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Chapter 363: Mother and Child are reunited
    “Woo–!!” the fat rabbit could sense dreadfulness of the [White Jade Purple Frost], and the hair on its entire body is standing up on end.
    It desperately cries out, wanting the Little Master to quickly run away.
    However, Xiao Bao’s expression is still so cold, like he simply isn’t aware of the impending danger.
    Small, delicate fair palms push out, and all the Mysterious Energy in his body gathers at the hollow of his palm.
    In her eyes, there’s a gloomy and chilling smile. In her eyes, this loathsome child before her has already become a corpse.
    An earth-shattering collision of Internal Forces, weaving together in a hurricane-like blast, sweeping through a radius of a hundred feet of Di Yuan’s entrance.
    Shi Lanling’s entire body is blasted backwards for several meters, before she steadies her footing with some difficulty.
    But she feels the qi and blood within her body roll over and over, and the blood is practically bubbling up to her throat.
    Her eyes are round as looks at the little boy that has also retreated, but only for a few steps. Her gaze is filled with horror and shock.
    She is a grand, high Heaven Stage martial practitioner.
    In a contest of Internal Forces, she actually lost to a four-year-old child… how is that possible?! How is this possible?!
    But immediately, Shi Lanling calms down.
    The horror in her face changes into a bitter and mocking pity.
    “I don’t know how you could use Mysterious Energy that could evenly rival mine.”
    “But you are bound to pay the price for offending me today!”
    Shi Lanling speaks unhurriedly, cold gloominess and bitter resentment in her eyes. At this time, she’s completely without any pretense.
    “I will even find out about your family’s background, and make your parents pay the same price.”
    “I want you to know that offending me, Shi Lanling, is an incredibly unwise decision. And this is all because your parents didn’t teach you properly!”
    Xiao Bao’s face that has always been indifferent, finally reveals a trace of anger.
    This woman is really, truly too vile.
    Xiao Bao can tolerate anything she says about him – after all, the little bunny did something wrong first.
    However, this annoying old woman just broke the medicine that niangqin worked hard to refine.
    Now, she’s even saying that she wants to move against his mother.
    This is something that Xiao Bao will absolutely, absolutely not allow!
    Azure eyes like clear skies become a merciless and chilling ice blue.
    Xiao Bao slowly lifts his hand, a decisive killing intent fills his eyes.
    He knows that this woman in front of him is at the same stage cultivation, in the middle of Heaven Stage.
    While she had advanced to this level far longer than he has.
    Still, Xiao Bao is not afraid of her at all.
    It just so happens that he also wants to give it a try, and see how powerful is the cultivation method that the Lecher has been teaching him.
    Fair tender palms slowly form a seal on his chest.
    World Internal Force slowly stirs with the movements of his fingers.
    A dreadful power gradually forms around Xiao Bao’s whole body.
    At this moment however, the Di Yuan’s gate suddenly opens.
    A shout of pleasant surprise is heard from within, “Xiao Bao–?!!”
    Xiao Bao swiftly turns around to see a beautiful figure walking out from the courtyard.
    What Shi Lanling, what anger, he completely throws those matters aside.
    His tiny body flies up like a bird, and suddenly dives into the embrace of the incoming person.
    “Niangqin!!” Xiao Bao’s voice is very high, there’s even a faint rough trembling in it.
    After plunging into Muyan’s arms, he tightly clings to her neck and refuses to let go.
    Muyan also goes to securely hold Xiao Bao in her arms, smelling the cool and clean milky scent on his body that has yet to disappear. The rims of her eyes immediately becomes hot and watery.
    Ever since her baby was born, they’ve never been separated for even a day.
    This time, they haven’t seen each other for seven days straight.
    Reuniting now, Muyan only feels as if the dull gray skies are blooming with fireworks.

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  2. i hope di ming jue also there to teach the bitch a lesson .. living worst that death


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