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Chapter 299: Have me warm your bed?
    His remaining clothes are conspicuously thin, and stripping them off would reveal flesh.
    That thin waist and long legs, added to that face that could entice all living things-
    This man is simply an evildoer!
    Di Ming Jue pulls her hands and pushes it on his waistband, his low voice is indecent, “Didn’t Muyan say that she wants to record perfection? Ben Jun’s body still hasn’t been completely revealed to you!”
    Indeed! Evildoer!
    Muyan’s entire body bursts into red, and her nose even tickles and heats up.
    Her gaze doesn’t dare go and glance at that place below the man’s waist.
    She forcefully pulls out a smile: “There… there’s no need to paint, hey that, what was that food you prepared? The taste was really good. Which restaurant did it come from? I also want to go and eat with Xiao Bao next time!”
    Di Ming Jue halts his movements, then he narrows his eyes. He has an impenetrable expression as he looks at her, “You like it?”
    “I like it!” Muyan nods without hesitation, “It’s much more delicious compared to what my cooks make! If it’s possible, I want to eat it everyday!  Even if it’s expensive, I’d still agree to it.”
    For some reason, Muyan feels that after she said these words,
    The man in front of her seems to have a much better mood.
    The chilling ice and snow in his eyes seem to melt away, “Your wishes shall be realized.”
    “So which restaurant is it?”
    How can my wishes be realized if you won’t tell me the name of the restaurant?
    “Or is it that, it’s from your personal kitchen?” Muyan licks her lips, looking like she’s craving, “Can I borrow the cook for two days?”
    Such delicious food, she must have Xiao Bao taste it as well.
    The man leans down towards her, red-hot breath falling on the lips she just licked.
    The girl’s lips are still red and swollen, telling of his abuse just a moment ago, and that sweet taste.
    And at this moment, Di Ming Jue just wants to bully her again.
    All of a sudden, Muyan’s breathing becomes somewhat chaotic, and she promptly takes a step back, “Can’t lend for two days? How about a day?”
    Di Ming Jue takes a deep breath and presses down the violently surging desire in his heart. Only then does he slowly say: “You can borrow for a lifetime!”
    Muyan suddenly opens her eyes wide.
    It’s just, the smile still hasn’t reached up to her beautiful peach-blossom eyes,
    As she hears the man’s low voice: “But not now.”
    Muyan thinks that Di Ming Jue still hates to part with this cherished personal chef.
    So she just smiles lazily and says: “It doesn’t matter. For the sake of delicious food, I can wait. Since there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”
    Before she could take a step outside however,
    The man’s figure is like a phantom, moving in front of her within a blink of an eye.
    The eyes that had acquired a trace of warmth just a moment ago, now have become gloomy once again.
    “Who said that you can go?”
    Muyan raises her brows, “Then what do you want? Have me warm your bed? But Jun Shang, with your good looks, there should be a lot of women who would want to warm your bed!”
    “Jun! Mu! Yan!” Di Ming Jue is finally at the end of his patience, and he almost roars her name.
    “You haven’t changed, you didn’t even leave a single word, you just disappeared before my eyes and left. Now you’re asking me what I want? Jun Muyan, woman, are you heartless?!”
    Her arm is suddenly held back, and the man’s fiery eyes are are in front of her.
    Those eyes have a frustration, of extreme longing, resentment and jealousy.
    This woman, even if she leaves without telling him, even if she never missed him-
    But she actually, actually still went to look at other men’s naked bodies.
    Heaven knows that when Di Ming Jue saw that scene, the Immortal Force within his body almost went out of control and exploded, nearly ruining the entire Yanwu Continent.
    Confronted with such interrogation and anger, Muyan has a somewhat stupid expression.

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