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Chapter 330: Important Reason
     Shi Lanling is more low-key. Rather, you can say that she mainly offers her services to the Ghost City.
    She will not easily undertake a task, unless it’s through the Ghost City’s connections.
    As a result, her name is not as well-known as Jian Feng’s.
    But in those days, Muyan once heard Gong Qianxue mention that this Shi Lanling’s level in alchemy is not lower than Jian Feng’s.
    Seeing Muyan’s absent-minded expression, and the way she’s not saying anything, the maid thinks that Muyan is intimidated by her Miss’ reputation.
    She can’t help but snort. With an arrogant expression, her manner of speaking has actually become a little better.
    “You also can’t blame me for speaking unpleasantly just a moment ago. My family’s Miss has been waiting for these Spirit Flowers for a very long time. A country bumpkin like you who doesn’t know anything about medicine better not tinker around with it.”
    “Cultivating this Spirit Flower is extremely difficult. The owner of this courtyard has spent an enormous amount of care and effort in order to give this to my Miss. Had you accidentally killed it, you won’t be able to compensate for it, even if you were flayed, boned, and sold.”
    Muyan slowly lifts up her eyes, “You said these flowers are for Shi Lanling?”
    “Naturally!” the maid looks at her contemptuously, “I’ll have you know that your Master has already found my family’s Miss a month ago, saying that he will send the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower in a month, for my Miss to use it in alchemy.”
    “But my lady knows that this flower is too precious, and she fears that it would be no good if it was plucked up by you people, with your rough hands and feet. That’s why she sent me to take a look.”
    “Humph, fortunately I came. The Spirit Flower that the Lord specially cultivated for my Miss would have certainly been killed off by you, this rough-handed country bumpkin.”
    Muyan’s lips slowly curls up, a bright and beautiful smile bursts forth on her absolutely gorgeous face.
    But the more enticing and moving her smile gets, the colder her eyes become – like chilling frost.
    “So as it turns out, the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is very important to him, and it’s important here!”
    Ying Mei anxiously looks at Muyan, wanting to say something, but unable to speak out a word.
    She has followed by Jun Shang’s side for so many years, and she knows better than anyone else – there has never been a woman in the world who could receive Jun Shang’s good words and good treatment, except for Miss Jun.
    Even Leng Qingwan, heir of Tian Yi Men, has never entered Jun Shang’s eyes.
    To say nothing of this so called Shi-fairy.
    “Miss Jun, you mustn’t misunderstand, Jun Shang, he… to you…”
    Ying Mei has yet to finish what she’s saying, when that maid comes over with a cold look.
    Her eyes closely regard Muyan with loathing, scanning her up and down. Then the maid spits, “So you’re the one they say, that vixen who’s seducing the Lord all day long?”
    “I’ve heard that you’re responsible in looking after this Spirit Flower, heh… a country bumpkin growing flowers, you don’t really believe that you could climb the Master’s bed by just relying on a little bit of good looks, right? Pah, really have no sense of shame!”
    “Fortunately, I didn’t let you touch the Spirit Flowers just now. Otherwise, this pure and holy flower would have been sullied by you.”
    Saying that, the maid takes out a small jade box and stoops down, reaching out to pluck the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers.
    The fat rabbit crouching by Muyan’s side suddenly lets out a beast-like howl.
    It’s body leaps up and rushes towards the maid.
    It’s small mung bean eyes are filled with anxiety.
    But in the end, it’s movements are still a step too late.
    And they see, that the moment the maid’s hand touches the flower, the plant that Muyan has cultivated with utmost care for six days, using eight hours every day to play the zither on – the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower withers and dies at the speed visible to the naked eye.
    Everyone present have their eyes wide open, overwhelmed with shock and horror as they look at this scene.
    Muyan’s heart constricts, and there’s an indescribable sadness and grievance bubbling up within it.
    That flower cost her six days of hard work.

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  2. The person that cultivates them has to be the one to pick them up also it’s time she leaves, fùck this guy. Making her suffer, by being away from her child. WHEN DOES SHE LEARN TO USE SPIRITUAL ENERGY


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