EMHS – ch149

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 149: Shameless, No Sense of Face

Xiao Bao’s figure drops down from the air, and lands steadily on the ground.

However, he has a very unsightly expression as he looks at Di Ming Jue. There are countless complex emotions surging within his eyes.

This man is too strong, he’s stronger than anyone he’s ever met.

So much so, that he’s even stronger than niangqin by quite a lot!

But even so… Xiao Bao clenches his small fists, his eyes are filled with determination… even if this man is more powerful, he won’t let him snatch his mother.

From high up, Di Ming Jue looks down at him and expressionlessly says: “You should be very clear that right now, you are no match to me. But I can give you a chance.”

Xiao Bao: “What chance?”

Di Ming Jue turns his wrist over, and a piece of vermilion jade hangs down from his palm. The golden tassels below the jade sway gently under the sunlight, scattering bright rays of light.

However, that piece of jade is still more fascinating than those tassels. Though the color and the luster is dull, and the shape is ordinary, but it has some strange patterns on it.

When you look at it deeply, it could give the feeling of being in a boundless sea of stars, the wonderful feeling of having one’s very soul cleansed.

Xiao Bao has never fancied treasures of gold and silver before, but he could feel an indescribable sense of attraction from looking at this piece of jade.

There’s an expression of longing within those big, sparkling and translucent eyes.

Di Ming Jue looks at him and says in a low voice: “I will give you one quarter of an hour. I will not use Mysterious Energy, nor will I attack. If you can snatch this jade from my hand within a quarter of an hour, I will give this jade to you, and I will no longer appear beside your mother.”

Hearing this statement, Xiao Bao withdraws his gaze from the jade ornament, turning to look at Di Ming Jue suspiciously, “If I can’t do it?”

“If it’s impossible for you…” Di Ming Jue pauses for a moment, then continues with, “then you must accept the fact that I am your mother’s husband, and your father.”

Just as Han Ye arrives, he hears this statement from Di Ming Jue and he almost stumbles down to the ground.

Cold sweat dribbles down his head.

Say, Jun Shang-daren, can you not be so shameless?

In order to chase a wife, you’re even trying to con a child a!

Xiao Bao aside, he himself would find it impossible to snatch the jade from Jun Shang’s hand! It would be impossible to do it within an hour, not to mention just a quarter of an hour!

Jun Shang-daren, if you bully Miss Muyan’s son this much, aren’t you afraid that she would know of it and look for you to settle accounts?

But Xiao Bao isn’t easily fooled either.

His small face tightens and he rejects without the slightest hesitation, “Cheat, you’re definitely not niangqin’s husband!”

The light in Di Ming Jue’s eyes darken, he says: “Inevitably, there will come a day that Muyan will become Ben Jun’s wife… it’s only a matter of time. But this has nothing to do with you, you only need to know one point: if you lose today, you must accept that I am your future father!”

Xiao Bao slightly knits his brows. He doesn’t speak.

Di Ming Jue sneers, and disdainfully says: “What? Ben Jun had already given you such a condition, and you still don’t dare to step up? You said that you want to become stronger to protect your mother, but your spirit and courage only amounts to this much?”

Xiao Bao is intelligent, but he’s still just a four-year-old child.

What’s more, protecting his mother and getting stronger are precisely his sore points.

Getting riled up this much by Di Ming Jue, his small face suddenly snaps up, a blazing fire bursts within his big eyes, “Okay, I’ll bet against you! If you lose, you’re not allowed to rob my niangqin ever again!”

Han Ye listens to the pair’s conversation, then he turns his head in shame.

Jun Shang, can you be any more shameless?

What happens next however, changes Han Ye’s expression from blushing in shame, to serious.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  2. As expected, Han Ye is my favorite. Whether he’s being a lackey or playing the anxious eunuch while the emperor is calm I just love him.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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  4. Your a failure of a father since you never saved him and the mother last lifetime yet in this one your being a real ass


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