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Chapter 380: Jin Wangfu
    Muyan slowly nods, her long eyelashes hang low, and she seems like a frail and harmless girl – too weak to stand up to the wind.
    Where is that huge threat?
    The middle-aged man promptly throws those vague ideas to the back of his mind.
    A Precelestial that’s less than twenty years old, ha, how is that possible?
    His eyes must have gone dim just now, and he made a mistake in his perception!
    The middle-aged man has someone escort Muyan to the carriage, while he and his subordinates clear up the traces they’ve left behind.
    According to the information that they’ve gathered, Jun Muyan has a very powerful man at her side.
    Steward Sun has been killed by that man.
    Although Jin Wangye isn’t afraid of anyone, it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble.
    As long as Wangye and Miss Jun are joined, when the timber has turned into a boat, when the rice has already been cooked, what does it matter if Miss Jun previously had a lover?
    This isn’t the first time that his Wangye has snatched a woman from another man’s hand.
    Hehe, things that have been snatched always have just the right flavor.
    After they’ve finished cleaning up all the traces, the middle-aged man is fully happy with his handiwork, and he leaves with his subordinates.
    The whole alley is quiet, like they’ve never been there.
    Jin Wangfu.
    “Wangye, Wangye, don’t drive us away, we want to serve you all our lives. Wangye, we’re begging you!”
    “Wangye, the sun and the moon could testify Xiangxiang’s love for you. Leaving you, how can Xiangxiang live!”
    “Even if the new Wangfei enters the door, we will be good and obedient, we won’t provoke the new Wangfei, won’t make her unhappy. Please Wangye, don’t drive us away, wuu wuu…”
    Outside the courtyard, you could hear the sound of several women crying like their liver and guts are cut to pieces.
    But inside the room, a tall and handsome man reclines on the couch, sipping on a cup of wine in his hand.
    There’s not a thread nor a hair that shows he’s emotionally moved by these.
    “Jin Wangye, can’t you hear your lovely wives and beautiful concubines crying and weeping that they don’t want to part with you? You can actually be so hard-hearted, and be without tender and protective feelings for the fairer sex.”
    Sitting not far from the man, there’s a youngster with elegant features.
    Had Muyan been there, she would definitely be able to recognize him. This is the person that has been missing for several days – Lou Beiyu.
    And the man on the couch is naturally Huang Yao’s Jin Wangye.
    Listening to Lou Beiyu’s words, Jin Wangye lets out a low laugh: “These common rouges and vulgar powders, how can they compare to Jun Muyan? If Ben Wang doesn’t drive these people out, how can I show my determination of wanting to marry her?”
    “Stop dreaming!” Lou Beiyu could no longer control his emotions as he turns red in the face, angrily saying, “How can my Master possibly marry a man like you? You’re simply a toad that wants to eat swan meat!”
    Getting provoked this much, a sliver of obvious fury flashes through Jin Wangye’s eyes – but it quickly turns into a thrill that could only stem from a vigorous transgression.
   “The more difficult it is to get the woman, the more interested Ben Jun becomes. Moreover, that doesn’t mention the fact that Jun Muyan is the best type of woman, one who can refine miraculous draughts, and regenerate dead flesh and bones.”
    Lou Beiyu grinds his teeth: “Do you think that mere wastes from Jin Wangfu can take my Master away?”
    “I know that Jun Muyan’s cultivation isn’t low.” Jin Wangye reveals a meaningful smile, “But don’t I have you within my hands? You are the only apprentice that Jun Muyan has recognized. Knowing that her apprentice is in trouble, say, won’t she come over to the rescue?”
    “You want to use me to threaten Master?!” In his anger, Lou Beiyu suddenly stands up, and he resolutely throws the tea water in his hands towards Jin Wangye.
    However, a white figure suddenly flashes in front of him.
    The tea from the cup is blocked off by a glinting double-edged sword.

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  2. Stupid Third Prince !! How can you be so blind not to know what kind of person is this Wangye? I am sure this is not the first time meeting him.


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