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Chapter 364: A Harmonious and Beautiful Family
    As it happens, her heart can only ache and feel distress.
    So much so, that she would open her mouth for a while, but she’s unable to say a word.
    “Niangqin, I missed you so so much!” Xiao Bao does his best to rub himself on Muyan’s neck. He sniffles, forcing himself to stop his tears from rushing out.
    That lecher said that he’s already a man, and he mustn’t snivel. Even more, he mustn’t make his mother worry.
    Muyan’s voice is hoarse, “Niangqin also missed you so, so much.”
    Following after Muyan, Di Ming Jue sees this scene, and coldly ‘humph’s. His heart seems to be pouring out a sea of vinegar.
    This woman without conscience – not seeing him for a month, and she didn’t even miss him for a bit. Almost completely forgetting about him.
    And now she’s acting like this after just not seeing her son for seven days.
    There will come a day that this pair of mother and child will not see him for a day, and it would be like a separation of three autumns.
    See that he’ll go for a long journey, and immediately hug him, cry loudly, and prevent him from leaving.
    After much difficulty, Muyan slowly comes back to herself, and gently touches her son’s little face. Only to feel that after not seeing him for seven days, her son has lost some weight.
    She becomes even more distressed.
    “Xiao Bao, how did you come here? How have you been these past few days?”
    While Muyan is talking, she’s also examining Xiao Bao’s body. All of a sudden, her brows suddenly wrinkle, and her expression abruptly becomes incomparably cold.
    “This is the [White Jade Purple Frost], how could you have come into contact with such a sinister drug?”
    Xiao Bao immediately flattens his mouth, and looks over to Shi Lanling.
    His voice is still ice-cold, but it’s laced with a bit of grievance, “Niangqin, they bullied me.”
    In reality, Xiao Bao isn’t nursing a grievance at all.
    That’s because these people are completely no match for him, and he simply doesn’t care about them.
    But Xiao Bao hasn’t seen Muyan for such a long time, and he really, really missed his mother.
    He misses niangqin being concerned about him, carrying him, kissing him  – he misses constantly protecting his mother, and supporting her.
    So one look at Muyan and he couldn’t help but want to act spoiled.
    The corners of Muyan’s mouth slowly curl up into a shallow arc.
    In that moment, the originally bright and splendid countenance becomes even more enchanting and moving.
    But for the people she swept through with her gaze, each and every one of them couldn’t help but shudder.
    “Are you the ones who bullied my son?”
    Those beat-up and groaning guards have just gotten up from the ground when they meet Muyan’s line of sight. Frightened, they all start dripping with cold sweat.
    All of them just want to cry.
    They were clearly the ones who got bullied!
    Han Ye comes up from behind Di Ming Jue, and first goes to Xiao Bao to give a salutation, “Greetings to the Little Gongzi!”
    Then, he turns to the Di Yuan’s guards, and with a chilling voice, “Just what happened here? Did you guys eat bear hearts and leopard guts? Actually daring to raise your hands against the Young Master?”
    Hearing Han Ye’s words, it’s as if all the guards have been hit by lightning, all of them are struck dumb.
    W-w-what?!!! Young Master?!!
    This beautiful little boy that doesn’t look like mortal, is he Di Jun’s child?!
    Everyone’s line of sight simultaneously turn to look at the three people – Muyan, Di Ming Jue, and Xiao Bao.
    This one look is truly damning.
    Xiao Bao’s facial features resemble Muyan’s.
    But those blue eyes simply look like they’ve been carved out of the same mold as Di Jun’s.
    Standing together, these three people look just like a harmonious and beautiful family.
    Moreover, how could a mere four-year-old child be that terrible?
    And all by himself, he knocked down their group of brawny men?
    It’s because that’s the Little Master, son of their incredibly frightening Di Jun!!
    At this time, the guards could barely even think of crying – instead, they wish they could knock their heads and die.
    In order to not offend Shi Lanling, they actually raised their hands against their Little Master.

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  2. I wonder how will the guards give a reply. I cannot wait for Muyan’s response to Shi Lanling attacking her son.


  3. They really forget who their boss is. Geez…. Any Tom Dick Harry can give them orders now. Thank you!


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