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Chapter 368: Jun Shang learning how to carry Xiao Bao

One big and one small, the two people look at each other in dismay, their expression and movements inexplicably awkward.

At his side, Han Ye is even more dumbfounded.

Jun Shang is actually… actually holding a child! Genuinely carrying him! Not just picking him up or capturing him!

Muyan has already made her way before Shi Lanling.

The corners of her mouth are faintly lifted up, peach blossom eyes glittering; like a crescent moon shining down, like a flowering tree covered in snow, her beauty is suffocating.

Shi Lanling’s face goes stiff all of a sudden, her eyes oozing with thick jealousy.

At this moment, she really wants to claw Muyan’s face.

Or put this face on herself.

“Shi Xianzi, just now, you said that it would take at least three months for this wound on your face to fully heal?”

As if she can’t see the viciousness in Shi Lanling’s eyes, Muyan carries on to say, “But as luck would have it, I had just refined a certain type of draught a few days ago. Apply it on a wound, and you would only have to wait for a quarter of an hour for it to heal. If the cut isn’t too deep, the scars would also disappear after three days at most.”

Hearing that, Shi Lanling can’t help but sneer and say, “Miss Jun, are you dreaming?”

“I’ve been practicing alchemy for so many years, yet I’ve never heard of a kind of draught that could make a person’s wound heal within a quarter of an hour! Even if you want to brag about your own abilities in the presence of Di Jun, you don’t have to speak blindly with your eyes open, do you?”

Saying that, she even looks towards Di Ming Jue.

But unfortunately, Di Ming Jue is in the middle of clumsily adjusting Xiao Bao’s position in his hold.

Not even sparing her a wink.

Shi Lanling grits her teeth, and raises her voice again, “Miss Jun, you said that this draught can heal my wound within a quarter of an hour, but what if it can’t? What if my injury worsens instead?”

“By then, don’t tell me that you would only give a light apology, but I have to bear the pain of disfigurement?”

Muyan chuckles: “If it doesn’t heal, then Shi Xianzi can also make the same three cuts on my face. What do you think?”

Upon hearing this promise, Shi Lanling’s eyes light up.

This is Jun Muyan bringing herself to the road of disaster. When the moment comes, even if Shi Lanling destroys the other’s appearance, she couldn’t be blamed.

“Alright, then I will try the draught that Miss Jun had refined, and see just how magical it is.”

Shi Lanling completely doesn’t believe that in this world, there really is a draught that could heal her wounds within a quarter of an hour.

Even if she refines the most expensive of elixirs, coupled with a topical draught, it would still take ten days at least.

Fifteen minutes, haha, isn’t that saying that her wounds would heal at a speed that’s visible to the naked eye?

In a moment, if she isn’t healed, she’ll take a look at how Jun Muyan could still have the face to go and seduce Di Ming Jue, as well as confront her own disfigurement.

Letting her imagination play such a happy future, Shi Lanling doesn’t hesitate to take the draught Muyan is handing over.

Neither does she think twice on applying it to her own wounds.

Because of excessive excitement and anticipation, she doesn’t even notice that the medicine bottle is wrapped in twisting threads of blue-green light.

White Jade Purple Frost!!

Muyan’s lips twitch up into a cold smile, then it slowly becomes subdued.

A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.

The wound from the fat rabbit’s scratch, she will treat it.

This woman wants to use the White Jade Purple Frost on Xiao Bao, then she will naturally return the favor.

Didn’t Shi Lanling say that she could casually and easily remove this insignificant poison?

Hehe, then go ahead and try to solve it!


After applying the draught on her face, Shi Lanling promptly takes a small mirror from Rui Zhu, calm and unruffled as she observes her wound with it.


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