EMHS – ch378

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Chapter 378: Admirer
    Muyan doesn’t disturb anyone as she leaves. Even her guards, Ying Mei and Han Ye, doesn’t know where she’s gone.
    Going out, other than looking for her stupid apprentice, Muyan also wants to gather some ingredients for alchemy.
    Admitting that, ultimately, she is provoked by the fact that “Di Ming Jue requested Shi Lanling to concoct a Pill”.
    After the first time a furnace had exploded on her, she originally had no further intentions to try alchemy again.
    But now, she has decided to give it another shot.
    Humph, isn’t it just alchemy!
    She doesn’t believe that she couldn’t do it.
    While shopping however, it doesn’t take long for Muyan to realize that she’s being followed.
    Quirking up her brows, she casually strolls around a few apothecaries, eventually walking into a remote and uninhabited alley.
    “Greetings, Miss Jun.”
    At almost the same instant that Muyan steps into the alley, several figures silently land in front of her.
    Seeing them, Muyan raises her brows in surprise.
    Just as Yan Haotian said, these people have high cultivations.
    The lowest ones are at peak Earth Stage, and there’s even quite a few of them that have already reached Heaven Stage.
    No wonder Ru Yan and the others are deeply worried.
    However, these people’s approach towards her doesn’t seem to resemble that of Qian Qing’s subordinates.
    Muyan lifts up her eyebrows, “Everyone has followed me all the way here, what do you want to do?”
    They’re headed by a chubby middle-aged man. He has good-natured features, and he’s wearing embroidered clothes.
    He appears very harmless, but Muyan knows that this man has the highest cultivation among this group of black-clothed people.
    He steps forward, and slightly bows to Muyan, “Miss Jun, my house’s Wangye requests the pleasure of seeing you, I hope Miss Jun would come back with us.”
    “Your Wangye?” Muyan is surprised.
    If indeed, it’s not Qian Qing, when did she get acquainted with a Wangye?
   The middle-aged man shows a hint of pride on his face, but he looks as mild as before, one might even say humble: “My master is Huang Yao Country’s Jin Wangye. He has admired the lady’s good name for a long time, and wishes he could see your bright countenance.”
    Jin Wangye from Huang Yao?
    Muyan frowns.
    This name sounds somewhat familiar, but she can’t remember it for now.
    Still, she listens as the uniformed middle-age man continues to talk: “The last time’s marriage proposal had Steward Sun acting on his own, and made the lady suffer a grievance. Even if he’s dead, that is a misfortune that he had brought upon himself, and it wouldn’t be held against anyone. Yet the heaven and earth can attest* to our Wangye’s love for you, you mustn’t misunderstand him.”
  • Half of this: The heaven and earth can attest, the sun an moon can testify; used in sweet-talk, or solemn vows
    As soon as she hears ‘Steward Sun’ and ‘marriage proposal’, Muyan finally remembers it.
    Oh, it turns out to be that Wangye, the one who wanted to marry her as a concubine.
    It ended just when that guy, Di Ming Jue, came looking for her. The sexy man snapped the other’s neck.
    Then that Di Ming Jue gave her a shock so deep, that she completely forgot that a Wangye had proposed marriage to her.
    Seeing Muyan suddenly look like she had just remembered it, the middle-aged man’s expression can’t help but go stiff.
    Jin Wangye of Huang Yao, that is a famous and brilliant character in the Yanwu Continent.
    Whichever woman he wants, isn’t it just a matter of stretching a hand to take?
    And usually, after taking a fancy on a woman, Jin Wangye would turn around and get tired of playing with her, throwing her to the back of his mind.
    But this Miss Jun is completely an exception.
    The group that Wangye sent to pick up the bride has unexpectedly disappeared without a trace, not one of them returned.
    They also investigated for quite a while, only to discover that the group has died, possibly at Junji Drugstore.
    Then their Wangye’s obsession with this Miss Jun began.
    In the beginning, he was merely collecting a beauty.
    But now, he is determined to have her, even sending their group out – the best strike unit of the Wang Fu.

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  1. I forgot about that Wangye who wanted her as a concubine. He is still lurking around? I guess Di Ming Jue has to permanently get rid of his rival.

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