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Chapter 344: Conceal you
    Di Ming Jue doesn’t reply to her words. Instead, he grabs her small hand and spreads it open.
    A moment later, a reddish brown ring sits on the hollow of Muyan’s palm.
    There’s a bit of disdain in the man’s voice, “The Storage Rings in this continent are too crude, they’re almost worthless. If you like, you can take this and just play with it.”
    Muyan injects it with her Internal Force to probe, and her head immediately feels a bit dizzy.
    Back in her previous life, Gong Qianxue also had a storage ring.
    But that storage ring only had the size of a few dozens of square meters.
    It was such a treasure to Gong Qianxue.
    It’s status could even equal to that of the sacred beast that Gong Qianxue made a contract with.
    But on her hand is a space that spans several hundreds of square meters. And when she injects her Internal Force into it, the space is extremely stable – even if she stores draught ingredients inside, the space could keep the herbs fresh.
    However, Di Ming Jue is adapting this attitude that says ‘It’s better to get rid of this wretched thing, and giving it out is simply throwing Ben Jun’s face away.”
    It really renders Muyan speechless.
    “Cough…” Muyan gives the storage ring back, “I also have a Storage Space, there’s no need for this. You can take it back.”
    As a matter of fact, she always takes the Tian Mo Qin out of thin air, so the people in this courtyard already knows that she has a Space.
    They just don’t think that it would be such an extraordinary one.
    Di Ming Jue doesn’t take the storage ring back, but he puts a chain through it, hanging it around Muyan’s neck: “In the future, Ben Jun will give you a better one. But for now, it would be best if you take this with you.”
    At least, it could conceal you a bit.
    Muyan is taken aback. She raises her head to meet the man’s eyes that are as deep as an abyss of ocean, and her heart trembles.
    Why does it feel like Di Ming Jue knows something?
    He shouldn’t be able to guess the origin of the Tian Mo Qin and her identity as a Shen Musician, right?
    After all, Baili Yinlou had said that the Shen Musicians have been gone from this world for a thousand years already.
    In all the Three Realms, it could be said that the Shen Musician is also a taboo existence.
    As matters stand, there can’t possibly be anyone who knows of her identity as a Shen Musician, right?
    With lingering fears, Han Ye frantically flees from the hot springs.
    He runs straight for a good long while, only stopping to catch his breath.
    His thoughts are still filled with paranoia and shock.
    Remembering that originally, Jun Shang absolutely won’t allow people near him, much less when he bathes.
    Even if it’s Elder Chang, the one who has the closest relationship with Jun Shang.
    But now?
    Jun Shang actually pulled Miss Muyan into the pool to bath, like a pair of mandarin ducks.
    Even when Jun Shang’s clothes are all…
    Han Ye rubs his nose, having a bit of a dizzy spell.
    If he tells this story to the Little Shadow, or maybe make those guys in the Polar Domain listen,
    Won’t their chins drop down from the shock?
    Oh, right, where’s Little Shadow?
    Han Ye seems to remember him saying that he’s going to bring food for Miss Muyan, but he didn’t see the other come back ever since.
    Could it be that the he’s been in Miss Muyan’s room all along?
    Thinking of this, Han Ye promptly makes his way towards Muyan’s room.
    With Little Shadow’s stubborn little temper, if he doesn’t see Miss Muyan return, it’s possible that he might just keep on waiting.
    Just as he reached Muyan’s door, and is about to enter,
    He hears the door slam open from the inside.
    A woman bursts out, wearing a long skirt, her stature tall and slender, hair scattered loose.
    Seeing this woman, Han Ye only feels an explosion going off in his brain.
    Something seems to hammer against his heart, making it thump and skip in such a rapid speed, it seems like its about to pop out of his mouth.
    The woman before his eyes has a clear and cold visage, but her features are mysterious and distinct, giving the whole person a touch of loveliness.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! Hopefully she will develop feeling for him ♥️♥️


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