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Chapter 371: Brazen
    In the end, Di Ming Jue doesn’t come out, not even to send them off.
    The carriage Di Yuan has prepared for them is very large.
    The free space inside is more than enough to accommodate seven or eight people.
    There’s even a couch prepared on the rear part of the carriage, Muyan and Xiao Bao can use it to take short breaks as they travel.
    Muyan thinks, if she lets Xiao Bao take a nap through the journey until they reach the Junji Medical Center, maybe Xiao Bao wouldn’t be so down.
    Maybe he wouldn’t miss that man.
    She sighs softly and opens the carriage, just about to go inside.
    Her sight stumbles upon the figure on the couch, and she’s immediately struck dumb.
    “Di Ming Jue?!!” Muyan unconsciously raises her voice, “What are you doing here?”
    Di Ming Jue is reclining on the couch, his posture is languid, and the entire person is filled with a seductive charm.
    His deep voice is even more magnetic, it can make people’s ears pregnant, “This is Ben Jun’s carriage, why can’t I be here?”
    God knows who closed the carriage door outside.
    Along with the rasping sound, the inside of the carriage becomes a sealed space.
    The originally spacious carriage immediately becomes very crowded.
    That’s because almost every ounce of air is filled with the man’s powerful breath.
    Muyan composes herself and forces a smile: “How can we have the nerve to make Jun Shang send us back? Jun Shang should go back instead!”
    Di Ming Jue lifts up his eyelids, gently flipping a page of the book in his hand, “Ben Jun is not going to send you back.”
    “Then what are you doing here?”
    Di Ming Jue turns another page, looking proper and natural beyond words, “Didn’t you say that you want to go home? Ben Jun is going back with you.”
    Saying that, he once again lifts his eyes to look at Muyan and Xiao Bao, “How could we separate our family?”
    Muyan: “…”
    I’m really convinced that you’re a deviant! Who’s a family with you!
    Even Xiao Bao has his big blue eyes open into circles, like he’s accusing the other of being thick-faced and shameless.
    But without waiting for the two people to talk-
    Di Ming Jue’s slender fingers turn another page.
    Just at this time, a thin piece of paper flutters out from the book and lands on the floor.
    Muyan stares blankly, her sight shifts from that piece of paper, to the book in Di Ming Jue’s hand.
    Then, she’s shocked to find-
    That the book is actually from within her Space!
    Why would it be in Di Ming Jue’s hands?
    Did she take the book out of the Space during her free time these past few days, and then she forgot to put it back?
    These kinds of uncertainties have just turned over in Muyan’s mind, when her attention is thereupon drawn to that paper that had fallen down.
    She sees Di Ming Jue slightly reveal some surprise, then he bends down to pick up the folded paper from the ground, slowly unfolding it.
    As the paper is spread out, there’s suddenly a flash in Muyan’s mind, like a spark from flint.
    She finally remembers what this paper is.
    Her complexion immediately changes, “Don’t open it!”
    But in the end, her words are still spoken too late.
    Di Ming Jue unfolds the piece of paper, and sees within it a man reclining on a couch, with his clothes half-open. He raises his brows in great interest.
    His mouth curves up into a deep and delighted arc.
    He turns the paper in his hand to face Muyan and Xiao Bao, “Didn’t expect that Muyan would actually keep Ben Jun in your mind like this.”
    All of a sudden, Muyan’s face burns violently.
    Most of all, the son in her arms also casts a curious and surprised look.
    This painting is naturally the half-naked image of Di Ming Jue that she made.
    After completing it, she thought about tearing up this painting, or maybe throwing it away.
    But unfortunately, this portrait practically exhibits all the painting skills that she has, and it’s much better than any of her previous works.

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