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Chapter 340: Is… is this alright? Jun Shang!
    Robe, upper garment, shoes – they’re taken off one by one.
    Even though Muyan doesn’t dare to raise her head, she could still feel the man’s sensual abdominal muscles and waistline.
    There’s also the man’s unique scent. And because they’re too close to each other, it incessantly assails her nose, making her feel dizzy without her notice.
    When there’s only a pair of thin pants left, Muyan’s hands stop.
    However, Di Ming Jue still stands in front of her, not moving.
    Then, she hears the man’s deep, dark, and husky voice, “Continue.”
    “Wha… what?” Muyan almost looks up with wide shocked eyes.
    But Di Ming Jue just takes it as a matter of course: “Ben Jun wants to bathe, do you want to make me bathe with trousers on?”
    The steam from the hot spring rises up, making the pair’s features look somewhat indistinct.
    So even if Di Ming Jue is currently almost completely naked, she doesn’t have as clear a view as when she painted him that day.
    But even if she couldn’t see clearly, making her strip every piece of clothing on his body is too…
    In Muyan’s mind, she has cursed this pervert Di Ming Jue countless times.
    But in the end, the circumstances are stronger than the person. Moreover, once she strips this man, she would be able to run away more easily, wouldn’t she?
    Thinking of this, Muyan grits her teeth.
    She grabs the man’s waistband and directly pulls it down.
    During that time, the back of her hand accidentally touches something hot, and it scares her to the point that she almost kicks him straight into the hot spring.
    Within the steam, Muyan still sees the man’s perfectly straight and slender legs.
    Even just a vague silhouette, this man’s figure is still perfection, it’s criminally captivating!
    “Now, is… is this alright? Jun Shang!”
    Muyan squeezes the last two words out from her mouth.
    She swears, if this pervert dares to have any more rotten ideas, she would definitely kick him straight into the pond.
    Di Ming Jue lowers his head, looking at the girl in front of him, how Muyan is getting ashamed into anger. The corners of his mouth turn up into a shallow smile.
    This little woman still thinks that he wouldn’t be able to recognize her?
    In reality, her acting is very good. If she changes her identity and brushes past him, he wouldn’t necessarily notice that it’s not Ying Mei.
    But unfortunately, the one impersonating Ying Mei is Jun Muyan.
    These days, Di Ming Jue could fail to recognize any individual, but he will absolutely not fail to recognize Muyan.
    Even a trace of breath, a minute movement, he seems to know her deep in his bones.
    Initially, when he knew that Muyan wanted to escape, his heart was filled with anger.
    Now that he sees the young woman’s ashamed and resentful appearance, it all turns into softness and doting.
    On normal days, Muyan is always lazy, calm – and it seems like she completely doesn’t care about anything or anyone.
    What Di Ming Jue wants to see the most, is for her to reveal different moods because of him.
    The atmosphere in the hot spring seems extremely strange due to the pair’s extended silence.
    Muyan is stiff all over, and her heart is beating like a drum.
    Just when she almost couldn’t stand it, the man abruptly turns around, and slowly walks into the hot spring.
    The milky white pond water, as well as the steam hanging in the air, covers up the man’s body. This allows Muyan to take a long sigh of relief.
    Now, she can finally leave.
    Just as she takes a step to leave however,
    She hears Di Ming Jue’s magnetic voice drawl, with a bit of laziness and sensuality, “Come here.”
    Muyan’s footsteps go rigid, her hands turning into fists.
    This dead pervert, what else is he up to?
    She very much wants to leave directly, but the problem is that the exit is located on the other side of the hot spring.
    She can’t guarantee her successful escape.
    Midway, Di Ming Jue could drag her into the water.
    Taking in a deep breath, “Jun Shang, what further instructions do you have?”

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