EMHS – ch208

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 208: Fairy Sister

“Go away, dead fatty!” she makes a forceful shove, using her Internal Force.

Lu Chengcai immediately tumbles to the floor, falling down like a dog face-first to the mud, and he loudly bursts out crying.

Master and Madam Lu’s faces turn gloomy in a split second, “Shen Xiaoru, what do you mean by this?”

Shen Xiaoru presses down her disgust, and immediately steps forward to help Lu Chengcai to get up.

This time, there’s a smile plastered on her face as she says: “Master Lu, Madam Lu, don’t misunderstand. There’s a marriage contract between my Shen family and your Lu family, but it doesn’t say which daughter should marry over, right? I’m not the only option in the Shen family!”

Madam Lu stares blankly, “What do you mean?”

Shen Xiaoru shows a strange smile on her face, then she lifts up the curtains and makes Madam Lu and others look out the window.

Inside the courtyard’s pavilion, they could see a young lady in white sitting down, and leaning on a parapet.

Ink-like hair falls down like a waterfall, skin glistening like snow, a beauty that doesn’t belong to the mundane world.

What’s even more stunning is her temperament.

Her posture is clearly languid and relaxed, but every gesture has an ethereal and noble air.

As if an enigmatic woman from the Ninth Heaven has fallen into the mortal realm.

Master Lu’s eyes widen as he stares, swallowing down the spit in his mouth.

Lu Chengcai salivates even more, his drool pattering down like rain, “Beauty… fairy… fairy sister… want this one… Chencai wants fairy sister… not this ugly!”

Listening to this, Shen Xiaoru’s nose is almost crooked from anger!

This fool dares to say that she’s ugly?!

But thinking that Muyan could be married to this sickening fool,

Shen Xiaoru’s breathing gets smoother, she smiles darkly and says: “How about it? Master and Madam Lu, are you satisfied with this bride-to-be?”

“Satisfied! Satisfied!” Master Lu looks and exclaims, nodding again and again.

Madam Lu’s face twists, “This won’t do! You say this is a daughter from the Shen family? What if you got a fake to fool my Lu family, what’s to be done then?”

Shen Xiaoru has yet to speak when Lu Chengcai has already begun to protest.

His huge butt plops down to the floor, loudly crying in a tantrum, “Want fairy sister, want fairy sister! Not this ugly!”

“Okay, okay, okay! In that case, marry that one! Marry that one! As long as Chengcai likes it!” Madam Lu waddles over to her son, immediately bending down.

At that moment, Shen Xiaoru’s face finally shows a complacent smile, “This being the case, we might as well set the wedding date as soon as possible. I say we hold it seven days from now! Children of rivers and lakes*, with the matter of urgency, there’s also no need for the three books and six gifts. Lu family just needs to directly lift the marriage sedan, just pick her up!”

  • Rivers and lakes = Jianghu, usually refers to the land of martial artists, a community.

How could the Lu family not be pleased to take such a great deal for so cheap?

Shen Xiaoru continues: “But you should also know that if you want my fairy-like little sister to marry Lu-gongzi, she definitely wouldn’t be willing. Even if it’s an order from the parents, or the words from the matchmaker… if she resists with all her might, my mother and I still couldn’t do anything with our strength alone.”

“Hahaha… your Shen family doesn’t need to worry about this point!” there’s thumping sounds as Master Lu pats his chest, yet there’s a very hot look in his eyes, “The people that my Lu family wants are just those that we don’t have yet. If an insignificant little girl wants to resist, it would still depend on whether she can come out of my Mount Five Finger*”

  • Mountain with 2 legends. On both stories, the protagonists don’t survive, their hands just reaching out and eventually turning into mountain peaks.

As he says this, Master Lu’s Earth Stage might is released, Shen Xiaoru’s look turns to shock, stepping back and retreating again and again.

Once they’ve sent the Lu family off, Shen Xiaoru finally couldn’t hold back, and she bursts into loud laughter, “Jun Muyan, I wonder how you’ll feel if you know that you’ll be married to that fat fool for the next half of your life? I wonder if you could still laugh, hahaha!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. Retard, also seems the mother did have a connection with what happened


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