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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 144: Please Have Mercy

“Honored Sir, please have mercy!” a cry comes from a distance.

Afterwards, from afar comes a silhouette approaching as fast as lightning, urgently halting in before Di Ming Jue and Han Ye.

The arriving man’s outward appearance seems to be only at his early forties, he looks even younger than Cao Wendao.

However, there’s a white smattering on his temples, and the vicissitudes of life have settled in his eyes – making him seem very old.

Seeing this person, a lot of people in the Ghost City cry out in joy.

“Ghost King! It’s the Ghost King!”

“We’re saved! Ghost City is saved!”

The man who arrived turns out to be the man in charge of the entire Ghost City in Xia’an, Ghost King Xia Yi.

Everyone in the Ghost City knows how frightening and powerful of an existence the Ghost King is.

The five Magistrates all together can’t compare against the Ghost King, even though they’re all of the Precelestial realm.

So when they see that Xia Yi has arrived, the Ghost Envoys think that they’re saved, each one of them practically crying tears of joy.

The next moment however, they receive a shock.

When Xia Yi sees Di Ming Jue, not only is he not lashing out in rage, he shows an alarmed an guarded expression instead.

Even his steps retreat once out of instinct.

A change comes over his face and he ultimately, slowly cups his hands in greeting, “This one is Ghost King Xia Yi of this Ghost City. May I ask sire’s most distinguished name? If my Ghost City had committed an offense, asking sire to be magnanimous and give us a yard. As long as it’s within the scope of capability, my Ghost City is willing to put out any compensation.”

As Xia Yi says this, all the surrounding Ghost Envoys suck in a mouth of cold air, their complexions increasingly turning wan from shock and horror.

Even the Ghost King is so afraid, who is this man in the end?

What kind of meteor did they provoke?

Han Ye chuckles darkly and steps forward: “Compensation? You people undertook a task to injure our Madam. Do you think that the matter would be over once you speak of compensation?”

Xia Yi hears this, and a mouthful of blood rushes up his throat and he can’t spit it out.

He sends a quick look at the girl in Di Ming Jue’s arms, and sees that although she’s unconscious, it’s merely from fatigue and she’s not hurt at all.

And what about their Ghost City? Not only are the five Magistrates dead, more than half of the buildings have collapsed, and all the treasures have been thoroughly cleaned out. One can say that the damage is disastrous.

Aren’t they supposed to compensate him?

Han Ye sneers and says: “Since you have nothing else to say, then everyone must die, as an apology for your deeds against the Madam.”

As he says that, he unsheathes a long sword, it’s length gleaming with a cold light.

There’s no need for Di Ming Jue to make a move. Han Ye, even with his cultivation suppressed by 90%, could make Xia Yi and the many Ghost Envoys to shiver and show despair.

“Wait… wait a moment!” suddenly, a trembling old voice accounts, “Trying to kill Miss Jun, it was Magistrate Xu and the others who were simply willfully doing whatever they want. Ru Yan girl and I, we were desperately trying to save Miss Jun. Asking honored Sir, please do not judge too harshly, please give our Ghost City a way to survive!”

Old Tao follows behind Xia Yi. He thumps down kneeling on the ground, a beseeching expression on his face.

Han Ye narrows his eyes: “You were trying desperately to save my Madam?”

“Y-yes! It is thanks to Miss Jun’s draught that this humble one can break through my bottleneck. Miss Jun had given the grace of a new lease in life to this humble one and to Ru Yan girl. How can we just look on helplessly and watch Miss Jun die!” Old Tao points to the heaven and vows, “I would dare to swear that everything I said is true, please believe me!”

Old Tao went out to ask for help, precisely to Ghost King Xia Yi.

Because he did a very small favor for Xia Yi when he was younger, Old Tao was able to stay peacefully in the Ghost City even when he wasn’t able to make any progress in his cultivation.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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    • “Old Tao went out to ask for help, precisely to Ghost King Xia Yi.”
      He got the guy in charge in hopes they could order the magistrates to spare Muyan. So it’s not that they did nothing, so much as they did very little and that Muyan was unconscious and helpless long before the cavalry arrived. All in all their help was worth less than nothing, but they did try.

      Thanks, Shady, for the chapter


      • ohhh!! haha my bad ! thanks for correcting me, wont feel that bad for letting them alive then ;)(sounded sarcastic, but was not intended as so ;XD


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