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Chapter 297: Calm, Calm Down
    Muyan quickly jumps down from the bed, and uses the water basin at the side to wash her hands and clean her face.
    She promptly sits down by the table and begins to gorge herself. She has quite the oblivious attitude.
    Not even caring about where she is at the moment.
    As the food reaches her mouth, Muyan suddenly widens her eyes and shows an amazed expression.
    So delicious!
    It’s several times more delicious than the expensive foods that she’s eaten in big restaurants!
    She doesn’t know who’s the chef that made this, but actually attaining such a level in the culinary arts-
    Ohh, she really wants to kidnap that person back and have him exclusively cook for her!
    After eating and drinking her fill, Muyan stretches her body in satisfaction.
    She pats off the nonexistent dust on her clothes, getting up to leave.
    She opens the door and discovers a very big courtyard.
    There’s the fragrance of flowers and the chirping of the birds in the garden.
    There’s also a very wide area that has been cleared out and plowed, with some draught herbs growing on it.
    Each kind is exceptionally precious and uncommon, Muyan has never even come across some of them.
    But she doesn’t intend to stay any longer in this unfamiliar place. She’s afraid that Xiao Bao will get anxious if she returns late.
    “You want to go?” a dark, low, and husky voice suddenly speaks from behind her.
    Muyan falters in her step, but she doesn’t turn around. She directly jumps up instead.
    Her figure is like a nimble flying swallow as she leaps high up in the sky, and over the perimeter wall of the courtyard.
    As long as she crosses over this wall, she would be out of the scope of this yard.
    How Di Ming Jue never expected it. This woman clearly knows that it’s him, even hearing his voice.
    She actually refuses to even turn around and look at him.
    She just runs away!
    Is she so disgusted with him?!
    Thinking of this, the rage in the pit of his stomach surges up along with a burning, tearing kind of pain.
    In a split second, his eyes heat up until they’re red.
    Muyan has one foot gently tapping on the wall, and her figure is about to go off like a bird.
    But suddenly, a powerful and irresistible forge tugs on her waist.
    Indeed, it forcibly drags her back!
    It’s the sound of the door slamming shut against its frame. The entire room seems to be shuddering.
    Muyan finds herself firmly pressed against the door, both hands pinned on the sides, and she can’t move even a bit.
    The man towers over and looks down on her.
    The dim light inside the room is making the man’s face somewhat hazy.
    But even hazy, it couldn’t conceal the man’s handsome face, with it’s almost perfect contours.
    Moreover, those pair of smoldering eyes are unwavering as they glare at her, like he wants to devour her into his belly.
    Muyan gulps down with some difficulty, “Di Ming Jue, calm, calm down!”
    “Tell me, you want to run away from me? What do you want to go back to?”
    The man leans down, his scalding breath blowing on her face.
    A hint of a blush suddenly appears on the girl’s fair skin, making her absolutely gorgeous countenance seem even more splendid and beguiling.
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes immediately becomes darker.
    His gaze lingers on those delectable lips that look so full and captivating because she had just been sleeping.
    The slightly upturned cherry lips seem like a flower that’s waiting to be plucked.
    The faintly discernible pearly white teeth seem to be waiting for him to lick and invade them, and declare his possession.
    “Di Ming Jue, you…”
    Then, before the woman in his arms could finish what she’s saying, he does it.
    For so many days, he has been thinking about it, longing for it, but he can’t vent out his desire.
    Scorching lips seizes the girl’s soft ones.
    The overbearing atmosphere of invasion goes to swallow up her breath.
    The hand that was pinning Muyan is now pushing her into his embrace.
    He arrests the waist that can’t even fill up his grasp, and firmly presses her into his bosom, not giving her even a little bit of escape.

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  2. I hope he’s improved his kissing technique! And learned to control his strength better.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. Why are men who have power such pigs? They think they can force someone to love them back.


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