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Chapter 370: Alright, Return
    Saying that, she no longer cares about Shi Lanling’s reaction, as she carries Xiao Bao and walks straight into the Di Yuan.
    Di Yuan’s gates slam shut, as reflected in Shi Lanling’s eyes, and everything in them turn into panic.
    Her body that is on the verge of collapse is shivering even more because of fear.
    White Jade Purple Frost, that’s Yanwu Continent’s famous poison.
    Who has the guts to say that they could easily solve it?
    Now that this poison is insider her, don’t tell her that… that her life’s cultivation is going disappear just like this?
    No! No! How can this be?!
    Jun Muyan, you slut, how can you cause me such harm!!
    “Jun Muyan–!!” mixed with deep-rooted enmity, a hoarse and low howl comes out of Shi Lanling’s mouth, “Jun Muyan – I, Shi Lanling, swear that I will have you die without a burial place!!”
    “You want to go back to the Junji Medical Center?” the man sitting by the desk slowly raises his head, his handsome face is without any expression as his serene eyes fix themselves on her.
    Muyan has an inexplicable feeling that this gaze is burning and it’s somewhat startling.
    She also feels that the man who just raised his head has an unfamiliar poise with his body’s momentum.
    As a matter of fact, Muyan doesn’t know exactly where Di Ming Jue came from or what his identity is.
    But just by looking at his innate grace and nobility, as well as that gaze that truly gives no importance to anyone or anything in the Yanwu Continent-
    She already knows that this man’s background is definitely out of the ordinary.
    So much so, that there’s probably no one in the entire Yanwu Continent who can afford his presence.
    Only when Di Ming Jue is in front of her would he often show some spoiled childishness.
    There’s even the occasional shamelessness.
    To the extent that she would often forget that this man might have a different face, one that completely doesn’t know about.
    Ice-cold, powerful, set up on high, just like a monarch that rules the whole world.
    Muyan composes herself, and gets her thoughts back on track: “Yes, I have been receiving your hospitality for a long time already. Junji Medical Center can’t go on without anyone overseeing it, and my subordinates are waiting for me to go back. I think that it’s time for me to leave.”
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes darken, and he slowly stands up.
    As the man comes nearer, Muyan feels a scorching and dangerous atmosphere.
    But just when she’s about to retreat.
    She hears the man’s deep and low voice by her ears, “Alright, return.”
    Muyan stares blankly, unconsciously raising her head.
    He agreed?
    All the while she’s been confined here, the man wouldn’t let her leave, and he’s unexpectedly letting her leave so easily now?
    Di Ming Jue’s mouth twitches up into a shallow curve, “What? Muyan actually doesn’t want to leave?”
    Muyan doesn’t say anything further, as she turns around and walks away.
    But as she’s holding Xiao Bao, and prepares to get into the carriage,
    She can’t help but take a quick look at the slowly closing gates of Di Yuan.
    She doesn’t know why, but a sense of loss and loneliness rushes up in her heart.
    “Niangqin?” Xiao Bao’s voice rings by her ears, crisp and childish, but with a sliver of sadness, “that person isn’t going to send us off?”
    Even though he keeps on calling him a lecher, and say that he doesn’t like the other-
    But when that person walked up to that annoying woman and said, “Is Ben Jun’s son someone that you’re qualified to teach?”, Xiao Bao only felt his little heart beat incessantly.
    There’s a certain kind of pride and joy that he’s never felt before, it bubbles up in his heart, making him panic as he doesn’t know what to do with it.
    Even though niangqin is the one that he loves the most in the entire world, even though he can do anything as long as she’s there-
    But if Xiao Bao has a father, would he also be like that person?
    Muyan gently pats Xiao Bao’s back, with nothing to comfort him with. They jump into the carriage.

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