EMHS – ch377

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Chapter 377: You’re trying to do something bad
    A too-caring mother mother will spoil the son… when we have a daughter in the future… have a daughter!
    The whole person, Muyan, is just struck dumb.
    Once she has come back to her senses, Di Ming Jue has already carried Xiao Bao out.
    A mouthful of blood sputters out from her chest, and she barely stops herself from coughing it out: Scoundrel, who wants to have a daughter with you!
    Di Ming Jue carries Xiao Bao the whole way, passing through the corridors and the people, and going to the courtyard’s bathing area.
    At first, Xiao Bao still wants to struggle-
    But Di Ming Jue says: “You have made good progress during this time, and that strike against Shi Lanling didn’t make me lose face.”
    Xiao Bao’s struggling movements stop.
    His little face is taut and strained, but an indescribable feeling of pride and happiness bubbles up from the depths of his heart.
    This is the first time that this man has praised him.
    Although he doesn’t want to admit it, but, he feels so happy.
    Di Ming Jue continues: “The martial skill that I taught you is merely the starting level. If you can reach the tenth step within ten days, I can teach you a more advanced set, and I’ll also give you a storage ring as a reward.”
    Xiao Bao’s eyes are bright as he stares straight at Di Ming Jue, “Really?”
    In reality, he very much wants a storage ring as well, like that of his mother.
    This way, he would be able to go out alone, collect treasures and herbs, then come back to give them to her.
    Niangqin originally wanted to give Xiao Bao the one that Di Ming Jue had given her.
    But Xiao Bao refused.
    Even though he is young, he knows that there would be very serious consequences if the Tian Mo Qin’s space is discovered by other people.
    With a storage ring, niangqin would be able to cover it up.
    How could he want that?
    But now, this person is saying that he could give one to Xiao Bao.
    Di Ming Jue carelessly says: “Of course, really. But there’s one thing – you’re already a man, you can’t always cling to your mother.”
    Xiao Bao immediately sends him a disdainful look, “I know that you’re trying to do something bad, you want to take my niangqin.”
    “Your mother is rightfully mine!”
    “You’re talking nonsense, niangqin is mine!”
    The two men quarrel through the entire journey, all the way to the bathing area.
    Han Ye and Ying Mei, who were originally guarding outside the courtyard, see this scene but they’ve already become numb to the shock.
    Since meeting Miss Jun, their Jun Shang would do things that are out of character, and it’s already become a common occurrence.
    Nowadays, not only has Jun Shang learned how to hold a child, he even looks very proficient in his movements.
    Moreover, he can also be very childish and quarrel with a child.
    If those people from the Polar Domain could see this scene… it would be a picture too beautiful to imagine!
    Chang Yu stands not far away, and he watches the scene of Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao getting along in harmony.
    After dazedly watching for a good while, he soon lowers his eyes, covering up the pain and loneliness within them.
    This man standing together with the lady, that image once again appears in his mind.
    That beauty, the way they match – only such a man could be worthy of Miss, right?
    Chang Yu laughs self-deprecatingly. Soon after, all the expressions on his face are suppressed, until only steadiness and tranquility remain.
    Hasn’t he already decided that it would fine, as long as he can guard by the lady’s side?
    As for these lowly feelings, he shouldn’t have them, and he has long decided to bury them in the depths of his heart, for ever and ever.
    He mustn’t let anyone know.
    As long as he could keep guarding Miss, keep guarding the Little Master… watching from a distance is enough.
    After Xiao Bao and Di MIng Jue have left, Muyan plans to go out and try to find her stupid apprentice.
    After advancing to high Precelestial, Muyan can feel that her strength has improved by a lot.
    In addition, she has this indescribable feeling that there’s a power within her body that’s beginning to stir.
    Fettered, but it seems like it’s about to break out at any moment.

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