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Chapter 281: In the end, dead or not
    When the beautiful woman hears that, her eyes immediately shines brightly, and she loudly says: “Even Dr. Deng has said so, what else do you people still have to say? Deputy General-daren, you mustn’t let the murderer get away!”
    Deputy General Lu immediately waves his hand, his eyes containing a murderous glint: “Come, capture everyone involved in the murder for me, take them away for inquisition, close down the Junji Medical Center!”
    The swords in his subordinates’ hands make clanging sounds, brandished.
    Suddenly, they hear a melodious and sweet-sounding voice, having a touch of nonchalance.
    “Murderer? Hehe… who said that this man is dead?”
    Almost simultaneously, everyone’s line of sight gather towards the source of the voice.
    They see a young woman wearing dark clothes, holding a four or five year old child as she slowly comes over.
    She has a light makeup on, making her delicate and graceful countenance shine like a bright moon.
    The tip of her brows are faintly quirked up, containing a thread of inexplicable languid charm.
    One one glance at those peach blossom eyes that gleam like ripples of water under the sunlight, and people’s spirits are snatched away, their souls captured.
    And the little boy she’s holding,
    He’s clearly at such a young and tender age, but his handsome face doesn’t have any expression.
    Those pair of blue irises are as cold as frost.
    While they’re slowly walking over, his whole body unconsciously exudes a noble atmosphere that people can’t ignore.
    Many people on the scene had never seen Muyan before.
    Seeing her now, it’s as if they’ve lost their souls, and it’s only a long while before they could come back to themselves.
    However, there’re also some people who have previously seen her face.
    After their absent-mindedness, they can’t help but exclaim: “Enchantress! It’s the Enchantress-daren!”
    With this first shout, the atmosphere in the whole medical center has a sudden change.
    Everyone gaze turns fervent as they look at her.
    In a split second, the atmosphere that accuses everyone in Junji Medical Center as quacks just earlier, it fades away and disappears without a trace.
    Just how powerful is this doctor, when one looks not at the skills and reputation from those flapping mouths-
    But at the genuine strength.
    And with her godly medical skill, Muyan has conquered almost everyone in Tianyuan City.
    On sharp contrast to those who admire her-
    The moment Deng Hongfeng sees Muyan, his eyes are practically spurting out fire.
    Slut, it’s all because of this slut!
    Causing him trouble that his reputation in Tianyuan City has reached rock bottom, he can’t even continue opening the Hongfu Medical Center these days!
    Looking at this woman now, he’s already completely unable to come up with covetous thoughts.
    There’s only a hostility that makes him want to chop her up into ten thousand pieces.
    Very quickly however, he restrains himself and sneers: “What did I just hear? You said that this person isn’t dead? Hahaha… the so-called Enchantress of Medicine is actually only at this level? Saying that this person isn’t dead, does your Junji Medical Center’s own doctors even believe that?”
     Dr. Yu, as well as the few others who had checked that middle-aged man’s condition, they all have dark complexions as they lower their heads.
    They have been practicing medicine for several decades, and they also obtained their doctor’s qualification from Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    They can still see whether that man is really dead or not.
    Dr. Yu wobbles over to Muyan’s side, and bends both knees in order to kneel down, “Miss, I’ve dragged you all down…”
    Before his knees could touch the ground however, he is held up by Muyan.
    The corners of her mouth are gently quirked up, an intense but composed smiling expression rises up to her eyes, “Right now, it’s still to early to conclude whether or not you’ve dragged anyone down!”
    “You… what do you mean by this?” it’s only at this time that the beautiful woman could react. She points at Muyan and starts swearing, “Do you want to deny the fact that my husband died in your establishment? Even if you’re the renowned ‘enchantress’, this kind of behavior is rather extremely shameless and repugnant. Wuu, wuu… Deputy General Lu, you must give justice to this small woman ah!”

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  1. I cannot wait to see the rest of Deng Hongfeng’s play. It is going to be so interesting when tables are turned on him. At that moment he cannot deny Muyan’s skill and his lack of it.

    Who asked him to be so arrogant? If he kept quiet only the doctors who were present at the exam will know if his lack of skill. Now he set up the stage himself to broadcast his own incompetence.

    I hope Muyan takes revenge for Fang Jingya too.


  2. The only judgement you’ll be getting is a slap to the face and an immediate death! Even if Muyan doesn’t take action herself, after saving and/or treating most of the citizens in the city, who’d hesitate to get revenge on her behalf? Really… even if you were bribed, aren’t you too stupid for going against this woman who has most of the people in her debt? Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. Thanks for the chapter
    That why always respect or leave enough space to retreat so you would not to embrass


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