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Chapter 361: Make trouble again, and I’ll turn you into stir-fried rabbit
    The cold little face becomes even more icy.
    All the warmth in those clear pupils recede, resembling a freezing and boundless abyss.
    The draughts on Xiao Bao, niangqin worked hard to refine all of them.
    He’s always made to carry a lot of them because she’s afraid he’ll get cuts and bruises.
    But Xiao Bao is usually reluctant in using them.
    That’s because he doesn’t want his mother to work so hard to refine another bottle.
    However, this woman actually broke the draught that niangqin refined!
    It’s as if the fat rabbit could sense its Little Master’s anger, and it lets out a beast-like growl.
    The white hair on its entire body is standing on end. It can’t wait to rush out at once.
    Xiao Bao forcefully restrains his anger, and places the fat rabbit into his arms. Coldly, he says: “If I don’t?”
    Meeting his ice-cold eyes, Shi Lanling jumps in fright.
    Indeed, there’s a faint feeling of dread growing in her heart.
    But immediately, her complexion becomes very unsightly.
    A four or five-year-old child actually scared her.
    This kind of shame is making her once again recall the humiliation that she had just received inside the Di Yuan.
    Moreover, now that she’s looking closely, she thinks that this child has some resemblance to that Jun Muyan.
    This makes Shi Lanling loathe him even more. There’s even a faint desire to kill him.
    “You all!” Shi Lanling turns to the Di Yuan’s guards to say, “Catch that animal for me, it doesn’t matter how!”
    The guards awkwardly look at each other, somewhat hesitating for a while.
    After all, it’s a little child!
    A group of big men, are they supposed to raise their hands against a child?
    Shi Lanling’s face quickly sinks, “Do you people want to defy my, Shi Lanling’s order?”
    Rui Zhu also chimes in: “Don’t forget that Miss got injured at this Di Yuan’s gate, right under your watch. If you people won’t make up for it today, don’t even discuss whether Di Jun would forgive you or not – as from now on, even the Ghost City would no longer have a place for you.”
    Hearing Rui Zhu’s words, a change immediately comes over the guards’ faces.
    They all know how high Shi Lanling stands within the Ghost City.
    And these people are only temporary guards at the Di Yuan. In the end, they’re going back to the Ghost City to eke out a living.
    If they offend Shi Xianzi, then in the days to come, they really wouldn’t be able to eat it all and they’ll have to take it home*.
  • take the consequences
    Thinking of this, the guards no longer hesitate, directly pouncing over to Xiao Bao.
    They originally thought that once he’s facing this kind of trouble, the four or five-year-old child would inevitably lose his head out of fear, and start crying.
    But for the whole thing, Xiao Bao’s expression doesn’t change.
    He simply raises his hands, tossing the fat rabbit to the side.
    Even leisurely giving it a cold warning, “Make trouble again, and I’ll turn you into stir-fried rabbit.”
    Niangqin has always been thinking about it!
    The fat rabbit shrinks its neck, curling itself up into a round ball.
    A pitiful appearance that seems to say, “I was wrong, I wouldn’t dare any more.”
    The guards see Xiao Bao throwing the fat rabbit away, and their eyes immediately brighten.
    If it’s possible to not attack the child and directly hand over the rabbit to Shi Xianzi, then that would be the best for everyone.
    Thinking of this, one of them is like a lightning bolt, as his figure rushes towards the fat rabbit.
    The rabbit lies motionless on the ground, like a ball of fur.
    In a moment, the guard brandishes a pike.
    All of a sudden, a formidable Internal Force surrounds his entire body.
    Then before he could respond, a burst of pain shoots up from his lower body.
    He immediately lets out a miserable shriek, like that of a dying pig. The whole person is blown away like an artillery shell.
    He flies straight out for more than a dozen meters, before falling to the ground. Nevertheless, he’s cupping his own crotch, wailing like a ghost and howling like a wolf. He couldn’t get up any more.
    Xiao Bao’s little face is indifferent. His small form straightens, and with both hands behind him, he slowly withdraws the short little leg that he had just used to kick out.

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