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Chapter 347: No one else can~
    Soon after, there’s a loud ‘bang’!
    Before She Lanling could react, a large billowing wave rushes directly at her.
    The whole person turns over and flies a few meters away, heavily crashing on the desk and chairs.
    “Miss, Miss, what happened?”
    The maid outside hears the commotion, and comes in. She sees that Shi Lanling had fallen to the floor, hair disheveled, and covered in soot. The maid jumps in fright.
    “Miss, what happened to you? What just happened?”
    Shi Lanling pushes away the maid that has come to help her up, and she dashes to the Dan Furnace at lightning speed.
    She opens the furnace cover, only to discover that the the Pills, that were nearly condensed and formed just a moment ago-
    Now, two of them have completely broken down into black dregs.
    Only one is emitting a silver glow, sitting alone within the Pill Furnace.
    Shi Lanling tightly knits her brows, profound discontentment flashing within her eyes.
    Nine-Holed Golden Dan! This is the NIne-Holed Golden Dan!
    She originally thought that if she could successfully refine three, she can perhaps leave one for herself.
    That way, she would certainly have a breakthrough with her bottleneck.
    But now, there were three Dark Clouds Spirit Flower Cores, but she was ultimately only able to refine one Nine-Holed Golden Dan.
    And she has deal, promising to give this Pill to Di Jun.
    “Miss, you’re already very awesome.” the maid at the side sees Shi Lanling looking unhappy and discontented, and promptly smiles and lauds the other’s accomplishments, “This slave dares to say that in the Yanwu Continent, no one could refine the Nine-Holed Golden Dan, except for you, Miss!”
    It’s only natural that nobody else could refine this Pill. That’s because, in the entire Yanwu Continent, not a single Dark Clouds Spirit Flower could be found.
    But hearing the maid Rui Zhu’s words, Shi Lanling’s miserable pale face still reveals a trace of pride.
    That’s right!
    In the entire Yanwu Continent, who else except her could successfully refine this Nine-Holed Golden Dan?
    Even Jian Feng of the Heavenly Road Sect couldn’t do it.
    If such news were to be known outside, then Shi Lanling’s reputation could even overshadow Jian Feng’s title of the number one alchemy master.
    Rui Zhu sees that Shi Lanling’s complexion is a lot better, and she quickly continues to say: “Besides, that Lord can even take out three Dark Clouds Spirit Flower to give to you, Miss. Maybe this Nine-Holed Golden Dan is refined for you.”
    “Even if this isn’t for you initially, I believe that as long as Miss shows interest in having it, there’s no man in this world that can refuse you.”
    Shi Lanling sends a sidelong glance towards her maid, “You can talk drivel.”
    “How can these words be drivel?” Rui Zhu makes a big fuss, “Miss, why don’t you go and take a look: in this Yanwu Continent, in terms of beauty, talent, cultivation, and level of alchemy – just how many people can contend against you?”
    “Even that Jing Cheng Country’s brilliant and famous Princess Qianxue, compared to you, she is but the light of a firefly next to the luminous splendor of the moon, completely without the qualifications to be mentioned in the same breath as you. It’s just that Miss, you aren’t as high-profile as Princess Qianxue.”
    “Otherwise, when would it be Gong Qianxue’s turn to have the title of Yanwu Continent’s number one genius?”
    Shi Lanling smooths her lips, revealing a faint and reserved smile.
    “Go and draw water for me. I’m going to wash myself and change clothes.”
    Rui Zhu immediately proceeds to do so.
    After a while, Shi Lanling’s dirty clothes have been changed, and the dirt on her face has also been washed away, revealing a lucid and elegant countenance.
    Only her complexion appears pale due to the excessive consumption of her Internal Force.
    Rui Zhu hands over the small brocade box of the Nine-Holed Golden Dan, “Miss, now that the Pill has been refined, do you want this slave to go and call Han Ye to come over and take it?”
    Before he left, Han Ye told Shi Lanling that once the alchemy succeeds, she should immediately send someone to go and notify them in the Di Yuan*, and he will immediately come and fetch the Nine-Holed Golden Dan.
  • Di Ming Jue’s residence

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  1. It’s inferior goods why would he want it he might just throw it back at her. Golden in its name yet she refined silver, don’t need to say anything elseelese


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