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Chapter 259: Holding in his arms
    Petal pink lips slightly move, letting out low murmur, “Di Ming Jue… why would you come into my dreams?”
    All of a sudden, Di Ming Jue goes rigid from head to foot.
    Muyan slowly and weakly extends her hand, touching Di Ming Jue’s face.
    Because the sleeping clothes are loose and slack,
    the sleeves slide down as she raises her hand, revealing white jade arms that glisten like snow.
    The front part of clothes that haven’t been secured properly, because of this movement, also opens slightly.
    It exposes the girl’s clavicle, exquisite as white porcelain, with beautiful lines that meander downwards.
    In that trance, he could see a faintly discernible landscape between the gaps of her clothes.
    Di Ming Jue could only feel an explosion within his brain, the blood in his whole body begins to boil, rushing to a certain area.
    Unfortunately, Muyan’s little hands aren’t well-behaved.
    Feeling up his face, soft and slender fingers slowly glide up his brows and slide down again, finally settling on his lips.
    “Strange… so real… just like the real thing…”
    “Why… would I dream of you?”
    The mumbling whispers are still as sleepy and softly lazy as before, like a feather tickling the man’s heart.
    It seems that Muyan wants to wake up, but the incense lingering at the tip of her nose is making her drowsy.
    And because she doesn’t sense any danger, she finally allows herself to fall into a deep slumber.
    The raised hand go limp and fall over, but not before it could take advantage of Di Ming Jue’s thin lips.
    Like a rogue, the fingertips pry his lips open, dipping into the wetness.
    Di Ming Jue can’t bear it anymore. He leans down and ruthlessly seizes the young woman’s petal lips.
    Plundering like a beast that has been starved for a long time, wanting to eat and swallow her down to his belly.
    For a long time afterwards, the room echoes with a man’s rough and heavy gasps.
    Di Ming Jue abruptly loosens his hold on the other. With red eyes, he operates the energy and breath within his body, pushing down the violently surging desires that are on the verge of eruption.
    He furiously glares at the woman in his arms, who is sound asleep after provoking him.
    Di Ming Jue gnashes his teeth–
    He swears, had this woman been awake at this moment, and if there wasn’t anyone else inside the room,
    He would definitely push her under him, eat her until not even bones would remain.
    Make this no-conscience woman know, that when she runs away right after provoking him, just what kind of end is waiting for her!
    He takes in a deep breath.
    Jun Shang-daren’s rationality finally pushes down his desire. He leans down to put Muyan back on the bed, as well as putting her clothes back in order.
    During that time, he brushes over the young woman’s velvety skin, and he could see the faintly discernible scene under her clothes. It’s no use to tell others just what kind of struggle and torment it is.
    “Niangqin…” he suddenly hears a mewling voice from the edge of the bed.
    Di Ming Jue stares blankly. He turns his head to look at the tiny thing that he had just exiled to a corner.
    It seems that losing his mother’s embrace is making the little face show a confused and lonely expression.
    He appears like a lonesome cub that got lost within the woods, looking for its parents.
    Alone in the untamed and remote forest, covered by the curtain of night. Even the strong could still be hurt, could still feel lonely.
    There’s a small wrinkle on Di Ming Jue’s brows.
    He can ignore this little kid.
    But he doesn’t know why, seeing Xiao Bao reveal this kind of expression,
    He feels like his heart is inexplicably blocked up, like a huge rock is ramming it down.
    In the end, Jun Shang-daren yields to his heart, extending his hands to fish up the small form from the edge of the bed, and placing the other in his arms.
    He has never handled a child before.
    Naturally, he doesn’t know how to properly hold a child.
    That’s why the way he’s carrying the boy is seriously, unspeakably awkward and uncomfortable.
    But who knows why?
    The little man who had been upset and panicking just a moment ago, has finally settled in his arms.

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  1. What I’m curious to know is what happened to him that lead him to getting muyan pregnant but has absolutely no memory of it

    Like was he drugged with an aphrodisiac and that person’s attempt failed which lead him muyan somehow 🤔

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