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Chapter 285: Seven steps back
    His cold gaze sweeps over Deng Hongfeng, and eventually falls on Muyan, “You can only blame this woman, actually daring to humiliate the Xuan Medical Pavilion. Today, I can see that you’re already a senior doctor, so I won’t take your life, just give you a little lesson!”
    Before his voice could fall, his figure is like lightning as it disappears from his spot.
    When everyone is able to react, a palm that’s wrapped with a powerful Internal Force is already charging towards Muyan.
    Not only does this palm boil with pure Internal Force, it contains boundless pressure.
    What’s even more frightening is the sinister miasma coming out with it.
    The people who are standing even a little bit too close, when they make slight contact with the sinister gas-
    They could feel their Qi Sea boil, their skin burning like they’ve been set on fire.
    Everyone in the Junji Medical Center, even Old Tao and the others, they all show expression of alarm and concern.
    There are even some people that can’t help but cry out, “Be careful, doctor!”
    The rolling wave of heat from that Internal Force makes even Xiao Bao feel a stifling oppression.
    In a split second, his handsome little face is stretched taut even further.
    Without waiting for him to prepare for combat however, his is pulled back by the collar, until he’s behind someone.
    A fair, jade-like palm slowly strikes out.
    Under that tidal wave of sinister Internal Force, those lily-white hands seem like they will be destroyed at any instant.
    The next moment however, a magical scene takes place.
    From the void, those white jade palms suddenly turn and invert, appearing to unfurl some layers like a snow lotus from the Tianshan mountains, spreading out and blossoming.
    Immediately after that, even though there clearly aren’t zither strings that are being strummed-
    A melodious and beautiful sound of a zither seems to ring in everyone’s ears.
    In the wake of this creeping Qin music, the black-tinted Internal Force seems to have met it’s bane.
    It’s getting quickly swallowed up.
    When it’s not swallowed, it also flees in panic like a stray dog.
    A trace of shock finally appears on the guard’s face, when it has always been high and mighty.
    It’s at this time that those two hands come into contact with each other.
    Zheng–!! A thrumming sound of the zither.
    Boom–!! Now the collision of the two palm strikes.
    The pair draw back at the same time.
    Muyan takes three steps back.
    But that Enforcer retreats for no less than seven steps.
    Once he has steadied his form after great difficulty, his face bursts into green then white, unsightly that it’s almost dripping with ink.
    His eyes are fixed on Muyan, barely able to control his tone and emotions, “You… who are you?!!”
    She’s clearly a girl who’s less than twenty years of age, but unexpectedly… she can match his palm strike!
    Wouldn’t that mean that she must have a Precelestial cultivation?!
    No, it’s absolutely not just a simple Precelestial!
    But how is this possible?!
    Before Muyan could respond, Deng Hongfeng hurries to yell loudly: “This stinking bitch is called Jun Muyan. With just a little bit of skill in medicine, she already completely doesn’t put our Xuan Medical Pavilion in her eyes, even humiliating Master with her words!”
    Deng Hongfeng has really been greatly overwhelmed and suppressed by Muyan this time.
    He’s never been this aggrieved before!
    He thought about all kinds of means to kill Jun Muyan, but there was no way to do it.
    Even the mercenaries, each and every one of them also disappeared and never came back.
    Of course, he knows that Enforcer Li is powerful, but the latter is one of the most capable subordinates around Master.
    How could he send Enforcer Li on an errand, when he doesn’t even dare use words of persuasion.
    That’s because Enforcer Li is extremely dreadful, his whole body is like poison. If Deng Hongfeng gets close to slightly provoking the other, he would have to fear for his life.
    But he didn’t expect that today, Jun Muyan, this fool would actually enrage Enforcer Li.
    Isn’t that courting death for herself?
    How would he be willing to let go of such a great opportunity?

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  3. Enrage Enforcer Li? Just who enrages who in the first place? The stupidity of
    Deng Hongfeng is on a very high level.

    Thx for the chapter
    /Respectfully cupping fists/


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