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Chapter 356: How Jun Muyan Measures Up
    Shi Lanling’s complexion bursts into green then white.
    Through the vestibule, her gaze rigidly falls on Jun Muyan’s face, jealousy and unwillingness filling her eyes.
    It turns out that this woman isn’t a servant, but a doctor, the one Qing-er mentioned to have seduced Di Ming Jue.
    Enchantress Jun Muyan!
    Humph, so what if she’s a senior doctor?
    Not an alchemist, not capable of refining Pills. A mere doctor – no matter how powerful she is, she can only treat a disease to save a patient.
    What about Shi Lanling, who could refine Pills that are unparalleled in the world.
    Not only can she treat illnesses, she can even help practitioners advance in their cultivation.
    What’s more, she, Shi Lanling, is already at the middle of Heaven Stage at her young age.
    Be it her appearance, strength, or status – none of them would lose to this woman.
    Right now, Di Ming Jue is tenderly taking good care of her, only because she looks pretty. He’s treating her like a plaything.
    How could a plaything be a match to a man as eminent as Di Ming Jue?
    One day, Jun Muyan will be worn-out and discarded.
    One day, Di Jun will realize that only Shi Lanling would suit him, and could match with him.
    How about Jun Muyan?
    Can she refine the Nine-Holed Golden Dan that Di Jun needs the most?
    At the thought of the Nine-Holed Golden Dan, Shi Lanling’s eyes light up once again.
    Han Ye sees that she’s not going away no matter what, so he’s just about to go ahead and make her leave.
    But Shi Lanling suddenly steps forward, and speaks in a soft and concerned voice: “Di Jun, Lanling suddenly remembers. There’s something that I forgot to tell you about the Nine-Holed Golden Dan.”
    At this time, DI Ming Jue and Muyan have also finished eating their meal.
    Di Ming Jue uses a cloth to personally wipe Muyan’s mouth and hands, then he helps her stand up.
    Hearing what she said, his eyes can’t help but turn towards Shi Lanling.
    Shi Lanling meets the man’s exquisite pair of clear cold eyes, and his incomparably handsome face – she has a bit of a shortness of breath all of a sudden.
    Her voice also gets somewhat of a stutter, “Di Jun, the Nine-Holed Golden Dan’s potency is very tyrannical. There’s a risk of injury, even for a practitioner at the Precelestial stage. Please be careful when you take it – it would be best have Lanling by your side to attend upon you. If by any chance, there’s some unforeseen event… as an alchemist and a doctor, Lanling could also provide some proper assistance.”
    Hearing that, Di Ming Jue raises his brows and releases Muyan’s hand.
    He turns his wrist, and the box that was just given to him by Shi Lanling appears on his palms.
    Opening the small brocade box, the Pill inside faintly emits a clean and fresh medicinal scent.
    It resembles the fragrance of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, but it seems to be much stronger than the flowers.
    Under everyone’s gaze, Di Ming Jue picks up the Pill and places it in his mouth.
    An excited light immediately burst forth within Shi Lanling’s eyes.
    Haha… she really guessed it right.
    What Di Jun really needs is a woman that is useful to him.
    Even if Jun Muyan’s appearance has been lovelier, what about it?
    Can she refine Pills like Shi Lanling? Can she help Di Jun have a breakthrough in his cultivation?
    Empty save for her appearance, how can a woman without a single good point contend against her?
    As she’s thinking that, Shi Lanling lifts her skirt to go and walk forward.
    Han Ye holds out a hand to block her approach.
    But Shi Lanling sends him a cold and severe look, “Did you not see that Di Jun has already taken the Nine-Holed Golden Dan? If I don’t keep watch by his side, and the Pill’s potency backlashes, can you take that responsibility?”
    Han Ye doesn’t relent, not letting her pass. Instead, he puts on a fake smile as he looks at her.
    That smile is truly sarcastic beyond words, there’s even pity.
    Shi Lanling furrows her brows, just on the point of chiding the other.
    Suddenly, the scene that takes place right in front of her makes her eyes snap wide open, and her mouth gape. She’s simply couldn’t believe her own eyes.

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