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Chapter 230: Not an Accident

    Hearing Lu Yongli outline the events in light shades*, Shen Jinglin couldn’t suppress his body from trembling.

  • play down, understatement

    He thought that the one who crippled him was that frightening man whom the Shen family couldn’t provoke.

    But it wasn’t. The ones who gave him a final blow and turned him into a waste is actually Su Yuexiang and the Lu family.

    “Why?! Why must you be this vicious?!” Shen Jinglin can’t help it anymore, and he bellows towards Su Yuexiang and Shen Xiaoru, shouting himself hoarse, “Even if I resent you for killing my mother, I’ve never even so much as badmouth you. And Shen Xiaoru, even though I don’t like her as much as Yanyan, but I also treat her like an ordinary younger sister. Why? Why would you do this to me?!”

    Shen Xiaoru is frightened by his fierce appearance and she takes a step in retreat.

    But then, she seems to think of something, and so she replies confidently like she’s in the right: “Isn’t this still all your fault, who made you set aside all the good opportunities for that little slut, Zeng Linfang! The chance to go to Zi Yang Zong should obviously be mine, but father made you and Zeng Linfang go instead! I’m his biological daughter, aren’t I?”

    “Hehe, I know that little slut liked you. You two dogs have already hooked up and fooled around with together.” as she’s talking, Shen Xiaoru reveals a sinister smile, “Seeing that you’ve turned into a waste, that little slut couldn’t stop crying. She looked like she wanted to take care of you for a lifetime, not even going to Zi Yang Zong. This is just right, hahaha… in this way, going to Zi Yang Zong and having the chance to get close to Yichen-brother, they are all mine.”

    Hearing Shen Xiaoru’s vicious words, Shen Jinglin is simply stunned. His voice trembles and his eyes are filled with fear, “Don’t tell me, don’t tell me that cousin Linfang’s death isn’t really caused by slipping and falling into the water?”

    Zeng Linfang is Shen Jinglin’s younger cousin from his mother’s line.

    Because of the Zeng family’s decline, she had been living in the Shen family for the past two years.

    Although Shen Jinglin didn’t really love this cousin, he still treated her like a close relative.

    But six months earlier, just a day after he was crippled, this cousin unexpectedly lost her footing, fell into the water and died.

    At that time, Shen Jinglin had all his hopes practically turned into dust. He only felt that each and every one of the close relatives by his side are leaving far away him.

    Like he’s a lone star of disaster, and he has caused the deaths of his family members.

    But he never thought that all of it weren’t by accident, but by design.

    “Of course it wasn’t an accident!” Shen Xiaoru laughs smugly, “The one who was supposed to be married off to that fool of the Lu family is your good cousin, Zeng Linfang. I didn’t expect that once Zeng Linfang came to know of it, she wouldn’t agree to it no matter what. She even tried in vain to escape.”

    “I just called Master Lu to come over, to let him have a nice taste of that little slut’s flavor first. Hehe, if she lost her innocence, then she probably wouldn’t care whether or not she’s married off to a fool. If she were to give birth to a big fat boy, it would still be of the Lu family’s seed anyway! Didn’t you say so, Master Lu?”

    Shen Xiaoru speaks halfway, ambiguously sending a glance towards Lu Yongli.

    Lu Yongli’s whole body is dripping with cold sweat. He looks at Shen Xiaoru like he so badly wants to chop her into thousands of pieces.

    This moron, doesn’t she know what the situation is right now?
    Even if she’s this aggressively moronic, why does she still have to drag him down?!

    Unfortunately, Shen Xiaoru’s life revolves around interpreting what is the meaning of ‘you won’t die unless you court death’.

    “The result wasn’t as expected. That little slut was actually unable to tell good from bad, I even arranged such a good way out for her but she didn’t take it. Instead, the very next day, she threw herself down the water to kill herself. Giving trouble to me… want me to marry a mere fool from the Lu family, just dream!”

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  1. Shen Xiarou is really vicious and malicious. She should be crippled and never be able to cultivate again. In addition, marry the fool from Lu family or marry someone who she dislikes and is someone she can never bully or escape.


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