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Chapter 304: Give Niangqin back to me
    I am a handicapped person, what can I offer you?
    Yan Haotian raises his head and closes his eyes, preventing the sourness from spilling out from within them.
    When he opens his eyes again, his face has already restored to its usual icy, freezing decisiveness.
    He steadily raises his hands to his chest, and he gestures the words that he wants to say.
    “Feng Haitang, do you absolutely want me to say it more clearly? I don’t like you anymore. When your Feng family threw stones at those who had fallen down a well, when my marriage contract was broken at the time that I was at my most desperate, I didn’t love you anymore. When I see you, I would remember my miserable and downtrodden past. I hope that you’ll never appear in front of me again. Do… you understand?”
    On where she stands, Feng Haitang is suddenly stumped for words, her complexion becomes progressively paler.
    Her voice is weak and trembling, “Haotian, you… you’re only saying these words to deceive me, aren’t you? You just want me to give up, don’t you?”
    “Whatever you say.” Yan Haotian is as expressionless as before, using sign language to say the opposite of what he feels, “but it’s impossible for me to be with you, and I hope you won’t pester me anymore. Otherwise, it would make things very difficult for me as I do my job in front of the Miss.”
    Saying that, he doesn’t look at Feng Haitang’s eyes as he turns and leaves.
    Feng Haitang could no longer hold the tears back, and they roll down from the corners of her eyes.
    A broken-hearted cry spills out from her lips.
    And so she didn’t discover the gaze of the man walking ahead of her, his expression when he turns around to look at her.
    Such pain, longing, guilt, and love, but also… a tearing desperation.
    After Feng Haitang left, Xiao Bao dazedly sits by the candle-flame for a while.
    Soon after, he tightens his little fist and climbs down from the chair, and he jumps up to the bed.
    He operates the Internal Force through his body, and he starts to cultivate.
    He won’t go to sleep for the entire night. He wants to work his hardest to become stronger, so he could take his mother back.
    “With just this level cultivation, you will never be able to surpass me.”
    A deep and low male voice echoes in the room, making Xiao Bao abruptly raise his head.
    Then, he sees that nasty man!
    That lecher who took his mother away!
    “Give Niangqin back to me!!”
    The small form shoots out like a cannonball, the powerful Internal Force forms a vortex, its might boundless.
    In the next moment however–
    With a puff, all of that Internal Force is like an air sac that has been punctured, dissipating until there’s nothing left.
    And Di Ming Jue has caught Xiao Bao in his hands.
    Holding him by the collar, like one lifts up a little monkey.
    Di Ming Jue has an expressionless face as he looks at the other, “I have to say, you’re only at this level and you want to surpass Ben Jun. It’s no more than a pipe dream.”
    “Let me go!” Xiao Bao does his best to struggle, but he simply can’t break free from the man’s hold, “Scoundrel, return my niangqin back to me!”
    Di Ming Jue snorts, and there’s a trace of contempt in his eyes, “You say that you want to get stronger and protect your mother, but in reality, you can only be dependent on her and stick to her. Letting her be distracted for you, she will never be able break through her shackles and advance because of you, won’t she?”
    Xiao Bao is startled, and his tiny form stops struggling.
    A hint of anxiousness and grievance appears in his big blue eyes, “I’m not!”
    He’s not a distraction for niangqin, he’s not preventing his niangqin from advancing.
    However, is he really not?
    Over the years, his mother has spent far more time on him, than on herself.
    Niangqin’s cultivation is clearly stuck in the middle of the Precelestial realm, and she can’t advance by an inch.
    However, she doesn’t mind it at all. Instead, every day, she plays the zither, refines draughts, and thinks of ways to make him breakthrough at a steady pace.
    He doesn’t help with his niangqin’s hardships, nor does he protect her.
    Instead, because of him, she is…

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  1. I really want YHT and FHT to get together soon, this chapter is breaking my heart! 😭

    Also Xiao Bao, don’t be sad!

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕


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  3. Annoying isn’t he just trying to force him to start becoming independent from her so he can take her. What an arse


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