EMHS – ch274

Chapter 274: In the end, who mustn’t be offended

    And as her feet touches the floor, her eyes fall on Shen Jinglin, and the corners of her lips slowly curl up.

    Her whole body emits a charm that resembles nature itself. Everyone looking can only hold their breath as their souls are stolen.

    “Brother, you just went out to do something, what’s taking you so long? If you won’t come back, you’re going to miss a meal.”

    The girl’s voice is incredibly clear and pleasant, it lingers on the ears like ice beads tinkling down a jade plate.

    Shen Jinglin has a blush of shame across his whole face, guiltily replying: “I’m sorry, Yanyan, it’s because big brother is too useless. I still needed you to come and save me.”

    “How could this be big brother’s fault?”

    Muyan chuckles and turns to look at the man with the stubble, as well and his companions, as they sprawl on the ground, “Just a moment ago, I seemed to have heard you say that I am blind, to have offended someone that I shouldn’t?”

    “I even heard you all say that my older brother is unable to tell good from bad, so you’re going to cut off a few limbs from his body?”

    While she’s saying this, the young woman has a bright and beautiful smile and her tone is gentle, like a girl in a boudoir who isn’t well-versed in the affairs of the world.

    But everyone, on or off the stage, 

    They tremble all over from feeling an inexplicable chill on their spine as they look at the young woman’s smile.

    Just then, someone in the crowd, who’s attentively staring at Muyan’s face, suddenly has a flash of recognition and let’s out a loud cry of alarm.

    “She, she, she… she is the Enchantress Jun Muyan!”

    “She is the fairy-doctor of Junji Medical Center who can wrestle a life out the king of hell’s grasp!”

    In an instant, the whole audience goes quiet.

    Not a single voice can be heard.

    The people on the scene, each and every one of them is struck dumb.

    Enchantress Jun Muyan!

    Before their eyes, this young woman with an exceptional countenance, unexpectedly turns out to be the most sought-after individual in Tianyuan City these days, Enchantress Jun Muyan!

    So that means, Shen Jinglin is actually the Enchantress’ big brother?

    And the person who offended Xuan Medical Pavilion’s great elder Deng Hongfeng, it’s Jun Muyan?

    For a moment, everyone is rendered speechless!

    They had just been in a lively discussion, saying that Shen Jinglin’s younger sister has no eyes to discern people. At this time, all of them has completely shut up.

    They can’t utter a word anymore?

    What else can they say?

    Even if Deng Hongfeng has a formidable background,

    In the end, he’s still unable to withstand the Enchantress of Medicine’s supernaturally excellent skills in healing, as it’s at the extent that it’s unparalleled in the world!

    Quite a lot of people have speculated that the Enchantress’ skills may even be superior to that of the Gody Doctor Qian Qing.

    In the end, who mustn’t be offended?

    Just take a look at the current situation of the Junji Medical Center and the Hongfu Medical Center – then it would all be crystal clear.

    “Ah! As it turns out, Shen Jinglin is the older brother of the Enchantress. It’s no wonder that he has made some advancements to his cultivation, and his leg that had been broken for a year is restored to its former condition!” someone yells out after a sudden realization.

    The other people nod one after another, and their eyes no longer contain pity as they look at Shen Jinglin. Only envy and jealousy remain.

    To have a younger sister like Jun Muyan, that would truly be the greatest blessing!

    This is equal to Shen Jinglin having more lives compared to ordinary people!

    Even if he receives a mortal wound, Jun Muyan could pull him back from the gates of the underworld.

    If ordinary people want to see the Enchantress and ask for a medical treatment, it’s in fact extremely difficult.

    In reality, there’s still something that these people don’t know.

    Muyan isn’t just a doctor who can wrestle a life out of the king of hell’s grasp,

    She’s also a godly apothecary who can refine miraculous draughts.

    The hype bubbling and gurgling in the Ghost CIty these days, the special draughts that can be auctioned off for a sky-high price every time they appear – all of them had come from this young woman’s hands.

    And so, on the day when they would hear about this information, 

    It wouldn’t just shake a small place like Tianyuan City, but the whole Chi Yan Country, even the entire Yanwu Continent.


    After Muyan has finished her question, her gaze leisurely falls on the people on the floor. Her smile is soft and relaxed, like she’s talking in a friendly manner.

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