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Chapter 280: Set-up
    There’s panic across Dr. Yu’s whole face, but his eyes are filled with confusion, “I’m don’t understand it either. When I was treating him, he really only suffered some common internal injuries. I used the needle to loosen and drain the clotted blood from inside his body, and he only need to apply medicine to it for two days and he should be fine. I don’t know what made him this way!”
    Old Tao slightly narrows his eyes and looks at that middle-aged who’s bleeding on the seven holes holes of his face, and who’s body seems to be cold.
    There’s an indescribable bad feeling in his heart.
    It’s at this moment that a large group of uniformed people fiercely burst into the Junji Medical Center.
    “I am Deputy General Lu from Tianyuan City’s guards. I heard that there’s a murder that took place in Junji Medical Center, is this the case?”
    As soon as the woman sees this group of people, it’s like she has met her saviors. She throws herself towards them, kneels on the ground, and proceeds to tearfully cry out: “I beseech Deputy General-daren, you must give justice to my husband! My husband is a good man, but after Junji Medical Center’s quack doctor gave him treatment, he came to such an unnatural death.”
    “Now they still want to shut my mouth by force. Begging the City Guard, Deputy General-daren, be sure to get justice for this housewife!”
    Deputy General Lu listens as the woman finishes her complaints.
    Sharp eyes sweep over and fall on that now-dead man.
    He waves a hand, declaring with a lowered voice: “Junji Medical Center has caused someone’s death. This is a crime that cannot be pardoned. Come, give me everyone in the Junji Medical Center, including their shopkeeper, capture all of them and take them back to prison!”
    In a split second, Old Tao’s complexion becomes thoroughly unsightly, “This sir, we still haven’t investigated this matter so it’s unclear. How can you casually convict our whole establishment? At the moment, we’re not certain if this patient was put to death by a doctor from our medical center.”
    “Who else could it be but you!” the beautiful woman weeps, “Before that, my husband was clearly doing well, but after he let this doctor examine him, he died like this. If you didn’t kill him, don’t tell me that I’m the one who killed my own husband?”
    Old Tao has long realized that something is amiss.
    Even if their doctor really did kill someone, how could an official get here so fast?
    This is very obviously a deliberate set-up against their medical center.
    As Old Tao is about to say something, there’s a sudden scream from the entrance once again.
    “Step aside, step aside! Dr. Deng of the Xuan Medical Pavilion visits. What are you people still doing there, why don’t you quickly come over and welcome him?”
    Hearing that, everyone simultaneously turns towards the sound.
    They see Deng Hongfeng strut in with several small servant boys escorting him.
    As soon as Deputy General Lu sees him, he immediately shows a respectful expression, “Dr. Deng, why have you come over?”
    “I heard that someone in this Junji Medical Center died after a treatment, so I’ve come over to take a look.” Deng Hongfeng says as wrinkles his brows and shakes his head, “That’s why I said back then, not just any cat or dog can open a medical establishment and play doctor. The benevolent heart of a doctor saves people’s lives. Medical establishments that kill people with their treatment, what qualifications do they have? In the future, I must improve the standards of Xuan Medical Pavilion for testing the doctors, we mustn’t let those quacks mix in with the doctors and cause harm.”
    Deputy General Lu repeatedly nods and smiles fawningly, “Dr. Deng, you are our Tianyuan City’s only senior doctor. How can a little girl possibly compare to you when she hasn’t even fully grown her hair yet?”
    “Who doesn’t know that Dr. Qian Qing is the number one Godly Doctor in Yanwu Contient. What enchantress, music healer, hehe, she’s not even qualified to carry his or your honorable self’s shoes!”
    Deng Hongfeng nods arrogantly, then he walks to that middle-aged man’s side. He crouches down and takes a look.
    Like chopping the nail and slicing the iron, he says: “This man died from improper treatment, to the point where his qi and blood went the wrong direction, and he died on the spot.”

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  3. Deng Hongfeng is realy cant wait till he see his own funeral.

    Thx for the chapter
    /Respectfully cupping fists/


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