EMHS – ch273

Chapter 273: Who is the one that follows the path to doom

    Their leader, this man with a short stubble, is even at the Earth Stage. The surging Mysterious Energy from him is still denser than Shen Jinglin’s.

    It is practically impossible for him to deal with all these people by himself!

    However, it’s also absolutely impossible for him to obediently go with this group of people!

    He heard them just now – these people want to catch him in order to deal with Yanyan.

    “And if I don’t go with you?”

    “You won’t?” the leader seems to have heard a joke, “If Shen-dashao doesn’t want to go, then I can only handle you like I did with Zhao Chunming, chopping off parts of your body. For example, your hand, foot, and whatnot!”

    “Shen-dashao’s leg had just been healed, you probably wouldn’t wish for them to be crippled again so soon!”

    Shen Jinglin firmly clenches his fists, his eyes seem like they’re about to erupt in flames.

    There is not a thread nor a hair of cowering on his face, but he adapts an aggressive stance instead.

    Even if he dies, he will never allow himself to be a burden to Yanyan.

    “Haha… you want to resist? Then don’t blame these uncles for being vicious and merciless!”

    “If you want to blame someone, then blame that younger sister of yours. Who let her eyes be blind and offend someone who shouldn’t be offended?!”

    Just as his voice falls, the leader raises up his long knife, and fiercely slashes towards Shen Jinglin.

    Boundless Internal Force rushes out to the atmosphere, making everyone under the stage show horrified expressions and recoil again and again.

    A lot of people are filled with pity and sympathy for Shen Jinglin in their hearts.

    It was with great difficulty that his leg injury has been cured, and his cultivation has recovered, but he’ll become a waste once again.

    Just who is this sister of Shen Jinglin in the end?

    Why had she been so blind?

    Who else shouldn’t you offend in Tianyuan City, but Dr. Deng of Xuan Medical Pavilion!

    Isn’t this following the path to one’s own doom?

    The Internal Force surging in the air has a chilling pressure and the murderous spirit fills the atmosphere.

    But suddenly, there’s a mellifluous music in the distance, and from that distance it goes nearer, coming through like spirals of smoke.

    That music speaks of high mountains and flowing water, faraway and gentle.

    They don’t know why, as the music rings in their ears,

    It’s making the blood of everyone who hears it boil a little.

    The beleaguered Shen Jinglin, who has originally fallen into a tight spot, suddenly raises his head, his eyes gleaming and flashing.

    He seems embarrassed, yet moved.

    And the other people on the scene seem to have gone foolish as they listen, their heads raised as they listlessly stand around, and they could only return to their senses after a long time.

    In the next moment, there’s suddenly fluttering pink petals falling down from the sky.

    The petals are sporadic, and there’s not a lot of them.

    But it’s as if they’re alive, as petals actually stick to those killers around Shen Jinglin by themselves.

    The man with the stubble was initially still immersed in the music that plucks on one’s heartstrings.

    He suddenly feels a petal fall on his face, and he can’t help but reach out to touch it.

    The peculiar fragrance, along with a piercing chill, seeps through his skin and into the bone marrow.

    There’s a thudding sound in the leader’s mind, and he has an inexplicably bad feeling in his guts.

    However, without waiting for him to make any move,

    He hears an explosion in his ears, and simultaneously, he feels a tearing pain, and all the flesh on his body bursts open.

    A blood-curdling scream erupts from the stage.

    In just a few short breaths, the dozen or so individuals surrounding Shen Jinglin evenly fall to the floor. They’ve become badly mangled, that except for letting out pained moans, they can’t do anything else.

    In the sky, the sweet-sounding music gets farther and farther.

    However, the figure of a young woman in white clothes, as if dropping from the sky, slowly falls on the platform.

    The young woman’s complexion is like snow on high mountains, cold and bright, and sacred.

    There’s a noble charm and laziness in each movement, just one look and it could entrance their souls.

    And as her feet touches the floor, her eyes fall on Shen Jinglin, and the corners of her lips slowly curl up.

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