EMHS – ch169

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 169: A Life of Torment

Muyan chuckles: “Xiao Bao is really smart, but simply defeating them isn’t enough. It’s still more important for Xiao Bao to make them more willing to listen to your words, and vow their loyalty and devotion to you. In this way, Xiao Bao could become powerful enough.”

“I’ll be as strong as that lecher!” Xiao Bao tightens his little fists, huge eyes shining like the full moon, “Then, I can protect niangqin.”


Muyan stares blankly for a good long while before she could respond. Xiao Bao is talking about Di Ming Jue.

She sends a quick look to the courtyard next to theirs, a complicated expression on her face.

Wu… it’s already been quite a while since she last saw that man’s figure.

It’s probably because that night, he was really angry, wasn’t he?


The next few days, the newly established Ink Camp has it’s members collectively fall into the torment of deep water and scorching fire.

Their daily life is like this–

Training, taking draughts, and listen to a song.

Doesn’t that sound particularly happy and fulfilling?

Is it really?

These group of people who crawled out of from the mountain of corpses and the sea of fire, these handful of butchers reeking with blood… each one of them are in fact, living a life worse than death.

This so-called training isn’t practicing martial arts or Internal Force.

Instead, they’re made to line up in formation everyday, do drills, and run back and forth – it’s so tedious and boring that these brawny men just want to knock themselves against a wall.

After training, Muyan would prepare a bottle of body-tempering draught for everyone.

That’s a special grade draught a!

Outside Junji Drugstore, just how many people are scrambling over and racking their brains just to buy it, but they’re unable to.

But when the people of Ink Camp are drinking it, they would cry for their father and call for their mother.

That’s because the draught they’re taking is really too special that it hurts!

They feel like all the muscles on their body are set on fire, their flesh getting cut by knives.

It would continue that way, and it won’t disappear for a long period of time.

So every time they take the draught, there would be the sound of a dozen or so brawny men wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves.

Their schedule for the evening is to listen to a song?

Hasn’t this always been a pleasant activity?

People from Ink Camp would say: I, your father, don’t want to listen to this song again in my entire life.

No, till the next life! Until the next, next life, don’t want to listen to it again!

That’s because the sound of that zither has a dreadful power. Whenever it plays, it would be just like they’re sinking into a bottomless, endless nightmare.

They would desperately struggle within that nightmare, and wake up drenched in cold sweat.

Thinking about it, listening to that tune everyday, like their life has gone to the dogs* and merely and exhausting torture, day after day… who can bear that a!

  • wasted, it’s over.


Late at night, inside the Ink Camp.

“Fuck this, your father can’t stand this anymore, I want to escape from here!”

“Escape? How are you gonna do that? Do you think you can run away even just from this courtyard, when there’s Yan Haotian keeping watch in this camp?”

“We have to escape even if there’s no way! Don’t tell me you want to be tortured to death here?”

The people from the Ink Camp are together in a cluster, angrily discussing how they can escape the clutches of that female demon and the little king of hell.

Unexpectedly, a rough voice abruptly interrupts their indignant conversation.

“Bunch of idiots! These days, haven’t any of you noticed any changes on your body?”

Hearing this, everyone gives a start and simultaneously turn towards the scarred man.

“Chang Yu, what you do mean by this?”

“Also, who do you think you are, daring to say we’re idiots!”

That scarred man is known as Chang Yu. There’s contempt within his eyes as he coldly sweeps a glance over them, “You’ve found yourself deep inside the treasure mountain, getting benefits as big as the sky; but not knowing anything, you’re still thinking of running away. What are you, if not idiots?”

“Chang Yu, say it clearly, what benefits as big as the sky did we get in the end?”

Chang Yu takes a deep breath, suppressing the turbulent excitement and delight in his eyes. After a long pause, he speaks in a low voice: “Within three months at most, I’ll be preparing to advance to the Earth Stage.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  3. Really, it’s going to take a whole three months? You’re getting help from those draughts and listening to that instrument daily and the only guy who’s gained enough strength to notice is still this far off from advancement? These guys have no talent, cut your losses send them off and get some new guys.
    Thanks for the chapter.


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