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Chapter 329: Jun Shang’s guest
    There’s a small young woman in green clothes, her hair tied up in two loops.
    Her appearance could also be regarded as delicate and lovely, but the overbearing arrogance and willfulness on her face is making her features look harsh.
    The girl raises her head to look at Muyan’s appearance, and a trace of astonishment flashes through her eyes.
    Soon after, her brows furrow even tighter.
    She puts both hands on her hips and faces Muyan, making a big fuss as she says, “You should know that these Dark Cloud Spirit Flowers are something that my Miss wants to use for alchemy, what’s to be done if you ruined it?”
    Muyan narrows her eyes, “And you are?”
    The fat rabbit by her feet bares its teeth, letting out a strange growl.
    Ying Mei’s expression becomes even colder. She takes a step forward and gets ready to make a move.
    She will not allow anyone to slight Miss Jun.
    But the girl disdainfully sneers: “Me? I am Shi Xianzi’s personal maid. I’ve come at this time at the orders of my family’s Miss, to collect the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers.”
    “By my lady’s estimate, the Spirit Flower will blossom by wu-shi (11am-1pm) today… fortunately, I’ve come a little bit early. Otherwise, this precious Spirit Flower would’ve definitely been ruined by a country bumpkin like you.”
    Country bumpkin?! This woman actually dares to say that Muyan is a country bumpkin?!
    To say nothing of Ying Mei’s cold murderousness, even the black-clothed guards at the sidelines are all showing extremely bad expressions as well.
    Their Miss Jun can cultivate the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, when no one else has been capable of accomplishing that for thousands of years.
    She can make the four seasons turn in the whole medicine field, and make the herbs grow madly (those precious herbs that have matured in the medicine field during these past few days, have been directly picked off by these black-clothed guards).
    Their Miss Jun is the brilliant and famous Enchantress of Medicine of Tianyuan City. She could make the dying have an astounding recovery, and seize their lives away from within the underworld’s grasp.
    This awe-inspiring person is actually being called a country bumpkin.
    Just where’d this woman’s face come from?!
    This maid seems to have finally sensed the murderous intent from the surroundings, as she shrinks her neck back, showing a trace of fear.
    But soon, she straightens her back and puffs out her chest, coldly snorting as she says: “The Master of this courtyard had personally come to the Ghost City for my Miss and had invited her over. You people dare to disrespect me, aren’t you afraid that your Master will peel your skins off?”
    As soon as she says this, the black-clothed guards aren’t the only ones to have a change come over their expressions.
    Even Ying Mei is stumped, the killing intent on her body vanishes without a trace.
    Jun Shang’s invited guest?
    Seeing the change in these people’s movements, the maid is all the more proud of herself. Lifting her chin, she haughtily says: “Don’t you guys know, just how many people in the entire Yanwu Continent want to invite our Miss to come over? It is your greatest honor to have our Miss willing to come here…”
    “Shi Xianzi… your Miss is Shi Lanling?”
    Muyan suddenly asks.
    The maid looks at her in surprise, but soon becomes even more arrogant, “It seems like you still have some knowledge. That’s right, Shi Lanling is my family’s Miss. However, my Miss’ taboo name isn’t something that a country bumpkin like you can say casually.”
    Ying Mei’s has a sharp expression in her eyes, and she can’t wait to chop this person up into thousands of pieces for humiliating Miss Jun.
    But she remembers that this person is someone that Jun Shang invited over, so she still reigns back her anger.
    The light in Muyan’s eyes congeals, and she doesn’t bother with the maid.
    That’s because she’s thinking of her previous life.
    This Shi Lanling, the one called Shi Xianzi, also had a reputation back in that life.
    Up to the point of Muyan’s death in her past lifetime, it’s known there were only a total of two alchemists in the entire Yanwu Continent.
    One of them is Gong Qianxue’s senior brother, a brilliant student of the Heavenly Road Sect – Jian Feng.
    And the other is the Ghost City’s fairy – Shi Lanling.
    It’s just, compared to the show-off Jian Feng,
    Shi Lanling is more low-key. Rather, you can say that she mainly offers her services to the Ghost City.

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  2. Thank you! That b*tch should not be so unreasonable at people place. Humph!


  3. Well if she actually took the time to ask like a smart person she would know about spiritual energy the fact she can absorb it also and then start trying to learn alchemy as well so how great it is we have an idiot fm instead of a mc


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