EMHS – ch148

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 148: The Illusion of Two Jun-Shangs

But very quickly, he simply gives a cold snort and expressionlessly says: “Ben Jun was naturally attending to your mother.”

Unfortunately, his righteous explanation is only met with Xiao Bao’s disdainful look, the other’s eyes saying ‘lying to a child’.

Di Ming Jue gets mad.

He can’t wait to pull this little thing’s pants down, and firmly give his butt a beating.

One big and one small, glaring at each other and narrowing their eyes, neither stepping down.

Just then, the room’s door is suddenly pushed open, and Han Ye comes in carrying a steaming hot, black crock.

He lowers his voice, but still say animatedly: “Jun Shang, this subordinate had made some inquiries, about how the people of Yanwu Continent recuperate their health, this Black-boned Chicken soup is…”

Before he could finish his words, the two people by the bed simultaneously turn around and fiercely glare at him.

They whisper in unison, “Get out!!”

Moron, you’re bothering my niangqin’s sleep!

Fool, you’re bothering my lady’s rest!

Han Ye rattles from shock, the chicken soup in his hand almost spilling to the floor.

God, he… what is this illusion!

He seems to be facing two Jun Shangs!

This kind of pressure that assaults one’s senses, as well as the imposing manner of looking disdainfully out of the corner of their eyes… it’s simply making him pee his pants from fright!

Not waiting for Han Ye to react, a powerful gust of wind hits him in the face.

He stumbles back for several steps.

Then a thump, and the door closes shut against his nose.

Han Ye is scared witless as he touches his own nose and checks that it’s still intact. His eyes are still filled with a lingering fear.

It’s really very terrible to have two Jun Shangs.

Wait… hold on, wasn’t that the little Jun-gongzi just a moment ago?

How can he be inside? When did he get in?

As he’s thinking that, he sees the door open once again.

Di Ming Jue is carrying Xiao Bao, and he walks out with large strides.

Against his will, Xiao Bao is slung on top of his shoulders, the tiny face is incredibly red, and he angrily exclaims: “Let me down!”

Di Ming Jue ignores him and continues to walk towards the direction of the backyard.

Han Ye stupidly looks at this scene, his chin almost falling down.

Jun… Jun Shang is actually holding a child.

Although that can’t really be called ‘holding’… more like hauling…

But of course, their Jun Shang had always kept distance from others a!

Don’t even mention children and beautiful women, even if they themselves want to get close, they can’t just freely approach within half a meter of Jun Shang.

But now that Jun Shang is enamored with Miss Muyan and is pursuing her, even so, it still comes as a surprise that he’s willing to be this familiar with the little Jun-gongzi.

If people from Xiuxian Continent could see this scene, their eyeballs would pop out from staring!

Wait wait, what does Jun Shang want to do with the little gongzi by carrying him?

It can’t be because he’s jealous, so he’s taking Miss Muyan’s child with her ‘ex-husband’, and secretly deal with him?

At this thought, Han Ye’s face turn white.

Miss Jun protects the little gongzi like the apple of her eyes. If the little gongzi is hurt in any way because of one wrong move, Jun Shang will never be able to ask for marriage!

No good. He must follow them and, when the time comes, remind Jun Shang that he must never injure the little gongzi.


After finding out that he can’t struggle free from Di Ming Jue, Xiao Bao doesn’t fuss and cry like a normal child- bawling out of confusion. Instead, he holds his small fists and rapidly operates his Internal Force.

Very quickly, Di Ming Jue brings Xiao Bao and arrives at the backyard.

As he’s about to put him down, Xiao Bao suddenly makes his move.

A palm strikes against the other’s shoulder, and the small body suddenly leaps up in the air.

At the same time, he gathers Internal Force within the hollow of his palm, turning it into a sharp blade and fiercely brandishing it towards Di Ming Jue.

Di Ming Jue doesn’t even change his expression as simply waves a hand.

A wave of energy goes high up in the air, and Xiao Bao’s energy sword with the sky-swallowing might, suddenly stops and disappears.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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