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Chapter 306: Can’t Leave
    Muyan’s lips quirk up, “But Di Ming Jue is making me plant these Dark Clouds Spirit Flower. The seeds can’t possibly grow if I’m in this room, can they?”
    The youngster hesitates for a moment, and ultimately steps out of the way.
    Muyan swaggers out of the room, and goes in front of that medicine field in the courtyard.
    Giving it a thought, she first takes out two seeds and buries them in the soil.
    According to the Book of Supreme Draughts, you only need to wait 6 hours to see if the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is viable.
    The seeds will show some signs of breaking the ground.
    Time gradually passes by.
    Soon, the sun has shifted from the east to the west, from the scorching sun to a setting one.
    However, the seeds buried in the soil are not showing even the smallest signs of germination.
    Muyan knits her brows, and from inside the space, she takes out a special draught for growing plants.
    She pours a few drops on the place where the seeds are buried.
    But as she probes them with her Mysterious Energy for inspection-
    The seeds in the soil don’t show even a little bit of vitality, but on the contrary, one of them seems to be corroded after touching the draught, the Mysterious Energy contained within slowly fades away as well.
    Muyan frowns a bit.
    Nobody has been able to cultivate these Dark Clouds Spirit Flower for thousands of years. If she wants to succeed, it probably won’t be so easy.
    All of a sudden, an idea flashes through her mind.
    The so-called Shen Musicians are godlike.
    Not only can they use the sound of the zither to confound people’s mind, fight, and aid in martial cultivation-
    They can also refine medicine, craft tools, and even encourage the growth of mysterious plants.
    Muyan remembers one of the Shen Musician skills that she still hasn’t used so far. It’s called [Luxuriant Growth].
    She recalls the explanation of that skill. It’s to give vitality, and it could make a weak life grow stronger.
    Since she hasn’t figured out what this skill is supposed to do, Muyan rarely practices with it.
    At this moment however, she sets thought into motion, and the Tian Mo Qin appears on her hands.
    Gently strumming the strings, the melodious sound of the zither streams along with the setting sun.
    The air seems to fill with the clean fragrance of green bamboo after the rain.
    It makes the surrounding guards around Muyan, the people in black clothes, reveal enchanted expressions.
    Even that handsome youngster looks slightly distracted.
    The dark soil seems to have been infiltrated by the sound of the zither.
    Small green sprouts breaks out, branches slightly shaking – like saying ‘a little bit more, a little bit more of this music’.
    [Luxuriant Growth] really is used to encourage the growth of plants.
    The song has passed.
    The other mysterious plants in the medicine field all look verdant and lush. You can sense their joy by just looking at how they sway and bloom.
    However, only the seeds of the Dark Cloud Spirit Flower that Muyan has planted with her own hands, they still don’t have any reaction.
    For a moment, Muyan is somewhat dismayed.
    She raises her head to look at the color of the sky, and sees that it has already well set into the evening. She turns around to walk towards the exit of the courtyard.
    Before she could take a step out however,
    That young man in black from earlier now appears in front of her like a phantom, blocking her exit.
    “Jun Shang has ordered, Miss Jun can’t leave before the Spirit Flower could bloom.”
    Muyan narrows her eyes, the light within them is a bit dangerous, “If I insist on leaving?”
    After that, she goes on walking with an unhurried pace.
    The youth promptly reaches out to grab her.
    However, what makes the youth’s complexion change color is how the figure, that was just right in front of his eyes-
    In a blink of an eye, it flickers like the moon in the water.
    The youth’s hand is only able to snatch up a piece of cloth.
    Seeing that Muyan is about to leave, the youngster in black has a cold expression, but it’s without any panic.
    A strong, freezing chill spreads through the air.

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