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Chapter 307: Miss Jun, please have some sense of propriety
    This breath is very different from Mysterious Energy, but it has a terrifying pressure.
    The ice-cold energy seems to condense, and it diffuses through Muyan’s whole body, as well as obstruct her way.
    The youth’s hand grabs on to Muyan’s shoulder, and attempts to drag her back into the courtyard once again.
    Muyan’s eyes darken.
    Her figure crouches a little, and with one spin, one of her hands has grasps the youth’s wrist.
    Just as she’s about to counterattack, she abruptly halts her movements.
    Muyan blinks, and she looks at the young man in front of her for a moment. She has a very strange expression.
    As the youngster in black is about to strike back-
    He watches at the girl directly in front of him curls up the corners of her mouth, and reveals a lazy smirk.
    And his entire person is suddenly taken advantage of.
    No! You can’t say ‘taken advantage of’!
    Rather, her whole body bumps against the youth’s chest.
    All of a sudden, the youth becomes somewhat flustered, so his actions becomes slower by a beat.
    In the next moment, he’s already grabbed by the collar and pressed against the wall.
    Because of this angle,
    The two of them seem to almost be of the same height.
    Muyan leans in closer to look at that pretty face. With an evil smile, she stretches out her hand to caress the youth’s chin, and with a chuckle: “Beauty, what’s your name?”
    The youngster’s face suddenly goes red.
    “Miss… Miss Jun, please have some sense of propriety!”
    Muyan’s smile becomes even more enticing and indolent, “And if I won’t?”
    Saying that, she feels the youth’s chin again, “Oh, this feels really nice.”
    The youngster’s indifferent face almost cracks.
    He reaches out to push the other away, but because of the two of them are really too close to each other, he’s also afraid to hurt Muyan.
    For an instant there’s a look of surprise on that cold and pretty face, along with a trace of unease and anxiousness.
    “Do you want me to release you?” Muyan laughs like a little fox, “Why don’t you tell me your name first? If I don’t get to know the name of this beauty today, I’ll definitely have trouble sleeping the whole night!”
    The youth in black bites his lips and doesn’t speak.
    Muyan’s lips curl up once again, the smile on that vibrant and absolutely gorgeous face becomes even more beguiling.
    “You won’t say? That’s alright! I could see that your body is also pretty good, why don’t you consider to come and model for me? I can draw a portrait of you, the kind without clothes. I guarantee that it will be to your satisfaction.”
    The youth in black is stuck dumb.
    He simply can’t keep on maintaining the calm and indifference on his face.
    “You… as a woman, how can… how can you be this…”
    “This what?”
    Through clenched teeth, the youngster in black says, “You are Jun Shang’s woman, how can you be this… how can you fool around like this!”
    Muyan knits her brows, like she wants to make things more difficult, “But I prefer your kind of beauty ah! I think, you should just let me!”
    The youth’s entire face is practically burning.
    No matter which continent it is in the the Three Realms, anyone who knows of his identity and feel the chilling and harsh breath from him, they would all be terrified and retreat three day’s march away.
    He… he’s never encountered any woman like the Miss Jun in front of him, so daring and so… absurd!
    But as it happens, this is the person that Jun Shang has placed at the center of his heart.
    In any case, he mustn’t be hurt.
    For a  period of time, he’s trapped in a dilemma, and his heart seems to feel an unprecedented panic and helplessness.
    Unfortunately, Muyan’s hand is still groping around on his clothes, her voice filled with eagerness as she says, “You don’t want to tell me your name, that means you want me to draw you, right? Good choice, I’d also prefer to paint you — without clothes!”
    “Ying Mei! My name is Ying Mei!!”
    The youth couldn’t keep at it anymore, and he promptly opens his mouth to talk, “Miss Jun, please… please conduct yourself with dignity!”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter
    Dignity she doesn’t need it because her future husband doesn’t care
    Ying you cannot be fool by MC

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