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Chapter 360: A-a-a…Aunt
    Maybe she’s that “Miss” that the bad woman was talking about.
    Even though the fat rabbit is scared of the female devil, but in the end, that devil is still the Little Master’s mother – the Little Master’s favorite person.
    How can the rabbit let her get bullied so easily?
    That’s why today, one look at Shi Lanling and the rabbit directly pounces on her. Avenge her first, discuss it later!
    In any case, the Little Master is here. It’s not afraid of anything!
    Xiao Bao looks down at the smug fat rabbit.
    He hits its plump butt with his tiny hand.
    Xiao Bao is a good child.
    Niangqin said that if you did something wrong, you should apologize.
    Even though the rabbit was the one who injured someone, but who made the fat rabbit his pet?
    Niangqin said that he is responsible for the pet that he’s raising.
    Therefore, after spanking the fat rabbit, Xiao Bao carries it by the scruff, and walks to face Shi Lanling.
    “Sorry.” the cold and crisp voice starts, “My pet has injured you. I can give you a bottle of medicine, it will…”
    “After wounding my lady, you think that a bottle of medicine is enough?!!” Rui Zhu screams incredulously, “If you’re sensible, quickly hand over the little beast you’re holding. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite.”
    Unlike Rui Zhu, Shi Lanling doesn’t forget herself and make a big fuss.
    But the expression in her eyes is very cold.
    It’s as if her gaze is dripping with poison as it falls on the fat rabbit, wishing she could immediately skin it and tear its bones.
    “Little gongzi is young and thoughtless, letting your pet injure me. I won’t bother about you, but since this pet has wounded me, you must hand it over for me to deal with it.”
    Xiao Bao frowns and raises his head towards Shi Lanling, “Auntie, how do you want to deal with it?”
    A-a-a… auntie?!!
    “You… what did you call me?!!” Shi Lanling raises her voice, unable to keep it down. She simply couldn’t believe her own ears.
    Xiao Bao lifts up his brows, his expression still indifferent, “Auntie, is there a problem?”
    Xiao Bao very firmly keeps his mother’s words in mind.
    Niangqin said that if he sees a good-looking girl, he could call her ‘big sister’.
    If he sees a good-looking girl that’s older than niangqin, he should call her miss.
    These two women in front of him are older than his mother, they don’t look pretty, and the breath from their bodies is unlikable.
    They’re more like the nagging aunts that the people from the Ink Camp are really annoyed with.
    As a result, he completely doesn’t see a problem in calling this woman before him “auntie”!
    Shi Lanling takes a deep breath, and takes another deep breath.
    Over and over again, she’s convincing herself to not care about this child.
    But the anger in her eyes is making it so that she could no longer maintain the appearance of a noble and virtuous fairy.
    Xiao Bao could see that Shi Lanling isn’t saying anything.
    He feels that he should express his sincerity in apologizing.
    So he takes out a bottle of medicine from his chest pocket, and gives it to Shi Lanling.
    This medicine is also something that Muyan had refined. If you place it in the Ghost City, or at the Junji Drugstore, it could naturally be sold at a sky-high price.
    Giving it free of charge to Shi Lanling right now, Xiao Bao thinks that the sincerity in his apology is already quite enough.
    Shi Lanling takes the medicine, but she doesn’t apply it to her wounds.
    Instead, she gives it a contemptuous look and raises her hand, directly smashing the porcelain bottle to the ground.
    Rui Zhu sneers: “I’ll have you know that in the Yanwu Continent, my lady is the topmost apothecary and alchemist. Do you think a mere bottle of draught would quell my lady’s anger? Boy, are you dreaming?”
    Shi Lanling’s expression is icily arrogant as she towers over and looks down on Xiao Bao, “I will say it one more time. Give me the beast in your hands, and I won’t bother about you.”
    Xiao Bao fixedly stares at the smashed porcelain bottle.

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  2. I await her death due to her arrogance. I wonder if the item she just smashed is something she cannot refine. Wow! That would be the best slap in the face.

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    • That would be really great if it so! x’D Thanks 4 the chapter!


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