this sin!!”

Cao Wendao’s group just got up.

Yet before they could stand properly, they could feel a awful might and pressure hitting them on their faces.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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