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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 207: Strip Naked and Sleep

That man’s body is twice as large as Madam Lu’s.

Madam Lu could already be considered obese, but the flabs on this man’s body is making him look completely horizontal.

When he’s sitting on a chair, the flesh on his waist spills out and hang on both sides.

Looking at his outward appearance, he’s obviously already an adult man on his twenties, but his face is foolish.

Snot would occasional drip from his nose and fall down by his mouth, then he would lap it up and swallow it down.

Madam Lu is as fierce as a fiend towards Su Yuexiang, but turning to face this fatty, a change immediately comes over her features.

“Ah, good Chengcai, this is just mother getting a wife for you! Once you take that young woman as wife, you can sleep with her at once.”

Hearing that, Lu Chengcai immediately goes from crying to cheering. He claps his huge, fleshy palms and shouts, “Okay, okay! Get me a wife! Strip naked and sleep, Chengcai likes!”

Su Yuexiang wants to throw up as she listens to this.

Marry the daughter that she pampers and spoils so much, to this fool? Keep dreaming!

She pushes down her anger and revulsion, saying through gritted teeth: “Madam Lu, you mustn’t be too overbearing. That marriage contract is just a trifling matter, it simply shouldn’t count. What’s more, my daughter is now a foundation of Zi Yang Zong, and her future husband is known far and wide in Yanwu Continent, Bai Yichen. I advise you to put this idea to rest! My Shen family will not marry my daughter to this…”

Su Yuexiang couldn’t finish her words.

They hear a loud bang.

It is from a tall and sturdy man sitting at the left side, he heavily slapped the table.

Different from Madam Lu’s hand that could only shake and clatter the teacups, this man’s palm directly cracks the table.

A terrible pressure fills the air within the lounge.

“Madam Shen, what you mean to say, is that my Lu family’s son is not worthy of your Shen family’s daughter?”

Su Yuexiang looks towards the menacing Lu family Master, and she immediately shakes uncontrollably.

In her mind, she simply regrets it so much that her intestines are all green!

At that time, in order to make the Lu family lend a hand, she promised to form a marriage alliance with them.

Su Yuexiang originally calculated it very well.

She wanted that abhorrent hussy to fill the bill as a daughter of Shen family, and get married off to Lu family’s fool.

Who would have expected that the hussy would be so stubborn.

Without waiting to marry the other, she just killed herself!

Now, this marriage is actually falling on her her baby girl’s head.

Su Yuexiang is barely able to squeeze out a smile, saying with a laugh: “Master Lu, please quell your anger, I didn’t mean that. However…”

She has yet to finish her words,

A high-pitched female voice comes through from the outside, “Uncle Lu, rest assured, my mother really doesn’t mean it that way. This marriage, since my mother placed it forward, we will naturally keep the promise!”

As she’s saying that, they could see Shen Xiaoru’s figure strutting in, wearing an arrogant smile on her face.

Seeing her daughter, Su Yuexiang shows a happy expression at first,

But when she heard Shen Xiaoru’s words, her expression changes dramatically, “Ru-er, you…”

Shen Xiaoru slightly laughs, and meaningfully says: “Ma, you can rest assured. Doesn’t the Lu family want a daughter from the Shen family to marry over? Then we can just marry one over to them.”

Madam Lu and Master Lu are delighted: “Saying that, Xiaoru, you intend to marry into my Lu family, and become my Chengcai’s wife?”

Seeing Shen Xiaoru, Lu Chengcai drools out even more.

The fat body stands up and pounces towards Shen Xiaoru, “Wife, pretty wife… let’s strip naked and sleep…”

Shen Xiaoru looks at the way Lu Chengcai is, and she just gets nauseated, she might throw up yesterday’s dinner.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. Haha I hope she drugs them and leaves them in a room or cripples her and pits her in his room


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