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Chapter 372: Couldn’t Retort
    Muyan was reluctant to throw it away, and keeping it doesn’t feel right either – so she folded it up, and then tucked it within the pages of a book.
    How could she have anticipated that Di Ming Jue would take one of her books, and it’s actually the one that has the painting tucked in its pages.
    But who do you take Muyan for!
    The panic only lasts for an instant, then an ethereal smile very quickly curls up on her elegant face, “In the eyes of a painter, there’s no difference between men and women, only the imperfections on the model. Jun Shang’s appearance and build are the best in thousands of miles – after I got it into the painting, I bring it out to admire from time to time. Is there anything strange about that?”
    As soon as she says this, Xiao Bao promptly nods.
    Niangqin also drew the bare bodies of Lou Beiyu’s bodyguards, and the people from the Ink Camp!
    What so strange about adding this lecher?
    In the future when he grows up, and looks all tall and strong, he would also have niangqin paint him.
    Di Ming Jue’s face stiffens, somewhat gritting his teeth.
    This woman without conscience!
    In her eyes, is he just like those subordinates of hers?
    In particular, he recalls that scene when he captured Muyan.
    More than a dozen men were in front of her, bare from chest to abdomen, one of them was even looking passionately at his Muyan.
    Thinking of such a scene, Di Ming Jue wishes he could hide her back in the Di Yuan.
    Muyan sees the man eat defeat, and her mood finally lightens up.
    She carries Xiao Bao and takes a seat on the couch.
    The smile at the corners of her mouth has yet to vanish, when the man’s towering figure abruptly comes near.
    Removed from Xiao Bao, she’s pressed against the carriage walls.
    A scorching breath is puffing over Muyan’s face, “Ben Jun dares to guarantee that after painting my body, you will never look at other men’s bodies again.”
    “Muyan, Ben Jun believes that from this point forward, you wouldn’t be able to make this kind of painting. That is unless, the subject of your work is me!”
    The man’s voice chops the nail and slices the iron, and it is laced with insufferable self-confidence.
    Veins bulge out of Muyan’s forehead, and she very much wants to retort right away-
    However, she miserably discovers that she actually couldn’t say anything to refute.
    After coming to know of Di Ming Jue’s perfect body – if she’s made to go and paint other men’s bare forms, she… she really, truly couldn’t muster the motivation to do it.
    Hateful! It’s really as this scoundrel said!
    The trio’s carriage arrives in Tianyuan City, stopping in front of Junji Medical Center.
    The appearance of such a large and luxurious carriage quickly attracts everyone inside and outside of the medical center, to come stand in a circle and watch.
    Even though Muyan has been gone for seven days, the Junji Medical Center is still operating normally.
    But if Muyan never returns, then this medical center would lose its original advantage, and would one day be squeezed out of business by other establishments.
    Therefore, once they see Muyan carrying Xiao Bao down from the carriage,
    The doctors and the patients within the Junji Medical Center all let out a cheer.
    Come up and say welcome, meet and approach them; go in and call people, shout for the others.
    Just a short while later, several people seem to be rushing out like the wind.
    “Little Master–!!”
    Muyan didn’t have the time to react, when she’s hugged by someone.
    Shen Jinglin grabs her, looking her up and down for a good moment, making certain that there’s nothing wrong with her, and only then does he relax and say: “Yanyan, where have you been? Why were you gone for so long? Do you know how worried your big brother was?”
    “And Xiao Bao said you asked him to go to you, such a small child, how can you let him set about by himself? Big brother knows that you are very strong, but…”
    The moment Shen Jinglin sees Muyan, it’s as if he’s shooting one bullet after another in his incessant scolding.
     The normally unbridled and willful Muyan, as well as the indifferent and disaffected Xiao Bao – both of them bow their heads and obediently listen to it.

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