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Chapter 332: ‘Be good’- your sister!!
    The maid turns around to angrily point towards Muyan, “It’s her, she was actually planning to steal the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, even making her pet go and trample it.”
    “Even though this servant immediately stepped forward to stop her, it was still too late, and she has already killed one of these precious flowers.”
    Saying that, the maid points towards the withered Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, her tears falling even more fiercely.
    Looking like she really suffered through all kinds grievances.
    Ying Mei listens to her words that invert black and white, her complexion turning a little green from anger.
    But she has always been bad at expressing herself, and the black-clothed guards in the courtyard are all habitually silent.
    “Jun Shang, the matter is not as she says it is, Miss Jun did not…”
    “How is it not so?” the maid rips a scream out of her throat, “You dare say that she didn’t want to steal the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower just now?”
    “You dare say that you didn’t threaten me just a moment ago, wanting to kill and silence me?”
    Ying Mei’s face turns red, tightly clenching both hands into fists, but she couldn’t come up with anything to say.
    She has always been better at speaking with swords and fists.
    But this time, she simply cannot allow Miss Jun to be wrongly accused.
    Ying Mei takes a step forward, and just as she’s about to speak, a hand presses down on her shoulder.
    Muyan slowly walks forward, patting Ying Mei’s shoulder and sending her a shallow smile.
    Then she indifferently looks at Di Ming Jue, “I ruined the flower, what about it?”
    Muyan’s voice is bone-piercingly cold.
    Even those peach blossom eyes that are usually gleaming with the reflection of waves in sunlight, also seem to condense into ice.
    Di Ming Jue instinctively doesn’t like seeing her with this kind of expression. He furrows his brows.
    Hearing Muyan’s words, the maid immediately shouts out, “Gongzi, you heard that, she admits it. You did it on purpose, didn’t you? You deliberately ruined my lady’s Dark Clouds Spirit Flower!”
    Muyan looks at her with indifferent eyes, her expression is heedless beyond words, “Yeah, I did it on purpose. What can you do about me?”
    “I cultivated these Spirit Flowers, what can you do if I don’t want to give any of them to your Miss?”
   Saying that, she raises her hands, intending to take away the remaining three flowers.
   What happened just now, she doesn’t want to experience that again – seeing with her own eyes how the flowers that she has raised herself wither, the scene of their lives getting snuffed out.
    Before her Internal Force could touch the flowers however,
    She has her wrists captured by Di Ming Jue.
    Her Internal Force is contained, and she naturally couldn’t take the Dark Clouds Flowers anymore.
    Muyan snaps her head up at Di Ming Jue, and there’s finally a bit more anger in her eyes, “Let go!”
    Not only does Di Ming Jue keep his hold, his fingertips are even caressing her wrists gently, like flirting.
    “Be good, I still have some use for these flowers.”
    ‘Be good’ – your sister!!
    You want to use the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers that this Miss has painstakingly raised, all to curry favor with your lover!
    Di Ming Jue, you want to die, you better die, just die ah!
    The maid sees this scene and she’s stumped for words.
    Isn’t this Lord’s attitude towards this gardener rather too intimate?
    Could it be that he’s really been seduced by this fox gardener’s wiles?
    “Gongzi, this person deliberately killed the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, you mustn’t let her off lightly!”
    Di Ming Jue coldly looks at that maid. He doesn’t say anything.
    Han Ye steps forward from the side, all smiles as he asks: “Oh, then what do you say should be done?”
    The maid immediately replies: “The Spirit Flowers that Gongzi wants to give to my lady, which one is not worth a city, which one is easy to find in the world – more importantly, what of the Gongzi’s intentions towards my Miss?”
    “This person is so vile, even killing the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower that Gongzi wanted to give to my lady. If not punished severely, wouldn’t that be an insult to Gongzi’s intentions?”

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  2. Zzzzz, can we get back to little bun and her cultivating she need to start learning about spiritual energy


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