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Chapter 305: Absolutely! Absolutely will not let you
    The blue eyes becomes cloudy with a layer of water, the small form curls up, appearing unspeakably aggrieved and hurt.
    Di Ming Jue watches as the little boy in front of him looks like this, and his heart is indescribably stifled, and uncomfortably restless.
    “You’re a big man, how can you cry?”
    He extends his hand to awkwardly and crudely rub the tears off of Xiao Bao’s face.
    He then offhandedly sits down on the chair at the side, arranging Xiao Bao on his lap.
    “Well, don’t cry. Later, don’t stick to your mother. If you want to get stronger, Ben Jun can teach you.”
    Xiao Bao’s thick and long eyelashes are like crow feathers, still dewy and damp with tears.
    Gently trembling as they lift up, revealing a pair blue eyes that are exactly the same as Di Ming Jue’s.
    He looks at the man holding him.
    He feels that this normally annoying lecher seems somewhat different today.
    His hug is awfully warm, and it has the same scent as that father in that dream.
    “Why would you teach me?”
    Di Ming Jue is frowning as he looks at the food laid out on the table.
    It’s cold. One look could tell him that it would be very difficult to swallow.
    How could a child eat these?
    He lifts up a hand, and the food on the table disappears.
    Changing it to several bowls of savory, steaming warm food. One sniff could whet the appetite.
    “First, eat.” Di Ming Jue says coldly.
    His tone seems to be that of a command, but for the first time, Xiao Bao doesn’t argue with him.
    Instead, he picks up the bowl and chopsticks.
    He just sits on the man’s hold, and uses the chopsticks to pick the food.
    The delicious food enters his stomach, along with its heat. It warms up his body.
    The loneliness, panic and forlorn from being all alone in this room just a moment ago – at this moment, they all disappear without a trace.
     Di Ming Jue waits until he finishes eating, and only then does he say: “I can teach you martial arts, even teach you the Xiuzhen mind discipline, practices that surpass the limits of the Yanwu Continent.”
    Xiao Bao sets down the tableware, and he lets out a satisfied burp.
    The jade-white little face is blushing bright red from embarrassment.
    However, he very quickly tightens up his face and asks, “What are you plotting?”
    “Plotting?” Di Ming Jue coldly humphs, “Sooner or later, Muyan will become Ben Jun’s wife, and you will be my son, the future master of the Polar Domain. Ben Jun naturally wants to properly educate you. Otherwise, you would go and lose Ben Jun’s face.”
    Xiao Bao’s face turns red all of a sudden, and he angrily says: “Niangqin isn’t yours!”
    “Saying so much, you don’t want to study from Ben Jun?”
    A change comes over Xiao Bao’s complexion. His long eyelashes slightly trembles, showing the confusion in his mind.
    In the end, he clenches a tiny fist, loudly saying: “Alright, I will learn from you. But I’ll definitely find niangqin myself, and take her back.”
    Saying that, he shakes his little fist, “Niangqin is mine! Absolutely, absolutely won’t let you!”
    Muyan stays inside the room for a while, finding that the door couldn’t be opened at all.
    What’s even weirder is that lock. It doesn’t budge even if she uses 100% of her cultivation.
    Since she can’t do anything, Muyan has no choice but to go back to bed and sleep.
    Early the next morning, someone has brought her some toiletries and breakfast.
    Only, it’s a pity for her that the cook for today’s breakfast seems to be a different individual.
    It’s not as delicious as last night’s dinner.
    Stretching a bit, Muyan gets up to walk out of the door.
    As soon as she steps out, a pair of hands blocks the way in front of her.
    Before her eyes is a juvenile in black clothes, with a pretty face, red lips and white teeth, and not the slightest bit of facial expression.
    It’s even colder than Di Ming Jue’s.
    “Miss, the Master said that you can’t leave here for the time being.” even the voice is frosty. Sweet-sounding, but without the up and down undulations of any emotion.

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  1. Well… Turns out Di Ming Jue isnt that cold blooded to Xiao Bao

    Thx for the double chapter
    /Respectfully cupping fists/

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  3. Lame, not happy hes trying to force the child to seperate from her. He never showed up in the last lifetime so he has zero right to try this


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