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Chapter 343: Won’t let go
    “Muyan…” closely behind her, Di Ming Jue slowly enunciates by her ear, “You’re still saying that you’re not eating vinegar?”
    “Apart from missing Xiao Bao, are you doing everything you can to leave here because you’re angry that I sent the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers to Shi Lanling?”
    Back when he first met Muyan, our Jun Shang-daren was indeed, definitely a novice without the smallest bit of experience in romance.
    But ever since he determined that he’s going to chase Muyan and obtain her heart-
    Di Ming Jue made Han Ye look for various kinds of literature, manuscripts, all for the purpose getting a little bit of insight on how to make Muyan happy, how to move her heart, how to make her… fall in love with him.
    Of course, Jun Shang-daren will absolutely, unconditionally never say anything about these embarrassing matters.
    But the result of doing those things is also quite remarkable.
    From the moment they met, with Di Ming Jue’s ignorance, Muyan had been making him go around in circles.
    Until now, Muyan could come up with countless means to somewhat keep on warding him off.
    “You’re thinking too much, why would I want to eat your vinegar? Let go!”
    Di Ming Jue tightens his hold instead, his voice getting even darker, “I won’t! All this life, I’ll never let go…”
    Water flies about in all directions!
    Muyan turns her hand over and shoves it back against Di Ming Jue, stunning him for a moment.
    She leaps up into the air.
    Before she could get out of the pool however,
    The man grabs her ankle, and forcibly pulls her back.
    This time, Muyan finds herself pressed against the pool’s edge.
    Both her hands are held over her head.
    Di Ming Jue looms while looking down at her, a minute redness in his eyes.
    Droplets of water trickle down from his hair, dripping on Muyan’s body, and on her face.
    Getting looked at with such a passionate expression, Muyan has an inexplicable sense of restlessness. She feels her mouth go dry as her blood begins to boil.
    Before the pair could say or do anything however,
    The hot spring’s gate suddenly swings open.
    “Jun Shang, this subordinate has already delivered the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower to Shi Lanling, she promised to…”
    Han Ye’s voice comes to a grinding halt.
    Seeing Di Ming Jue’s murderous look, he trembles from the chill.
    At this very moment, Han Ye is thinking that he really wants to slap himself to death.
    Letting his hand just open the gate!
    Letting his mouth go on to report the progress in alchemy!
    Letting him just come and disturb Jun Shang and Miss Muyan…
     “I… I didn’t see anything, I didn’t say anything…”
    Jun Shang, spare me ah! Wuu, whimper
    Han Ye slams the door shut once again, running away and vanishing like a wisp of smoke.
    And Muyan, who has already become clear-headed at this time, curls her lips up, “Jun Shang-daren, don’t you want to know what your special friend Shi Xianzi had promised you?”
    “I don’t!” Di Ming Jue hisses through gritted teeth.
    Muyan smiles even deeper, “But I want to know!”
    Di Ming Jue leans down and gives her lips a gentle bite, “You will know soon enough. Also, Ben Jun doesn’t have a special friend. There’s only you… my future wife.”
    “Ow–!” Muyan ruthlessly kicks out.
    This scoundrel is a dog! He actually bit her.
    “If you move again, I won’t bear with it, and I’ll turn you into my wife right now.” the fiery breath puffing by Muyan’s ears seems to sigh with boundless longing.
    Muyan’s movements goes into a full stop.
    And Di Ming Jue doesn’t do anything further.
    Instead, he just carries her out to the pool’s edge with him.
    Water splashes about in all directions, and the fog curls around them.
    As the splashing water hits the ground, Di Ming Jue has already put on his clothes.
    Muyan quirks up a brow, “Storage Space?”
    She has guessed that Di Ming Jue should have a Storage Space, or else he wouldn’t be able to take things out of thin air all the time.
    But she has never observed it as directly as this time.
    After all, a Storage Space is very rare in the Yanwu Continent.

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