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Chapter 300: What the hell?!
    Confronted with such interrogation and anger, Muyan has a somewhat stupid expression.
     For quite a while, she can only lift up her brows, then she slowly asks: “No… you’re the first one who left without saying goodbye, right?”
    The light in Di Ming Jue’s eyes abruptly congeals.
    This phrase swirls within his brain for a long time, until he could understand what it means.
    No! He still doesn’t understand!
    “When did Ben Jun leave without saying goodbye?!!”
    Muyan blinks, “One night, I went into your courtyard but there’s no one there and the place is empty. There’s a lot of dust that has accumulated. From the first month, there’s hasn’t been any news from you, isn’t that… leaving without a goodbye?”
    Di Ming Jue’s expression goes sluggish for a split second, then he gnashes his teeth in fury, like he wants to swallow someone whole.
    “Han Ye–!!!”
    If Han Ye is in front of him right now, Di Ming Jue swears that he would’ve torn the man into eighteen chunks, each of which would be minced and fed to the dogs.
    But the burning anger is slowly extinguished.
     Soon after, he bubbles up with an indescribable ecstasy.
    “So, because I didn’t say goodbye, you left?” Di Ming Jue asks softly.
    In Muyan’s mind: you’re overthinking it. When I left, it was to go and see my father and brother.
    But meeting the man’s hopeful and expectant look, she doesn’t know why, but the words are stuck on her throat. In any case, she can’t say it.
    Undoubtedly, the majestic Jun Shang is unmatched, be it in identity or status.
    But of all people, he’s showing an expression like that of a child wanting some candy. Looking at him could make people want to spoil him.
    Muyan coughs a little, “In brief, the misunderstanding has now been explained and made clear. I can go back now, I presume.”
    “Out of question!” on this issue, Di Ming Jue’s face gets gloomy once again.
    Saying something like he left without notice so she was deeply hurt (she didn’t say that!!) – it’s all just to deceive him.
    She just wants to go back and hang out with those other wild men.
    Muyan is dumbfounded, “What do you want? Just lock me up like this?”
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes darkens: If possible, I really want to lock you up and make you stay by my side for a lifetime.
    However, he doesn’t say what’s on his mind. Instead, he turns over his wrist, and seven dark beads appear on the hollow of his palm.
    These seven spheres are quite strange, as they give off a faint medicinal scent and earthy aroma.
    “This are seeds of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower.” Di Ming Jue drawls.
    Hearing the words ‘Dark Clouds Spirit Flower’, Muyan’s pupil’s contract.
    It’s practically extinct in the Yanwu Continent. Ever since it has been recorded, no one has ever seen this Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, much less know about what it does.
    Muyan has only come to know of this Spirit Flower because she’s seen it in the Supreme Draught Classics that Xiao Bao found.
    One of the formulas in it requires the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower.
    And because of the special nature of this plant, it has detailed descriptions inside the ancient book.
    From its germination, until it blossoms and withers, it only lasts for a period of seven days.
    As a result, it’s also known as “The Seven-day Flower”.
    However, this seven-day flower, nobody could cultivate it for thousands of years.
    Don’t even mention the Yanwu Continent, even in the Xiuzhen Continent, it’s said that it has already been an awfully long time that nobody is able grow this Spirit Flower.
    Muyan looks at Di Ming Jue, not understanding why he took out those seeds.
    While she’s being suspicious, she hears the sound of man’s low and magnetic voice, dark and seductive.
    “As long as you can cultivate one Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, and use this jade box to collect the flower, I will let you go back.”
    Saying that, he places the seven seeds, along with the jade box, within her hands.
    What the hell?!

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  1. Man… Di Ming Jue truly not make things easy for poor Muyan

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