EMHS – ch341

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Chapter 341: Scrub your back, then scrub it
    “Come here and scrub my back.”
    The man’s voice becomes even more husky, more languid, like a feather burrowing itself her chest.
    Muyan can’t help but raise her eyes to look, and hot blood almost spurts out of her nose.
    This… this image is really too scandalous!
    She sees the man lazily leaning against the edge of the pool.
    His long, ink-black hair is draped in front of him, covering up his chest but also making it faintly discernible.
    Nevertheless, he reveals honey-colored skin and the sensual straight lines of his spine, which aren’t submerged under the water.
    Muyan gulps, and her line of sight is uncontrollably drawn to the man’s face.
    Di Ming Jue’s countenance is too beautiful, extremely magnificent.
    Sword-like brows and eyes as bright as the stars, straight nose and thin lips – features without an inch of imperfection. Combined together, they’re even more beautiful than a celestial’s.
    On normal days, the breath from his entire body is unspeakably cold and unapproachable.
    Aloof and remote, people wouldn’t dare to go near and profane.
    At this moment, Di Ming Jue has taken off all of that coldness and indifference, and worn a thread of heart-fluttering, soul-stirring evil seductiveness.
    This guy! No matter men or women!
    If they see this scene, they wouldn’t be able to bear it!
    Di Ming Jue suddenly lifts up his eyes, and a corner of his mouth slightly twitches up, “What are you still dawdling for? Still not coming over to rub Ben Jun’s back?”
    Muyan abruptly comes to her senses.
    Those charmed, wild and fanciful thoughts just a moment ago – they all change into an anger that is making her grind her teeth.
    Humph, scrub your back, then I’ll scrub your back!
    I hope this man enjoys it well.
    Muyan conveniently picks up a towel at her side and dampens it a bit. She then uses it to rub Di Ming Jue’s back.
    She quietly operates her Mysterious Energy, than even an ordinary towel could make crackling sounds like wires breaking.
    Even if you use it to rub against a piece of granite, this kind of strength would also be able to slough off layers on that granite.
    But what makes Muyan dumbfounded-
    No matter how much strength she uses, Di Ming Jue’s back is still as smooth and alluring as before.
    There’s not even a sliver of a mark left behind.
    Argh! Is this still human?
    What is this scoundrel’s skin made of?
    Curiosity in her heart, Muyan can’t help but reach out her hand, and she uses her fingers to scratch on that smooth, warm skin.
    In a split second, Di Ming Jue’s body shudders out of his control.
    Before Muyan could come up with a reaction, she only finds that the sky is spinning and the earth is going round.
    She’s being pulled down by the other.
    A great amount of hot water surges up and splashes down, pelting down on her head and covering her face.
    Cough, cough, cough…” With a lot of difficulty, Muyan breaks out of the water, only to meet the man’s red eyes.
    What was once an ice-cold blue is now completely blazing with desire.
    “Muyan, do you know when a woman could scratch a man’s back like this?”
    Muyan is startled, somewhat flustered and scorched by the flame in the man’s eyes, making her want to run away.
    Just as she starts to do so however, the man’s lips is already coming down ruthlessly.
    Hands firmly bind her into his embrace, like he can’t wait to swallow her down into his belly right away.
    His husky voice is densely laced with anticipation, uttering on and off by her ears, “Only when… in our… candlelit bridal room at night… Muyan, do you… want to try it now?”
    “Muyan… Muyan… Muyan… Yanyan…”
    Wait, wait!
    From her chaotic state of mind, Muyan suddenly comes back to her senses, bending her knee and driving it up.
    Di Ming Jue grunts, and he has no choice but to release her.
    Even if his cultivation was higher, and his defenses made of copper walls and iron bastions, he still couldn’t resist this kind of pain.
    “Cough, cough…” Muyan furiously glares at him, cursing as she retreats to the other side of the pond, “You knew!”
    Di Ming Jue coldly grunts: “Do you think that if I didn’t know it’s you, Ben Jun would just let anyone come near me? And even let them stay by my side as I bathe?”

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